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"You've Imprinted?"

"Aw crap…" This could not be happening… For once I wanted my mind to be a complete oblivion, free from every single thought. I wanted the space to be a dark, dark hole.

I had managed to stay human for almost three weeks, having realized then, myself, that I had imprinted. I knew I had long ago, but I tried to deny it. I tried to make myself take it back, even though I don't know how it worked… I didn't understand why I had to fall in love…Or have any feelings for that matter.

I now stood in the circle of my pack, shrewd eyes staring at me, questioning me. What they asked were just an echo…I had already asked myself these deluded questions days ago. I now fought to not make the images of the boy I had imprinted on not show. I forced all thoughts of his sleek black hair, big brown eyes, lean arms that were covered in taunt muscles…I got carried away… Thinking of Jacob Black was not what the Quileute tribe wanted.

"Leah! Pay attention!" Sam ordered. I snapped my head up at him and growled, my wolf back arching. He looked backed down at the ground.

"I know this is very confusing for you…" his voice in my head was a silent whisper… How dare he!

"Oh, you think you know!? Why, because you have Imprinted on someone before?! No! You have no idea how confusing or angering this is… You have no idea how much I don't want this…" I turned to leave…If he wanted to hurt me, he could order me to stay… But I knew he wouldn't. I knew he was still trying to fix things…

But today was already a bad day. As I turned to leave, he actually stopped me.

"Leah, stop. Stay. Boys…Go to Emily's…" The rest didn't hesitate as they dashed off.

"I'm not a dog! You are not my master!" I tried to walk away, mustering all of my strength to push the order aside. My body just shook; the strain pounding in my head. "Let me go Sam…"

"No… We need to talk about this," He walked closer to me, slowly came to my side and moved his massive, dog shaped head towards my head, as though he were going to try and nuzzle me. I coward away. He pulled his head up, talking quietly. "I would never hurt you…"

"Yes you would. You're hurting me now… Let-me-go!" I stressed every word.

"In a minute." I growled at him again. "That is why your voice is so hoarse. From all the growling that you do, I'm surprised you have a voice at all." I tried to bite him with my razor teeth. He moved to the left, seeing the attack to the right when I thought it.

"If you aren't going to stay still so that I can bite your limbs off, then let me go. Talk to me while I run away."

"You'll just change once I'm out of sight…" So that was his motive? I wondered if I changed back now; if he would let me get my clothes so that I wouldn't be standing naked in his presence.

"When did you find out? And yes, I would make you stand here naked…"

"About three weeks ago," I spat.

"Is that why you have stayed human and away from us for so long?"

"You truly are a genius Sam."

"Stop it Leah. Be serious… Are you okay?" I had a smart remark to that stupid question, but I was told to be serious.

"Do I look okay? "

"Yes….okay, no not really…I can see what you are thinking. I'm sorry you have to feel this way… I can't even fathom what it is like for you…"

"Then why are we having this silly discussion. If you can't help me, then why are you trying to?"

"Because I am part of your pack and friend." The last word was a question.

"Yeah, I guess you are part of my pack." Friend was stretching it…

We sat in silence for what seemed like hours. I grew restless and started to pace. I didn't want my thoughts to be seen at the moment; but I also didn't want the pack to see me naked either.

"If you're not going to talk to me, then let me go," I snarled in Sam's face. I was growing tired of my own mind.

"I'm sorry you have imprinted on someone you're not sure you like… But it is the way of the wolf…" he chuckled, "I'm also glad you have found someone…"

"I bet you are!"

"Not like that Leah! I just… You both are lonely and have suffered heart break…"

"You know nothing of heartbreak Sam! What good do your apologies do for Jacob and me? Are you going to magically remove this stupid curse?! Are you going to be able to wipe Bella from Jacob's mind? Or Jacob from my mind for that matter?! No! You're not!" I was shouting all of this but the forest was still quiet between us. The thick hair around my eyes were wet. Blast…I had promised myself to never cry in front of him again…


"Sam… Just stop… I don't have anyone… No one understands what is happening to me and it's hard to be the only girl with the thoughts of bunch immature boys always in your head," my lame joke fell flat, "Just; it is what it is…"

"You say that as though it is your motto," He snorted. My lips smiled…

"It kind of is…I can't stop thinking about Jacob and Jacob can't get over Bella… So, life will go on…" My mind made the words whispers.

I tried to walk away from Sam. He ordered me again to stay. While he walked into the forest, he ordered me to morph and change. Then to wait till he returned. He turned and disappeared into the trees…

Easy for him to say change. I tried to calm down after being ordered to do something but it was difficult. I finally let my body relax, giving up the fight and thought of Jacob's bright smile. Sam emerged just as I was putting on my shirt. He walked towards, eyes locked with mine. I stood stock still; not sure what he planned to do…If I knew he wanted to hug me; I would have morphed and ran…

He hugged me with strong arms. My body was stiff with my hands straight on my side. He hugged me tighter when I flinched at him putting his face down on my shoulder. The memories of us together tore open the hole in my heart and set it beating hard again. This was too much…

I forcefully pushed him off of me and glared. He had no right! I didn't want his comfort… I didn't want anything… Besides Jacob… And since he was off trying to forget Bella… I, once again, got nothing…

"You're ridiculous Sam! You can't fix this! So forget it! Like I said, it is what it is!" My body was shaking, threatening to change.

"I'm sorry! I just want to help…"

"Then stay away from me… I'm sure I can help myself somehow." And with that, I stocked off, determined to keep my cool so that I could make it home without morphing and letting little boys know the torture of a grown heart…

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