Disclaimer: I do not own Avatar, sadly

Disclaimer: I do not own Avatar, sadly.

Chp.1 Her:

Zuko walked to his first class, Language. It was the first day of school at Dragon Empire High School. He came to the school with a girlfriend, no ride, no friends, an insane sister, an intimidating friend of his sister, and a scar. How lucky of him. His backpack hung on his left shoulder, a pitch black Jansport backpack. Jet black jacket with a red crimson shirt and dark blue baggy pants. But Zuko didn't wear his pants down, he wore them normally to his waist, not like the other boys. He was 16, his 3rd year at Dragon Empire High School. He sighed as he walked by the clichés, he belonged to the angsty-emo group.

He came to his class. He was so tired of his bothersome girlfriend. He attracted some girls, but he was never attracted to them. Sing, Jin, Katara, and then Mai. His girlfriend was Mai. He entered the classroom and looked around as he walked slowly. There was a group of people surrounded by someone. The people seemed to disappear one by one as Zuko got closer, not even paying attention to where he was going. Then, once Zuko could get a good look, he turned to the person. The first thing he noticed was her porcelain skin on her legs, one leg on top of the other. Her position was slouched on a chair next to a marble slick desk. She wore a light green skirt with a pitch black tank-top. Her left hand rested on the top of the chair, hand touching her cheek. "Yes?" She noticed him even though her ebony-black bangs covered her eyes.

"Wh-uh… me?" She snickered. Zuko glanced at her silk-pale legs. Right then, the teacher entered the room.

"Take your seats," he said as he went to his desk. Everybody scrambled to sit next to their friends. The seat next to the mysterious girl on her right was taken, but the one on the left wasn't. Zuko was about to take his seat, but Katara rushed and sat on it before he could.

"Oh, hey Zuko!" Zuko blinked and left to another seat. The teacher, a male, gave a heart-warming smile.

"I'm Mr. Hendricks. Your teacher." And the day began.

It was finally Lunch and Zuko avoided his sister and her friends, one including his girlfriend."Hey, Aang," he said to one of the people who he was common with. People surrounded the mysterious girl again where she was sitting.

"Oh, hey Zuko! It's been a long time!" Zuko's back was turned to the girl.

"Yeah, summer and all. Listen," he grabbed Aang's shoulder and glanced at the girl. "Do you know who that one girl is?"

"What new girl?" The mysterious girl stood and walked on. As she walked, she shoved one person who wasn't even in her way absent mindedly without looking at them.

"Her," Zuko stared at the girl, so did Aang. Zuko didn't like to admit it, but he was interested in her, drawn to her.

"Who? Her?" Aang laughed, pointing at the girl.

"Yeah. Why? What's wrong with her?"

"Nothing. But she's not new. She's been going here, looks like she's getting a lot of attention this year."

"Do you know her?"

"Yeah, of course I do! We're good buddies. She knows the gang as well."

"What's her name?"

"…Have you ever heard some people talking about someone called 'The Blind Bandit'?"

"Yeah, actually I have."

"That's her"


"Well, her real name is Toph. Toph Bei Fong."

"Toph," Zuko repeated her name as he gazed at the walking Toph. He caught a glimpse at her eyes, they looked piercing and dangerous. Untouchable. That's what he always heard of the Blind Bandit. Untouchable.