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This story is set sometime during season 1, so John is still alive.

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Summary – A hunt reveals secrets that were never meant to be revealed. When secrets are discovered will the Winchesters ever be the same again? will Dean ever be able to look up to his father again? angsty!sam, angsty!dean, hurt!sam, mean!john.

I Never Knew


The Winchester brothers were currently working a case, it was meant to be a simple salt and burn but the thing killing people had turned out not to be an angry spirit but a demon instead.

A demon which was currently holding Sam and Dean against a brick wall.

A very pissed off demon.

"Aah I finally get to meet the Winchester brothers, I've heard all sorts of stories about you, yes I know what you are, the worst kind of monsters, hunters!"

"Us the monsters!? You've got to be kidding me!" Dean exclaimed.

"Now, now Dean, no need to get angry." the demon smirked as it flicked it's wrist, pushing Dean painfully into the wall. "Hunters, you all think you're so noble, such do-gooders, ridding

the world of evil and all that. But all you are, are monsters! You kill and destroy! and I think you need to be punished."

The demon flicked it's wrist again forcing Dean further into the unforgiving wall causing Dean to cry out in pain.

"Stop it! Leave him alone!" Sam shouted struggling against the demons hold.

The demon lowered it's arm and turned towards Sam, it's cold, black, unforgiving eyes looking him over before stepping closer.

"Aah little Sammy Winchester!" Said the demon smirking evilly, "I've been looking forward to meeting you."

"Yeah, well here I am, what do you want from me?" Sam replied.



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