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"Come on!" Rose had grasped the pole for so long and so hard her knuckles were white. Her face, equally pale, was stricken with fear. The man she secretly adored wore his square glasses over his charming and deep hazel eyes, now filled with worry. He glared with concentration at the TARDIS computer.

"Come on!" He shouted in angst again. Rose sighed inwardly. This had been happening a lot lately; the TARDIS would malfunction, and they would wind up in a completely mismatch place. The Doctor would try and fix it, and they both would think he had gotten it right, and then this would happen. Of course, every time it happened, there was a risk that the doors would malfunction and anyone not clasping something would fly right out. If that 'anyone' was Rose, anyway. He didn't seem to exercise much care about being flung into the nothingness, the true nothingness, that was in between worlds and dimensions. Instead, he took to yelling at inanimate objects. He smacked it with his trusty hammer (Never far) and the machine suddenly whirred with new life. The TARDIS spun wildly, and Rose was thankful she had been holding one of the poles. The Doctor, as usual, was amazing. He didn't even sway as the TARDIS went wild, slamming in each and every direction possible. Rose felt sick, and she kneeled, hugging the pole with amazing strength she didn't know she possessed.

"Rose." Rose's eyes had been closed, squeezed tight with fear. She hadn't even known. The lights had gone out and it had been dark anyway. She opened them slowly. The Doctor stood above her. His face was unusually serious, though it was a look that showed itself more often as the TARDIS began to break. His open hand was outstretched, and she grasped it, heart pounding from the fear she had just experienced and the fact that she was holding his hand at all. He pulled his arm up to help her stand.

"Where are we?" She asked shakily. The fact that he had no idea was etched into his face, and she bit her lower lip in regret of asking the question at all.

"I don't know." He replied. He paused, then flashed a quick smile. "But that's half the excitement, right?" She smiled.

"Yea." She replied, holding his eyes and feeling her cheeks redden a bit. "So?"

"Let's find out." He replied with a grin. Rose couldn't stop herself from wondering: if half the excitement was findng out where they were as a surprise, what the hell was the other half?