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Abby walked into the hospital room to see McGee sleeping fitfully in the bed. She slowly walked over to the chair in the room, and pulled it up next to the bed. She sat down in the bed and gently grabbed McGee's hand, holding it between her own two hands. Silent tears started falling down her face as she looked at the injured McGee.

She closed her eyes trying to erase the fear and worry from her mind. Thinking of the words that Gibbs had told her. He was going to be alright. Gibbs said that he was going to be fine, and she trusted Gibbs. Slowly her fears started to melt away as she held McGee's hand.

"Abby?" Startled she quickly opened her eyes to see McGee looking at her.

"Oh GOD, McGee!" She exclaimed. Releasing his hand and moving forward to gently hug him. "Never do that again. You had me so scared. Dinozzo already does that to me enough, I don't need you adding to my stress, I'll get premature wrinkles."

"McGee let a small smile cross his lips as he watched Abby. "Thanks Abby for being worried about me. So what happened after I passed out?"

"I don't know much. Gibbs is having Ziva and Tony check out the scene now. He is down there too, apparently they were having some problems with jurisdiction."

"Yeah, I bet Gibbs cleared that problem up real fast." They both laughed as they imagined Gibbs yelling at the local LEOs. While they were laughing Ducky and Ziva entered the hospital room.

"I'm glad that you are so lively Timothy, you had us all quite worried." Ducky said moving behind Abby to rest his hand on her shoulder.

"I'm sorry Ducky, I didn't mean to but I just couldn't leave it alone." McGee responded.

"Were very proud of you McGee, you reacted very well for the situation you were in." Ziva said smiling.

"Thank you Ziva. Do you know why those guys were there?"

Ziva was silent. "I think I will let Gibbs tell you when he gets back, I don't know all the details yet, and he will want to ask you some questions."

"Yes my boy, besides you should be resting now." Ducky stated suddenly grabbing Abby's hand and lifting her from the chair. "Now me and Abigail must head back to NCIS. Ziva will stay here with you for the time being."

McGee started to protest. "Don't worry it is only a precaution and I'm sure it will only be for a short while." Ziva said, placing her hands on top of McGee's.

"Okay, I think I am going to try and go back to sleep, I feel exhausted."

"I think that would be a great idea." Ziva stated as she slowly turned back to Ducky and Abby who were starting to leave. "Keep me updated." She whispered, and then she turned back to McGee who had fallen back to sleep once again.

Gibbs arrived back at NCIS and headed straight for the basement dropping off a bag of evidence to Abby.

"Hi Gibbs!" She exclaimed as she ran towards him embracing him in a very large hug.

"Hi Abby. I have some things for you here." He said pointing to the bags he had laid out on her table.

"Anything you want me to look at first?"

"I want you to analyze the blood from the elevator first, and the bullet casings. I want to get a positive ID on the guys that shot McGee first."

"No problem Gibbs, I will get that to you as soon as possible, and then you can nail those bastards." Abby carefully looked through the bags till she found several q-tips with blood on them, and bullet casings. She immediately went to work, and Gibbs walked quietly out of the lab knowing that Abby would come through for him.

As Gibbs reached the bull pin he saw Tony and Ziva sitting at their desks hard at work. Tony was arguing over the phone with someone while Ziva had crime scene photos on the plasma, and was looking at the disarray of the apartment.

"GOD DAMMIT!" Tony yelled slamming down the phone. "These people are complete idiots. This is not the way to run a case." Just then Tony saw Gibbs. "Hey Boss? Um I was just on the phone with the DC police, and they have no organization on this case. They have like 30 people on this case, and nobody knows anything. No wonder their witness got killed."

"What about that Detective Cassidy?"

"Yes, well he did know some stuff, he is going to be coming by later with their case file and evidence."

"Good." Gibbs turned away from Tony and was now looking at Ziva.

"I had Agent Marino take watch over McGee, just like you said. I've been looking at these crime scene photos, and I believe that the suspects were looking for something, and in my opinion they didn't find it."

"And why do you say they didn't find it?" Tony said moving from behind his desk to stand besides Gibbs while he looked at the photos.

"Because McGee said he heard noises coming from the apartment and that is why he investigated. So they were obviously still looking when McGee came up to them." Ziva replied shooting a glare at Tony.

"So what were they looking for?" Gibbs asked.

"Something important." Tony stated.

"Something that would probably solidify the DC polices case." Ziva said.

"Maybe documents, or computer files?"

"Or a video, or tape recording?"

"And they didn't find it in Mr.? What is the dead guys name?"

"Ben Stone, he is an accountant for First Bank Mutual over on r street. He has been working there for the past 15 years." Tony pulled up the mans driver license photo onto the plasma.

"So if they couldn't find whatever it is in Mr. Stones apartment, then where did Mr. Stone hide it?" Gibbs asked.

"Who is to say he actually had anything? Mob guys are usually pretty suspicious, and not always at the right person, maybe they just thought he had something." Ziva said.

"No he had something Detective Cassidy said that he was about to give them evidence. He wouldn't go to the cops unless he actually had something, and I bet that is what those guys were looking for." Tony said matter of factly.

"I agree. Tony, I want you to find…"

"out everything about Mr. Stone here, and see if I can figure out what we are looking for." Tony said running back behind his desk.

"And Ziva..."

"Talk to Mr. Stones family and friends and see if I can figure out where he would hide something." Ziva said going back to her desk to pick up her phone.

Gibbs nodded and started walking back towards the elevator.

"What are you going to do Boss?" Tony asked poking his head around the wall.

"I am going to go and talk to Tim, and see exactly what the hell happened." With that Gibbs walked into the elevator and the doors closed.

Agent Ricky Marino stood at the entrance of McGee's door watching the hallway. McGee shifted in his sleep and Marino looked back at the still sleeping form and sighed.

How the hell did a NCIS agent get involved in a Mob case? He thought. Suddenly something caught his peripheral vision.

"Ricky." Gibbs called as he walked up to the agent. "Has anything happened?"

"No sir, everything has been quiet."

"Good, I want you to go down to the cafeteria and get something to eat while I talk to McGee, be back here in a half hour, I want some privacy."

"Sure thing Gibbs." Ricky started to walk away as Gibbs entered the hospital room.

Gibbs walked up to the sleeping McGee. "McGee" he said softly trying to quietly rouse the agent. "McGee, wake up."

Slowly McGee started to wake up. As soon as he noticed that it was Gibb standing over him, he immediately sat up. "Boss!"

"Hi McGee, how are you feeling?"

"Pretty good I guess, my shoulder hurts a lot."

Gibbs laughed. "Yeah that tends to happen when you get shot. You did good though? You think you can tell me what happened? Ziva said that you said you heard noises that is why you went to the apartment."

"Yeah I did." McGee began to recall the entire series of events to Gibbs. When he was done he closed his eyes for a minute or so breathing heavily.

"You okay?' Gibbs asked.

"Yeah, just a little winded."

Suddenly Gibbs stood up. McGee started to say something but Gibbs put his finger to his lips, and McGee fell silent. Gibbs slowly walked to the door and quickly peered around the corners, seeing no one he returned back to the room.

"What was that?" McGee asked.

"Nothing, just a feeling."

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