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Flash opened his eyes. Then he cursed.

"I see he's awake." Came a snide all-too-familiar voice.

"Nice to see you, Luther."

"The pleasure is mutual," Flash took in his surroundings. He was in some...well...really weird place. Luther was standing in front of him. Well, technically, in front of very thick electrified bars. Behind which sat Flash. Who knew that the bars were electrified due to an experiment he had taken after the nice little 'hello's. After the bars, came very thick glass, and after that, Luther. Behind Luther stood a smirking man. He was rather well-groomed, with dark hair, and a creepy aura. Wally paused. Did he really just think 'aura'?

"So. What's the hizzie-haps?" Luther rolled his eyes.

"Well, first, we're going to bring you closer to death then you've ever been before. Then we're going to take advantage of your weakened state to enlist your help."

"Mm." Flash said, nodding, with his fingers on his chin. "And what say you were to elaborate a teensy-weensy bit more?"

"We're going to A. find out all the information you know about the League, and B. use you to lure the League here." Flash nodded.

"Few problems. 1A: I don't know anything about the League. You'll find this hard to believe, but I don't pay attention during meetings. 1B: The League doesn't know where I am. And, 1C: If they did, somehow, find out where I am, they'd know there was a trap." He grinned. "Aaaa-DUH!" Luther nodded. Then he smiled.

"But you're forgetting you weren't alone when you were caught."

"It wasn't really caught if I was half-asleep." Flash told him indignantly. But he still looked a little worried. Luther continued as though he hadn't heard.

"Does the name John Stewart ring a bell?"

"Not really. Oh, wait, I know him! The Daily Show, right? I love that guy!" He feigned horror. "Oh, god, don't tell me you got him! Just leave Stephen out of this!" Luther sneered.

"You're really annoying."

"I've been told." The well-groomed man walked out of the room, as Luther smiled.

"Well, whether or not you are serious about what is going on, your friend is in a serious problem. You see, he is not essential to our plan. In fact, he's one of the people we'll be killing. So, we decided, why not save some time and just kill him now?" Flash resisted biting his lip, trying to think of a plan. "Flash? Do you have something to say?" Flash, grinning hollowly, replied,

"Oh- that John Stewart."

"I thought you'd remember." Luther replied with a triumphant grin. "Now. First question: Who was that man with Batman?"


"The one called the Doctor."

"Oh! Mr. Dr. He's a physician. I got this weird lump, and I went to him. He tagged along on the mission because he likes cheese, and I promised him some if he checked out the lump that night."

"You're really annoying."

"I've been told. Hey! Deja Vu, huh?" Flash continued to grin.

"The experiments will begin tomorrow. I think you'll rethink your priorities then."

"We can only wait, and see." Flash agreed with a wise nod. "Here's a preview: I'm not telling you diddly-squat. I might tell you some choice words- nothing important though! If you've innocent ears, you should steer clear," He added the last part with an English accent. A lump appeared in his throat as he said it, thinking of the Doctor- how he (the Flash) was fake, and it wouldn't matter if he died.

Rose walked through the TARDIS, before finally finding him.

"Doctor? Why are we hovering in space?"

"Waiting," He replied absentmindedly, toying with a gizmo.

"For what?" Rose asked, walking closer into the room. He looked up.

"Right now, the TARDIS is sort of bi."

"Excuse me?"

"It can go to two different universes. One is this one. The other is our own."

"What are you talking about?" Rose asked.

"Do you honestly think I'd leave them?" The Doctor asked. "They may be fake, but they're real enough in this universe."

"Um. All right then, I'll bite- what are you planning on doing?"

"Figuring out what got us here."

"What are you talking about? It was probably some this-or-that space something- it's that what you said?"

"No. I said that something was pulling us in," He replied, continuing to fiddle with the metal. Her thoughts jumped to Flash, and what he had said about a 'trap'.


"Try to think. Who doesn't like me?" He asked with a wry grin, his eyes still on the weird thing.

"That's not very comforting."

"Not that bad, considering how big the universe is, and how many universes there are." He replied with carefree shrug.

"When you put it that way," She muttered testily. He smirked at her. "So, what are you doing?"

"I pinpointed the exact location the TARDIS entered the universe. According to this, she wasn't the only one to come in through there."

"What are you saying?"

"An old friend got to this universe," He replied, looking down. "And he brought us here, too."


"My guess? Hmm. If he's Luther's mystery connection, his plan is quite simple." Rose raised an eyebrow as he finally looked up to meet her eyes. "Kill the League. Kill us." She bit her lip as he smiled. "Simple, right?"

"But, who?" He looked down at the machine, as though to ask it. Then he looked up, eyes dark.

"Best guess?" She nodded, before managing,

"Best guess."

Flash smirked as the well-groomed man re-entered the room.

"Where'd you go? You missed a great chat." The man smiled, but didn't respond. Flash, bored with this, demanded, "At least introduce yourself. Manners, remember?"

"Of course," The man replied, as he walked around Flash's cell. "You can call me 'The Master.'"

An expected twist! Cue the Soap Opera Music!