AN: Ok, so here is the chapter everyone has been waiting for. The actual questions and who asked them. I'm very pleased that many of you are curious. I encourage you to go back and read the story again with your newfound knowledge of who asked what.

So, without further ado…here it is:


1. To Emmett: Do you ever regret that Rosalie took you and had Carlisle change you?

She asked this to see what her chances of ever regretting her decision would be like. She knew Emmett didn't regret it and was hoping to convince Rosalie even more of her strong decision.

2. To Edward: Do you already have a list of sex acts that you would like Bella to fulfill for you?

She couldn't help herself. She needed to know if Edward felt the same about her as she did for him. He is too moral for his own good.


1. To Jasper: Have you ever used your gift to manipulate the emotions of your family for your pure enjoyment?

He couldn't help it. He already knew the answer to that. He just wanted to see his brother squirm with the interrogation.

2. To Alice: Have you ever lied to Jasper?

Yes, this question was asked by Edward. Why? Because he knew that she was feeling guilty over her lie to Jasper back on that airplane. She wanted to tell him, but she didn't know how. Edward just helped to give her that opportunity.


1. To Rosalie: Does it make you mad that Edward never fell head over heels for you?

He had to ask. Rosalie never talks about it and although Edward has told him what she thinks, he needed to here her answer for himself. He just wanted to know that her heart really did belong to him; that he wasn't just second place.

2. To Bella: If you could get rid of one member of the Cullen family, who would it be and why?

Emmett asked this because he wanted to make sure that Bella did in fact like them. He sees her so much as his sister, he needed to know she felt the same way. But he had no clue on how to do that without giving himself away; hence the question.


1. To Edward: Have you ever gone through Bella's clothes or personal belongings while she slept?

Now, Rosalie was just going out on a hunch here to see if he really did do anything else while at Bella's. She had no idea if she was right or not, but it was just plain old curiosity on her part.

2. To Emmett: Was there ever a time that you seriously thought Edward was gay? Seriously?

She loves to pick on Edward because he's so easily rattled. She threw this out there just for fun. Bella just had to know that they seriously thought he really was gay.


1. To Jasper: Have you gotten over the sudden urges to drink Bella's blood?

Alice did this more for Jasper than anyone else. She knew how much this hurt him and she wanted to give him a chance to explain himself to Bella, but without leaving her vulnerable. What better place than a room full of vampires to hold him back?

2. To Rose: If you could change one physical thing about Bella, what would it be and why?

Alice wanted to have fun during this game. She had a vision before the game even started about Rosalie feeling up Bella. She knew in order for that to happen, this question needed to be asked. So she did it herself. This was the only time she had a vision about the game.


1. To Bella: Have you ever pleased yourself to the thoughts of Edward?

This one is fairly simple. He knew of her arousal for Edward, but Edward refused to believe that his Bella could be anything but innocent. Since her thoughts are blocked from him, how would he know? Jasper did the only thing he could during this game. He asked her to confess.

2. To Alice: Do you love Bella more than Rosalie?

Again, another fairly easy question. He could feel Rosalie's insecurities when the girls were together. There was no way in hell that Rose would ask Alice this, so Jasper decided to do it for her, considering he knew Alice's true feelings.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention. Edward knew who asked what questions. As the question was being called out by Bella, he could hear the various remarks in people's heads so he knew when someone's question came out. He also knew when Bella's questions came out because when no one's mind registered that question, the assumption would be that the question was asked by Bella herself. That only happened twice in the game, so Edward knew those two times were Bella's own questions. But he kept the knowledge of the questions to himself. Instead, he acted as the mediator whenever someone wanted to know who asked what. You can go back and check that out for yourself if you want.

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