I can too write something that's not an M rating! So there!

Little Chuck tottered over on wobbly legs to where Little Sarah was sitting on the floor running her fingers through her long blonde pigtails. When he had almost walked right over her, he stopped and sat down hard on the floor on his bottom. His diaper broke the fall and he flashed a smile at Little Sarah and laughed, hoping that she might think he was funny and laugh too.

Little Sarah was having none of it. She ignored him completely and got up to run around the room, holding her little dress in the air and yelling, "Unnerpants, unnerpants!" to anyone who would listen.

Young Casey, sitting in the far corner, turned his head over his shoulder and scowled at the room in general. I'm too old to be hanging around with these babies, he thought, and he launched another alphabet block at the row of dolls that he had lined up a few feet away, making a sound like a gun firing as the block of wood left his hand and smiling when it made contact with its target.

Suddenly, from another corner, four voices could be heard jabbering away in a secret baby language that sounded like some kind of code, and Little Morgan (who was really quite hairy for such a small guy), Little Jeff, Little Lester and Little Anna jostled around in a group, making up new odd sounds as they went along.

Little Ellie and Little Devon were nowhere to be seen, however, and it seemed as if they weren't there. Then the sound of a little boy's voice saying "Awesome!" came from behind the little plastic kitchen setup on the other side of the room, and it was a sure bet they were hiding there with the little plastic stethoscope set playing "doctor."

The door opened and four adults, three men and a woman, walked into the room. The neatly dressed woman with her red hair coiled into a tight bun on the top of her head was speaking to two of the men.

When she had finished, one of the men turned to her, saying, "You've been very helpful, Ms. Beckman."

"You don't need to worry, Mr. Schwartz, Mr. Fedak," she said, "we'll take care of them all. Our director of activities here, Mr. Graham, makes it his mission to keep the tots occupied and out of trouble and, as the general administrator of the Play More Daycare Center, I guarantee that the children will have a good time."

Mr. Schwartz and Mr. Fedak seemed pleased to hear this, and they shook hands all around and turned to leave the room. As they were going through the door, they turned back at the sound of Little Chuck's loud wail just in time to see Little Sarah running away, Little Chuck's little plastic play calculator clutched in her pudgy little hand.

The End