Hello everyone., this is my first NCIS story, I have written a CSI story involving Nick, and I wanted to try something new. I hope that everyone likes it. I had a hard time deciding how I wanted to go with this but I think it should be great. Enjoy!

Timothy McGee had just finished a case involving a murdered petty officer and her drug dealer husband. It had been a long case involving a three day stakeout with him and Anthony Dinozzo in a neighboring town. Which meant that he had been not been able to go home that entire time, and now that he was heading towards there he was very relieved.

As he entered his apartment buildings lobby he nodded to Alicia Kiel, a woman who lived up of the 2nd floor, and was currently checking her mail.

"Hi Tim, haven't seen you in a while how have you been."

McGee smiled, "Been working on a case, and hoping to stay home for a couple of days."

"Well you have a good day, get some rest, and don't go finding trouble."

"I'll try not to." McGee headed towards the elevators and entered them. He pressed the button for the third floor and then leaned against the back wall. He put his laptop case on the ground, and removed his jacket, folding it up and placing on top of the laptop case as he placed it back on to his shoulders. McGee stretched, waiting for the elevator to reach its destination and finally heard the ding signaling his arrival to the third floor.

McGee lowered his arm, his right hand grazing the top of his holstered weapon which was concealed at his side. He exited the elevator heading down the hall to his apartment. As he walked past his neighbor's door he heard noises emanating from it. The noises were strange but familiar, so McGee lingered at the door until he could identify his concern growing.

Then it came to him. The noise was the sound of someone ransacking a home, searching for something without any regard. Suddenly the noises stopped, and McGee could hear footsteps approaching the door.

He quickly flattened himself against the wall removing his gun from its holster. The door opened and a man stepped out into the hall. He was a large burley Italian man; it was obviously not his neighbor. As the man started to turns toward him, McGee raised his weapon.

"Freeze, Federal Agent, NCIS"

The man laughed in response and that is when McGee noticed the gun in the mans hand. The man quickly brought it up to fire, but before he had a chance McGee fired his weapon. A bullet tearing through the mans chest. McGee watched as the man dropped his weapon and fell to the floor, and that is when he saw it.

Directly behind the man, was a much smaller man holding a very similar weapon. He also had it raised and shot at McGee before McGee had any time to react to the new threat. The bullet ripped through his left shoulder as he tried to return fire.

McGee fled for cover, hiding behind a turn in the hallway. Shots were continuously being fired at him, and McGee was barley able to return fire as his shoulder ached and seeped with blood.

The smaller man began dragging his fallen comrade towards the elevator all the while continuously shooting at McGee. McGee tried to reach for his cell phone to call for backup of some kind but the pain in his shoulder was too intense and he knew that if he let go of the gun in his right hand he would be defenseless.

Soon the shots stopped and McGee heard the ding of the elevator doors closing. He watched as the elevator lights told him that they were headed for the main floor. McGee sprinted to the stairwell and down the steps hoping to reach the lobby before them.

As McGee Slid around the corner, he could hear the elevator settling as it had just reached the floor. He quickly surveyed the room and noticed that his neighbor Alicia was still in the lobby. She looked shocked as she watched McGee covered in blood, panting at the stairwell entrance.

"Take cover and call 911. Tell them we need assistance immediately." McGee yelled just as elevator doors began to open. He watched as Alicia followed his directions immediately and took cover behind the couch pulling out her cell phone.

The man in the elevator caught sight of McGee immediately and began firing once more. McGee took cover in the stairwell and had the advantage. If I can just hold them off until back up comes, everything will be find, he thought as he returned fire.

Suddenly shots started coming at him from behind in the direction of the lobby entrance, and McGee was forced to move even farther into the stairwell to take cover. He continually fired at the man in the elevator unable to get the upper hand.

Then shots started coming from behind forcing McGee even farther into the stairwell. While McGee had been distracted by the man in the elevator, another man had come in through the main doors. The new man provided cover fire, allowing the man in the elevator to get himself and his injured friend out through the door.

The newest member of the group followed them out, finally allowing McGee to move away from the staircase. He followed the group out into the street and was able to catch a glimpse of a black Lincoln as it sped around the corner.

As the car left his sight, the adrenaline that had built up inside of McGee finally left him and the world became dark as he collapsed onto the sidewalk losing consciousness.

McGee awoke to a light shining in his eyes.

"Sir? Sir? Can you tell me your name?" A soft voice came from the darkness.

McGee slowly opened his eyes some more, and the light was removed. He was finally able to focus and could see a young female paramedic hovering over him.

"Timothy McGee"

"Hi Timothy, my name is Stephanie, can you tell me what happened here?"

"I was shot chasing two suspects."

"Yes, it appears that you did. Are you a police officer?"

"No, a federal agent, NCIS."

"NCIS? Never heard of it."

"Of course you haven't, nobody has. It means Navy Criminal Investigative Service."

"Well Timothy, can I contact somebody for you? A friend or family member, before I take you to the hospital?"

"Yeah, you had better call my boss."

"And who would that be?"

"Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs."

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