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Sam fell to his knees, the crunching sound that came from behind him made Dean's stomach flip. He wasn't fast enough.


Jake took off, out of sight, Bobby took off after him. Dean didn't care, he could barely continue to sprint toward Sam. He couldn't hear anything, just the sound of his own heart-beat and the same thought screaming in his head.

Not Sammy. Anybody but Sammy, please God NO!

He finally reached his fallen little brother, pulling his face up. His hand went to Sam's back, which was instantly drenched in Sam's blood.

"It's not even that bad." He assured, more so himself than Sam. "It's not even that bad." He continued talking to him, trying to say anything to keep Sam awake.

Sam fell against him and he knew. Dean could feel Sam's life leaving his body, faster and faster. Sam got heavier.


Sam's lifeless body had been laying on this bed for hours. There was only one thing Dean knew he could do. To make things right, to bring back the only family he had...

"All you gotta do is bring Sam back."

"I'll give you one year, and one year only." It was the best offer he was going to get, so he took it...

"How long did you get?"

"One year."

"Okay, I'll find a way to save you." Dean knew this wasn't the time to tell Sam if he interfered, he would die all over again. But he would, just not right now. Right now he was thanking every God he could think of that his baby brother was safe.

Four months later...

"You haven't told her?" Sam asked, incredulous. "Are you kidding me?" Dean looked at the floor, he couldn't look Sam in the eye. He had known this conversation was coming, and now he'd have to man up and face it.

"Like you told Maggie." Dean said. Sam snorted.

"Hell yeah I told her." Dean looked up at him, surprised. "I died Dean, I'm not gonna keep that from my girlfriend. And you are dumb enough not to tell Lauren, the mother of your child, that you are gonna die. What is she supposed to think one day when she wakes up and you're dead? Then I have to tell her where you are? That's not fair Dean."

"I know," Dean sighed. "I know Sammy. It's not. I just, I don't know how to tell her. I don't know how. I mean, how do you start a conversation like that up?"

"I don't know Dean." Sam said. "But she has a right to know. Plus, Maggie can't keep a lid on it forever. I made her swear on my life, which she didn't think was very funny, that she wouldn't say a thing about your deal."

"Alright. I'll tell her tonight. She was going to the doctors today for a sonogram. She gets to find out if our kid's a chick or a dude." He said with a small smile. Sam did too. He was going to be an uncle...longer than Dean was going to be a father.

"Hey guys?" Maggie said, opening the Motel room door. "Lauren was supposed to be back by two, it's now five." Maggie's voice was shaky, her face pale.

"Damn it!" Dean said through gritted teeth. His fists clenched and he felt his blood pressure rising. "I'll find her." He grunted, grabbing a duffel bag full of arsenal.

"We'll come with." Sam said. Dean turned around, a stern look on his face.

"I got this." He said. "She's my girl. And nobody can stop me from getting her back." He hoisted the bag over his shoulder and opened the door. "They may want my baby but they sure as hell ain't gonna get it."

Lauren pulled her legs as close to her chest as she could get them. Her bowling ball size stomach got in the way. Her cell she was in was small and cold. The place was more like a cage. The walls had bars but on the other side was solid concrete. The door was large and metal.

She had tried using her newly found telekinesis to bust the door open, but it was no use. The door was too strong for her to break through.

These people wanted her baby. Her unborn, innocent child so they could keep it for their own power.

Ever since Kris had told them about people coming after the baby they had. Torrents of them. Demons, spirits, pagan gods, everything. The things that had her now were demons, at least fifteen of them sort of together as a group. She didn't know if they would kill her, she didn't know if they'd kill the baby, what she did know was Dean, Sam and Maggie had no idea where she was. She had never even gotten the chance to tell Dean what gender the baby was.

She had been here for hours. This place was cold and dark, they had hit her a few times and screamed at her even more. Any other time she would have kicked their ass from here to Kingdom Come, but she had a baby now, she couldn't risk losing it.

She buried her face half in her knees, half in her stomach, and cried. She was terrified at what these things might do.

Suddenly she heard a loud noise and people yelling.

"Oh God," She whispered. "Now what?"

The yelling got louder and louder. Loud bangs echoed through the building, along with the screaming, the chaos was incredible.

Then, as suddenly as it began, it stopped with a final boom.

She heard footsteps moving down the hall toward her cell.

This is it. I'm dead I just know it. Tears still fell down her face. Her heart pounded and she could see the shadow of a person under the door. She buried her face again and slid deeper into the corner she was in.

The door opened and light fell on her but she didn't look up. The footsteps moved toward her at a quick pace. She could sense someone beside her, kneeling.

A hand slid under her chin and gently lifted her face.

Once her eyes met green orbs she wrapped her arms around the man's neck as tightly as she could. She was still crying but not for the same reason.

"Shh," Dean soothed. "It's alright Lauren. I got you, I got you." His arms were around her and almost enveloped her completely. His face was next to hers, he could feel the tears running down her face. He turned his head and gently kissed her cheek. She pulled away for a moment, looking into his eyes, her own watery.

"It's a girl." She sobbed. "It's a girl." Dean smiled and she buried her face in his shirt. He slipped his arm under both of her legs, his other arm supporting her back, and hoisted her up. Dean walked out of the dark room and into the light, Lauren's eyes remained closed. He stepped over the body of the demons he had killed with the Colt. He felt bad about the people who were still inside but he didn't have another choice. Half of them looked dead anyway.

Lauren felt the strange movement and went to lift her head. Dean gently pushed her head back down. "Don't look baby."

Once they were outside Lauren lifted her head and looked at him.

"Dean what's wrong?" She asked. Dean looked at her, his brows coming together when he saw the bruises on her face. He tilted her head side to side, running his thumb over the dark purple one on her jaw. "I'm okay." She said. He carefully set her down on her feet, her gaze unbroken. "Now what's wrong?"

"Don't worry about it right now." He assured, smiling slightly. "I'll tell you later, right now you calm down." She opened the passenger side door and got in the car, unable to shake this feeling like something was horribly wrong, something he was hiding from her.

--Will Dean tell her? Stay tuned to find out!--