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What's the Word…Rebound
Mortifying Infidelity
Chapter One

"Mac we need to talk." Max said to Mac after she kissed him.

"Um, okay. What's up?" Mac tried to sound calm but those four words were scary.

"I think we need to break up." Max blurted.

Mac was shocked, even though she had been expecting it, and blinked. "What? Why?"

"Something happened and I just, we need to break up." Max bowed his head.

"What happened?" Mac pressed.


"I highly doubt it was nothing. What did you do?" Mac asked, her voice rising along with her body off Max's bed.

Max fell silent and didn't budge.

"Did you…cheat on me?" Mac asked hesitantly wishing for the second time that she was thinking wrong.

Max looked up and slowly nodded.

Mac choked back tears, not wanting to give him that satisfaction. "Who?"

"That doesn't matter-"

"I SAID WHO!" Mac screamed.

"Wendy." Max whispered.

"Who is Wendy…oh god, her? The hooker stripper?" Mac felt beyond hurt now. She wasn't even piss
ed anymore she was just…hurt.

"I am sorry I just…went to the club with some of the guys and saw her and…you can fill in the blanks." Max got up and tried to touch Mac. "I am really sorry Mac I just couldn't live with myself any longer knowing what I did."

Mac jolted her body away from his touch. "How long?" Her voice was low and dark, hurt filled the air along with betrayal.

"How long what?" Max asked.

"How LONG ago?" Mac repeated, twisting the ring on her index finger.

"Oh, Mac I don't think you-"

"I think I know what I am feeling and what I am asking for here so do me a huge favor and tell me how long ago you cheated on me with your ex!" Mac's voice was at a normal level now but her eyes were tearing up with each second.

Max shuffled on his feet slightly and then looked away to answer Mac. "A month ago."

Mac let out a gasp and felt two tears slide down her face. "A month ago? How many times?"

Max was going to protest but figure she would just demand it so he answered. "That depends what you mean,"

Mac felt sick to her stomach. "Oh my god you jerk! Multiple times? Do I need to go get myself checked?" If Max was cheating on her for a month, assumingly they were sleeping together, and he was sleeping with her too there could be a chance she may have developed some sort of STD. Not the first time, Mac thought bitterly, Thank you Cassidy.

"Don't talk about her like that! She doesn't have anything, she's clean!"

Mac let out a bitter laugh. "Are you seriously defending the woman you cheated on me with? You're a bigger doushbag than I thought!" Mac walked over to her book bag and picked it up with so much anger that it knocked over some knickknacks on the nearside table.

"Mac," Max walked towards her not wanting her to leave that angry.

"Get the hell away from me! And just in case you haven't caught on, we are done!" Mac yelled and slammed the door shut and walked fast down the boy's dorm hall to the stairwell so she could let out her tears before her class in twenty-five minutes.

Once she got into the stairwell she leaned against the wall and slid down, bringing her knees under her chin and her arms around herself, crying hard. She had trusted Max. God, how could she be so clueless? A month? What did that mean? Were they like dating? A couple? What was she to Max? An easy lay? Why were all her relationships so screwed up? Cassidy was unknown killer and rapist and suffered from sexual abuse by the freaking mayor. Then there was Bronson who was just…not enough for her. She actually thought Max was enough for her that was why she had broken up with Bronson. She thought she connected more with Max. Since then Bronson had ignored her so much that she quit going to PHAT meetings all together. What was wrong with her?


Mac pulled her head up off her arms quickly; embarrassed that she had been caught crying in the stairs in the boy dorm housing. She was shocked to see Dick Casablancas standing there looking down at her.

Not knowing what to say back she just muttered. "I am fine, I'm fine." She got up quickly before brushing past him and ran down the stairs.

Dick just stood there in confusion. Something was definitely wrong with Mac.