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"Wow, you really are a danger magnet", Emmett stood by a window eyeing the outside through the blinds.

"I would hardly call a category 2 hurricane danger." Edward walked behind Bella and put his arms around her.

"It is to all the humans out there bearing the storm," Emmett replied smugly.

"I'm really sorry everyone" Bella mumbled.

"Don't be sorry Bella," Carlisle chastised kindly. "You didn't know a hurricane was going to come to Texas."

All eyes turned to Alice. "What, do you honestly want me to keep track of the decisions of Hurricanes too?"

"Well, you should've seen this coming," Emmett laughed. Alice huffed and walked to the other side of the small hotel room.

"When is Esme coming back?" Rosalie said. She had just finished painting her nails in the corner.

"She should step in, in just a couple of seconds," Edward spoke softly. He was sitting on the bed with Bella, his face in her hair. The door clicked open and Esme came in holding several bags.

"Well, I think that's it," she said looking at all the bags in her hands. "There were so many people there grabbing everything the store had."

"What did you bring for Bella to eat?" Carlisle asked looking at Bella. He knew he had to make her eat otherwise she would just stare at Edward all day.

"I grabbed what I could; I know we're supposed to bring things that you can't cook so I brought her water, juice, tuna, donuts, bread, muffins…" she started listing all the items she could get a hold of. She looked at Bella and asked, "Are you hungry dear?"

"No, not yet, but thanks so much Esme."

"What did you bring for us?" Alice made her way to the bags and started shuffling through them. She started calling out the items one by one. "A deck of cards, candles, Operation, Clue, Monopoly, play-doh, crayons, coloring books…Esme, what is all this?" Alice looked confused.

"It's for when the lights go out. I was told you needed things to occupy your time with."

Emmett walked over to Rosalie and put his arm around her waist. "I know of something that can occupy our time when the lights go out…" he suggested seductively.

"I second that motion" Jasper called from his side of the room.

"No, you don't," Edward called out.

Jasper sighed, "Of course not…"

Carlisle walked up to Esme and said, "You're so thoughtful dear. I'm sure the kids will put all of this to good use." He kissed the top of her head.

She looked at him and asked, "So, how is the weather looking like?"

"So far, it's still following the same path. I'd ask Alice if it will stay the same way, but seeing as she doesn't want to follow the decisions of hurricanes, I'll just stick to the news channels." He looked over at Alice and gave her a huge grin. She looked back at him and stuck her tongue out.

"We still have time to leave and go back home," Bella suggested. Carlisle held up his hands in protest. "No, you wanted to come to Texas, so here we are."

"But we're not seeing Texas. We're stuck in a very small hotel room." Jasper stared sullenly out the window.

The hotel room was actually not that small. It was an average sized room, like a Motel 6. It would be kind of small for 7 vampires and 1 human. But, Edward refused to take chances on endangering Bella and there was no room at any of the other fancier hotels in the area. So, they got stuck with what was left: one small hotel room.

"Well, I don't think I've ever been through a hurricane, so this is going to be an experience" Bella said. "I've never been through one either," Emmett chimed in. Everyone looked around the room; it was a first for everyone, except Jasper.

Alice turned the news up higher. The reporter had come to life about the torrential flooding and sporadic tornadoes involved with hurricanes.

"This isn't so bad," Jasper said, still staring out the window. "It's just raining."

Rosalie looked at everyone from the corner that she sat at in the room and said, "I believe the interesting things will happen within this room. How often do you think it happens when there are 7 vampires and 1 human stuck together for hours?" Everyone looked at each other nervously and cautiously. Yes, this should turn out to be quite interesting.

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