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What's the Word? Rebound
Rebounds…tisk tisk

Dick woke up to laughter and objects being flung at him. He was awake just not opening his eyes yet. Too fucking early. When the object throwing quit he peeked over Mac's body to see Logan and Veronica sitting against the wall laughing. "Why are you two in here? Have amnesia and forgot where Logan's room was?" Dick grumbled while pulling the blankets over Mac more securely so she wasn't too exposed. He was seriously going to pound on Logan later for bringing Ronnie into his room while knowing Mac was with him. Dick didn't go settling in Logan's room when Ronnie stayed over.

Dick smiled when Mac mumbled his name and turned her head to the left towards his face and brought her hands up in between them.

"Actually, we wanted to see what got Mac all…vocal last night." Logan smirked and then smiled when he heard Mac gasped.

Mac buried her head into Dick's chest and pushed herself further down into the bed and under the comforter. Sure, last night she wasn't Miss Shy but that was last night…in the thrills of passion. Now it was morning and although she did not at all regret what she had shared with Dick she did however wanted to fall into that hole everyone talked about and disappear. This was mortifying. Logan and Veronica cannot be in the same room.

"What's the matter 'Mackie'? Not 'vocal' enough now?" Logan teased.

Dick sat up quickly and threw his pillow at Logan, this time hitting him square in the face. "That's it get the fuck out dude, and take Ronnie with you." Dick glared and Logan knew immediately that he had crossed over some imaginary boundary and didn't want to stick around to see the consequences.

"Okay, okay, we are leaving. Get dressed and we can order up some breakfast. See you two in a bit." Logan said as walked out of the room with Veronica in tow.

"Oh god," Mac covered her eyes.

Dick chuckled but wrapped his arms around Mac and kissed her head. "It's fine babe, the worst is over with. Now we get to embarrass them at breakfast." Dick smiled and pulled Mac's hands away from her face to kiss her. "Good morning baby," He greeted against her lips.

Mac sighed against his lips and kissed him back. "So we get to make fun of Logan's grunts over breakfast?" She asked, settling back against her pillow and bringing Dick over on top of her.

"Mhmm, and Veronica's squeals that resembles a pig." Dick chuckled and moved over on top of her completely, straddling slightly above her.

Mac smacked his chest. "If hers sounded like a pig what did mine sound like?" She pouted.

"Uh like a woman pleased. Duh," Dick rolled his eyes and lowered his head to her lips, kissing her mouth before she could say another word.

Mac wrapped her arms around Dick's neck, pulling him closer. She notices the teeth marks on his shoulder and gasps.

"What?" Dick alerts.

"I left you those?" She points to the teeth marks and gently runs her fingertips across them feeling the slight indention.

"Yes, and it was fucking hot Mackie." Dick said huskily and she saw his eyes were clouding over with lust.

Mac nodded and ran her fingers threw her hair while Dick started kissing his way down her chest. "Ick, my hair feels gross." She brought some of her hair to her eyes, staring it down like it was fungi.

Dick raised his head and grinned down at Mac before jumping out of bed and grabbing her hand to get up as well.

Mac stuttered. "What…what are you doing Dick?" She laughed as Dick grabbed both of her wrists and pulled her up and grabbed her ass with his hands, motioning her to wrap her legs around his waist which she did, of course. Then he started kissing her and walked them to his bathroom and started the shower, turning on the hot water on high.

"Dick!" She screamed when he stepped into the shower but she sighed when the hot water relaxed her sexed muscles nicely. "Dick," She breathed and leaned in for a kiss. He could be so romantic at times. Showering together? That was a double word score for romantic and sexy.

Finally after completely ravishing her mouth, Dick let Mac down and started running his fingers threw her hair. Then he turned around to squeeze a dollop of his shampoo on his palm to wash her hair with. When he turned around he saw Mac licking her lips. "Like something?" He smirked and started to massage her scalp with his shampoo.

"I might," She shrugged and closed her eyes, enjoying Dick's awesome shampooing skills.

When he was done with that he kissed her while her eyes were shut and carefully switched places with Mac and turned her around so her back hit the water and titled her head back to rinse off the shampoo, slowly running his fingers through her chocolate locks.

Mac opened her eyes and smiled up and Dick before grabbing the shampoo bottle and adding a drop or two onto her hands and reaching up to wash his hair for him but he was too tall.

Dick was cared she would slip and fall so he kneeled down on his knees and placed his hands on her sides as she started to rub the shampoo throughout his hair, stopping to massage deeply behind his ears.

Being this close to Mac and the water skimming over her stomach and legs was driving Dick nuts so he gave into his temptation and started kissing her belly, wrapping his arms around her lower body.

"Dick, I am not done," Mac giggled and pushed him back a little to finish his hair; she didn't want it to get in his eyes.

Dick leaned his side against the shower wall and sighed, clearly frustrated. "Fine,"

Mac rolled her eyes and began rinsing the soap out of his wet blonde hair. Once she was done she patted his head and smiled down at him. "Okay I am done,"

Dick stood up quickly and hoisted her up into his arms, attacking her mouth with hungry kisses as she gripped his shoulders and wrapped her legs around his waist. Dick braced himself against the shower wall with his hands as Mac started kissing down his neck and skimming her hands across his bare, slippery back.

"How do you make washing my hair so god damn sexy?" Dick asked as he pressed his body into Mac's and moved his hands from the tiled wall to her lower back and moved them over, knocking over all of his shampoo and body washes onto the shower floor.

Mac giggled and shrieked when her back came into contact with new, cold tile. She hadn't remembered the other spot being as cold but figured she was distracted.

"God, I have to be inside you right now," Dick growled as he pushed his erection against her core.

"Well, by all means, don't let anything stop you," Mac permitted.

"Shit, a condom…" Dick grumbled.

"Oh!" Grinning, Mac unwrapped her legs and arms from his body to reach for something on the floor. Dick's hands never left her flesh. "Really? In the shower?" Mac smirked but allowed Dick to pull her up against him and the shower wall again.

"Well, what can I say, always be prepared." Dick said and ripped the foil package open and rushed to cover his throbbing length and then thrusted into her immediately after.

"Mmmm," Mac moaned as he filled her completely.

Dick stared straight into Mac's eyes as he bucked in and out rapidly; enjoying her gasps each time he hit her spot. Staring at her so intently was making him hot, it was concentration and deliberation.

Mac stared into Dick's eyes as well and bit her lip as he hit her cervix for the third time and slapped her hands to his cheeks, rubbing her thumb across his panting lips. She watched as his lips enclosed around her thumb, sucking it sweetly. Mac threw her head back as she felt herself rip apart with ecstasy.

Dick sucked in air, bracing himself with his palms flat on the wall again and resting his forehead against hers.

"Oh god!" Mac arched against Dick and screamed his name and ran her hand behind his neck, scratching there while her other hand reached for something else to hang onto; she grabbed the shower curtain. When Dick pounded into her one last time she pulled on the curtain and ripped it off.

"Holy fuck Mac," Dick breathed in and out fast, trying to catch up to his breath. "You tore the fucking curtain half way off!"

Mac giggled. "I am sorry, opps," She smiled so cute that Dick didn't care about the curtain anymore and kissed her. "Mmm, let's go eat okay?" Mac laughed into his mouth and kissed him back as he turned the water off and walked out of the shower, not bothering to grab any towels.

Dick sat Mac tenderly onto his bed and walked over to his closet and then over to his dresser, pulling out a pair of boxers and a shirt. Then a pair of sweats for him and a hoodie. "Here babe, try these on, they should fit ya,"

Mac smiled and began pulling the boxers on, then she searched for her bra. "Dick, can you hand me my bra over there, it's by you."

Dick spun around in a circle, stopping at her purple laced bra hanging on the door. He reached up and threw it over to Mac who caught it. "Nice catch, Babe."

"Nice arm, Stud." Mac smirked and hooked her bra in the back and pulled the shirt over her head.

After Dick did the necessary things like deodorant, cologne, run comb through the hair and what not, he turned to Mac who was staring at him with a smile playing on her lips. "What?"

"You are just so cute when you get ready. I especially like the part where you comb your hair and then mess it up again." Mac chuckled.

Dick just shook his head and shrugged. He walked towards the door and allowed her to walk out first, tickling her side as she past him.

As Mac walked out she noticed Veronica's attire matched that of her self's as well; boxers and a tee. Mac also noticed Logan's apparent, well-know Echolls stare. "Oh hush Logan. You are just jealous that I was louder."

Veronica coughed and spit out her orange juice at Mac's remark and stared at her. Mac just laughed and stole a piece of Logan's toast before going over to sit by Dick.

"So, uh, was your shower nice Dick?" Veronica asked and smirked at Mac.

"Yes it was pleasing," Dick took a bite of the toast when Mac held it up to his mouth and then looked to Logan. "We ripped the shower curtain off man!"

Logan laughed and raised his hand in the air. "Dude that's awesome!"

Dick raised his hand as well and the two men did an air high five making the woman next to them shake their heads.

"So Dick is your rebound?" Veronica asked a moment later.

"Mhmm, Logan's yours?" Mac asked back.

"Mhmm," She giggled.

"Awe," Dick mocked and placed his hands on his heart.

Mac smacked him but started cracking up, Veronica and Logan joining in as well.

After the laughter died down Dick had to ask, "Dude, I saw that Piznarski guy today. That's one messed-up Polack, my brother." Dick got up to walk over to Logan put his fist out in front of him. After Logan just stared at it and he could hear Mac and Veronica snickering. "Pound and explode, dude. It's still a thing."

Logan looked at Dick's fist and then smiled and pounded it with his own fist. "I guess he didn't make the video."

Dick shrugged. "Still, it was a royal beat down. Sometimes a random ass-kicking's a good thing. Keeps everyone else in line."

"Hmm, ass kicking, like me beating you at Halo 3? Would that fall into the good ass kicking's?" Mac inquired. Dick turned around and stuck his tongue out at her. "Whoa, sore subject I guess." Mac laughed.

"I think you should hush," Dick grumbled.

"Or what?" Mac raised her eyebrows.

Dick was about to open his mouth when Veronica stepped in. "We don't wanna know!" Logan nodded in agreement.

Dick sighed but nodded and sat back down with his girlfriend and pulled her onto his lap. After Veronica decided to turn the TV on and put some movie on demand Dick kissed his way up Mac's neck and to her ear. "You look kinda cute in my boxers and t-shirt Mackie," He sucked on her earlobe and he felt Goosebumps take over her arms so he wrapped his arms around her more and continued sucking on her neck.

Mac sighed quietly and allowed her eyes to flutter shut. Dick moved them to a laying down position on the couch and spooned her from behind and pulled a blanket over them. Mac turned her head around slightly to kiss Dick on lips. It was a short kiss, and then she went back to watching the movie.

Veronica and Logan looked over at their friends and smiled. "Rebounds…" Veronica tisked, shaking her head and rolled her eyes and fell back into Logan's embrace.

The End