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Leah POV

Wake up


I was fighting with myself. The pain in my leg felt like someone had cut it open and poured boiling water into the wound. I fought to either die or regain conciseness, but my mind didn't want to do either. So there I lay; in pain and totally pissed about it.

Wake up

Go away…!


This is really going nowhere…

You're the one fighting with yourself

You talk too much

You're the one making me talk…

I hate you…

Wake up… The voice wasn't my own. It was a males…Jacob…Oh Jacob…

You can wake up for him can't you…?

"Wake up Leah…Please wake up…" I saw my body and tried to put the parts together. I felt my ear snap in place and my leg tried to straighten out. My neck didn't burn and I took the air greedily, forcing it down my wind pipes. Wake up Leah…Jacob is waiting.

My eyes fluttered open and I smiled up at Jacob. His eyes were rimmed with shed tears and he had me pressed hard against his chest. My eyes fell again at the heat that was finally warming me up.

"Leah! Are you okay? Oh Leah…" The anguish in his voice made me nervous…Was I that messed up? I tried to move and yelped when the pain made my leg sear. Yep, I guess it was that bad.

"Don't move sweetheart…" I listened. I smiled up at him again; but he wasn't watching me. His large, strong forehead was pressed against mine, his eyes closed in what looked like ecstasy. I let myself drift off again, knowing I would wake up and be in his arms.

Or at least I thought I would be in his arms.

I woke up in my own bed, alone. I sat up, snapping my eyes open to search the room. The fast movement made my leg twinge, but only a little. Just as my breathing started to come quickly did Jacob appear from the hall. He was holding the last of his piece of bread in his mouth, his jaw moving to chew. I watched in amazement.

After shutting the door behind him, Jacob turned and saw that I was awake. His smile widened and then he launched himself at me. The breath I had been holding rushed out of me on the impact.

His lips slammed into mine and he let out a moan. My hands went around his waist as his tangled into the back of my head. I held on for dear life; knowing I never wanted to let go. My leg and other injuries were forgotten as we started to roll. I won and ended up on top. Jacob bit down on my lip, forcing me to take his tongue in deeper. I bit back, but I drew blood. He didn't seem to mind. He just smashed me closer to him.

I sucked on his lower lip; causing him to moan and pull me even tighter. I couldn't breathe! I giggled, slowly pulling away. Jacob really didn't want to separate. Every time I got a little farther away, he would follow; kissing me softly wherever he could. Finally, I was able to be sitting on top of him, peering down into his beautiful eyes that were misted over with passion. I couldn't resist; I leaned in and kissed him again.

We lay there for what seemed like eternity. I listened to his heart beat, a solid thump thump next to my cheek. I traced unseen lines on his chest, watching as my touch left gooseflesh. I laughed to myself. I could make Jacob shiver and he could make me burn…

"I love you Leah…" The words were whispered, but I heard them as a shout. I tightened my hold on him; snuggling closer to his hotter then fire flesh.

"I love you too Jacob."

"I'll never leave you again…" He promised. I smiled up at him as he shifted to prop himself up on one elbow.

"I don't think you can," I sighed as his lips settled onto my neck.

(One week later)

Jacob and I had somehow pulled ourselves from my room. We both cursed slightly, neither of us wanting to leave.

We ran to Sam and Emily's; hand in hand. I had healed fine. My 'wolf-powers' were delayed because of lack of food and because of how hurt I had been. Sam had ordered me to stay in bed and rest. I had obeyed…However, I only slept sometimes.

Jacob squeezed my hand as we drew closer.

"Want to try and phase again?" He asked slowing down just a little. I hadn't fully phased since the fight with Lamar…The thought of his name sent my heart to flutter and my pulse to pick up. I felt bad for Lamar… He was just alone… It wasn't his fault his mind had snapped…

Jacob and I had tried the phasing thing earlier that week. I couldn't do it. The vibration that shot through my body ricocheted violently on my broken leg. I had refused to try and be a wolf since then…There were also other things I didn't mind that were my own thoughts…There should be a rule with sharing your secrets with your little brother…

But Jacob thought I should try again; now that my leg was healed. I sighed and nodded my head. He leaned in and kissed me softly on the forehead before turning and disappearing into the trees. I snorted to myself… Yeah, it's not like I haven't seen every inch of your body already… I blushed and quickly stripped myself.

After my clothes were nicely tied to my ankle, I closed my eyes and let my instincts take over. Even though I had shut out from the world, my vision still blurred and my body began to shake. My leg stayed together; I let out a sigh of relief. Then, I heard the loud rip, the sweep of flesh leaving and hair replacing it. I fell on all fours and let the smells of the forest floor swarm my senses.

Jacob's wolf form came towards me then; eyes steady on mine. I was nervous, but then I let his thoughts mingle with mine. And they were all about me.

There was no thought of food, rules, or scenery…And there were no thoughts of Bella…Only thoughts of me… If it wasn't me, I would think the person Jacob was thinking about the most wonderful person in the world…

He went down a list, checking off parts of my body he thought were exquizzed. He praised my long hair, my long legs. He painted a beautiful picture. In everything he saw, there was want and need and beauty. I ran to him and began to nuzzle him because I had no arms to wrap around him. He nuzzled me back; his every thought just of me.

I love you Leah…

I know…

We finally made it to Emily's. My pack; my brothers, were sitting around the kitchen table; shoveling large amounts of muffins and eggs into their gullets. Jacob brought me back a handful and I ate it quickly. I wasn't paying attention, so I don't know when everyone else had stopped eating to watch me.

"What?" I asked, my words slurred together because of the food in my mouth.

"You're such a guy…" Paul said, putting his head down and shaking it back and forth. I gave him a smile, my cheeks ballooning out because of the eggs I still hadn't swallowed. "Thanks." Everyone laughed.

I told the pack of Lamar. Why he had come here and where he was from. Jacob held me around the waist the whole time, one of his hands rubbing mine. Sam told us we would need to be on guard for awhile; now that we knew that there were others out there like us. Everyone agreed that we should always be in pairs. No wolf would be left alone.

Once business was put into order, Emily announced that we should have a BBQ. The boys squealed like little girls. Jared and Paul and the others who had imprinted went to get their significant others. I pulled mine closer to me. Jacob turned to face me, pinning me to the counter. He kissed me; slowly. It made me go bonkers… I bit him when I wanted him to go faster but he just smiled and pulled away, kissing me softly on the forehead.

"Tease…" I growled at him. He chuckled and kissed me again. The heat that his touch behind was undeniably perfect.

"You'll just have to wait till we get back to your house," Jacob stated, pushing my hair behind my ears. "I don't know how Jared or the others do it."

"Do what?"

"Keep their hands off."

"Oh! That reminds me." I pushed Jacob off of me, taking his hand as I started to walk over to Jared and Kim. She was sitting in his lap while he stroked her back.

"Hey Kim. Hey Jared," I said, sitting on the ground and pulling Jacob down with me.

"Hi Leah!" Jared and Kim smiled at us.

"I thought you'd like to know…I have an answer to your problem," I blushed.

"What problem?"

"The problem of cooling Jared down."

"Oh?" Kim raised her eyebrows and shared a quick glance with Jared. Jacob was trying not to laugh beside me.

"See, When Lamar..." Jacob's hand tightened over mine. I squeezed it back. "When Lamar tied me up, he used a chain. Because the blood wasn't flowing to my hand, it went cold."

"I see…" I could tell she didn't. "Well, I don't know if I want to cause Jared pain with chains."

"No," I said, my smile growing wide like Jacob's, "I didn't think you would." Jacob lost his cool, shaking with laughter. I laughed with him. He was finally able to get out, "No, you don't have to use chains… But you can use handcuffs!"

My heart burst from pure joy…

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