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Lauren woke up but refused to open her eyes. She was afraid that if she did, the worst would have happened. Dean would be gone, and there was nothing she could do. She would be totally alone, and have to tell Sam.

Let him be okay, She prayed. Please God, let him be okay. She risked it and lifted her head, barely peeking over her folded arms.

"Nice of you to join me." Dean said. He was propped up slightly on his pillows, remote in hand, flipping rapidly through channels. "Alright," He said hoarsely. "I give up." He shut off the TV and tossed the remote onto the table next to his bed. The action resulted in a loud clatter. Lauren looked over at the rocking chair in the corner to see Maggie and Sam still asleep. She looked at Dean and grinned.

He was extremely paled by the loss of blood and dark circles reigned supreme around his eyes. His voice was still gravelly and raspy. He looked exhausted, but at least he was alive. "Why are you lookin' at me like that?" He asked. Lauren stood up from the chair she had been sitting in, her arms had been folded and her head resting on them, and kissed Dean. She hugged him as tightly as she possibly could. His arms wrapped around her as well, needing to feel her after the hellish night he had just been through.

"Are you okay?" He asked her, they had broke apart. She smiled and kissed him again.

"I'm perfect." She said, still not letting him go. She was incredibly relieved.

"Did something happen that I need to know about?" He asked. Lauren shook her head.

"No." She said. Dean's brow cocked.

"Sweet-heart I can see right through you." He stated. Lauren looked down and loosened her grip on him.

"It's not important." She said. Dean lifted her chin. She was surprised at how weak his grip was. He looked into her eyes, deep, like he was trying to see what she was hiding. Lauren couldn't tell him no when he looked at her like that. She sighed. "The chances of you making it to this morning were very slim." Dean's brows raised.

"How slim we talkin'?" He asked, a little worried about her answer.

"31 percent." She said softly.

"Holy shit." Dean whispered. Lauren nodded. "Well, I guess they don't call me the miracle man for nothing." He said. Lauren's eyebrows came together.

"And by chance would 'they' be?" She asked, hand going to her hip in a defensive posture. Dean shifted his gaze.

"Nobody important?" He ventured. Lauren nodded.

"You're damn right." She spat angrily.

"Baby you know you're my one and only." He said, kissing her cheek, trying to get her mind off of the subject. She smirked.

"And you're mine." She leaned forward, her face inches from his. "But if I ever hear a name of one of 'they', I will kill them. That's a promise." She said darkly. Dean smiled.

"You're so hot when you're angry." He said, leaning forward to kiss her again. Lauren sat back and avoided him.

"Nice try." She said. She heard rustling in the corner of the room. She turned and saw Sam and Maggie starting to sitr.

"Rise and shine Sammy." Dean said. Sam looked at his brother and smiled.

"You're alright." Sam said, the sleep still evident in his voice.

"You ain't gettin' rid of me that easy." Dean grinned.

"Damn," Maggie said. "I was just gettin' my hopes up." Lauren rolled her eyes.

"Ha ha, very funny Maggs." She said. Maggie shrugged. "Dean?" Lauren asked. Dean turned. "How the hell did that thing get inside you?"

"While you were in the shower." He said simply. "Happened faster than I could react. Bon Jovi was the last thing I remember."

"Great," Lauren said. "I feel so much better." Maggie sat up and stood, fixing her hair. She turned to Sam.

"You're comfy," She grinned. "I should use you as a mattress more often." Sam stretched his back, receiving several pops as a reaction.

"I wish I could say the same about the chair." He stated. Maggie's smile remained.

"Oh, however will I make it up to you?" She asked sarcastically. Sam grinned.

"Hey," Lauren whined. "I don't want to throw up this early." Suddenly she stood, a hand on her mouth. "Too late." She muttered before she ran into the bathroom.

"That's kinda funny," Dean said. "You guys literally made her puke." Maggie stuck her tongue out a Dean.

"Yeah well," Sam said. "You look like hell so we're even." Dean scowled at him. Lauren came back out of the bathroom.

"Ya know," She said, toothbrush in her mouth. "I like this whole baby thing but the morning sickness sucks." She sat down on the edge of Dean's bed. "I throw up like ten times every day, my boobs hurt, and I am always friggin' hungry." She said. Sam laughed.

"Besides the whole boobs thing it sounds like Dean that one time we went to Mardi Gras." Dean rolled his eyes.

"One time! I threw up one time!" He said. Lauren stood.

"Well about that whole hungry thing, I have got to go get some food. And there is no way I'm eating hospital Jello. So I'll be back in a minute. Next stop, McDonalds!" She kissed Dean on the cheek. "I'll sneak you in some fries." She whispered. Dean grinned.

"I love you Mrs. Winchester." He said. Lauren shrugged.

"Yeah I know." She said. Maggie pulled on her other shoe.

"I'm comin' with." She said. "Dean said you can't go anywhere alone. That means McDonalds too." Lauren sighed and grabbed Dean's car keys.

"No eating in my car." Dean said. Lauren nodded.

"I know." Lauren huffed. Maggie kissed Sam's cheek.

"I'll bring ya back somethin'." She said. Sam nodded his thanks.

"C'mon slow-poke." Lauren said impatiently. She and Maggie left the room moments later. They walked in silence for a few moments.

"Excuse me!" A voice yelled behind them. They turned to see Dr. Watson walking briskly up to them. "I see your husband made it." He said. Lauren nodded. "That's fantastic."

"Yeah, I thought so too." Lauren said.

"Well that eight hours was important, vitally. It was the deciding factor whether the surgery was a success or not."

"So what does that mean?" Lauren asked.

"That means he can go home in about a week." Watson said. "He lost a lot of blood and he needs time to heal. I hope that isn't a problem." He said. Lauren and Maggie looked at each other.

"Oh it isn't a problem for us." Maggie said, emphasizing the last word.

"What do you mean?"

"You people are the ones that have to tell my hospital despising husband he has to stay here for a week." Lauren said.


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