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The blonde artist opened his eyes and looked over to where the puppet master was laying asleep in his bed across the room.

Deidara no Iwa got up out of his warm cozy bed to do one single thing.

"Wake up Donna un!" Deidara screamed in Sasori's ear. Sasori moaned, being used to the noise, and rolled over. Deidara shook Sasori. Nothing happened.

"Come on! It's Halloween un!" Deidara continued. Sasori still didn't move. "We'll have to do this the hard way then un." Deidara sighed and walked over to the stereo player. He inserted a disk and turned the volume all the way up before hitting play. The song was the End Theme to the PowerPuff Girls. The song that Sasori hated more than all the others.

"Turn it off brat." Sasori ordered.

"Get up and-" Deidara started, but was cut off by Tobi glomping him.

"Tobi loves this song!" Tobi squealed.

"Get off un." Deidara ordered, doing a one-eighty from his earlier attitude.

Tobi obeyed his Sempai and walked over to the stereo to try and turn up the volume some more. Of course he couldn't, since Deidara had already taken care of that.

Sasori got up and walked to the bathroom, knowing what was going to happen next.

"What the fck?!" Hidan yelled, charging into the room, sacrificing the stereo to Jashin.

"What with the noise so early in the morning?" Konan asked, rubbing sleep from her eyes.

Deidara's face turned slightly pink. He should've known that this would happen. "Donna wouldn't wake up un…"

"So you had to wake the rest of the base up?!" Kisame asked, troubled by the loss of his beauty sleep.

"Tobi loved that song!" Tobi declared, trying to defend Deidara somehow. It didn't work.

"So you played the song for Tobi? How sweet." Konan said.

"What was with the noise?" Pein asked, finally making it to the room.

"Deidei was playing a song for Tobi!" Konan said, purposely trying to make Deidara mad.

It worked.

"It wasn't for Tobi! It was to wake Donna up un!" Deidara complained.

"He isn't here Dei…" Pein said. Deidara spun around and looked at Sasori's bed. Deidara scowled.

"Weasel un." Deidara said, almost as a growl.

"What is it?" Itachi asked. Deidara blinked.

"Not you baka!" Deidara exclaimed.

"Deidara, you must be punished for waking up the whole base…" Pein said.

"Oh great. What is it un?" Deidara asked.

"Take Tobi Trick Or Treating. And you have to dress up as well." Pein said. Deidara gaped.

"You're kidding me, right un?" Deidara asked while Tobi was running around being happy.

"Not in the least." Pein said.

"You're making me go Trick Or Treating?! Just me and Tobi un?!" Deidara almost screamed, getting mad.

"Not exactly. Hidan has to go too." Pein said.

"Why do I have to fcking go?! Trick Or Treating is for shtters!" Hidan complained.

"You sacrificed the last Jinchuuriki before we had time to extract the demon!" Pein said.

"Jashin is the upmost God dmned importance!" Hidan complained.

"I don't give a crap! Just go." Pein ordered. Hidan continued to complain, but Pein held firm.

"At least you don't have to dress up with a face like that un." Deidara said. Hidan glared at him.

"Do you have a fcking death wish?!" Hidan asked. "Because I will gladly sacrifice a sht like you! Wouldn't be much of a fcking gift to Jashin though."

Deidara scowled and jumped on top of Hidan, punching him square in the face. "I'm glad you like pain un!" Deidara said, attempting to punch Hidan again, but Sasori dragged him back.

Sasori had come out of the bathroom when he knew it was getting nasty. He wanted to see what happened, but after Deidara landed the first punch, Sasori didn't want to have to take care of a beat up partner.

"Let me go un!" Deidara ordered.

"Calm down and I will." Sasori said.

"Fine un." Deidara said, giving in and calming down, slightly. Sasori let go.

"I don't have a costume, so I can't go Trick Or Treating un." Deidara said trying to get out of having to spend time with Hidan and Tobi.

"Tobi has one you can use Sempai!" Tobi exclaimed, running to get it. Deidara slapped his forehead with his hand and instantly regretted it. His hand mouth slobbered all over his head and he had to wipe of the saliva with his cloak.

"Here Sempai!" Tobi exclaimed, handing Deidara a big, fluffy orange… thing?

"What is it un?" Deidara asked, unfolding what little folds there were.

"It's a pumpkin costume!" Tobi exclaimed.

"No way un." Deidara said, shaking his head and handing Tobi the costume back. Tobi made a loud cry and sat down where he was and sulked.

"You have to Deidara." Pein said.

"I'd rather die un." Deidara said.

"That can be arranged." Pein said.

"Please Sempai!" Tobi begged, still sobbing. Everyone looked at Deidara and said blonde sighed.

"Fine un." Deidara said, picking the outfit up off the floor. "But Hidan, what will you wear un?"

Hidan scowled and started to say something, but Tobi's screams drowned out whatever he was going to say. "Tobi has the perfect thing!" Tobi exclaimed. Yet again Tobi ran out of the room and quickly arrived back with something pink and furry.

"What is that fcking gay thing?!" Hidan asked. It was pink. And furry. There was no way he was wearing that.

"It's a bunny!" Tobi exclaimed.

"Fck no!" Hidan screamed, trying to run out the door but was blocked by Konan and Pein.

"Do it and I won't take pictures." Konan said.

Hidan glared at her and said a few, well a lot, of curse words. "Fck you." Hidan said, walking to his on bathroom, then decided that that wouldn't be a good idea since Kakuzu would see him. So Hidan went to the bathroom that was in Konan's room. She wouldn't mind…

Deidara walked to his bathroom and changed into the pumpkin. Unfortunately for him, he really did look like a pumpkin. Hr sighed and walked back into the bedroom, but now there was only Sasori and Tobi left.

"You look cute sempai!" Tobi exclaimed.

"Never say that again, for if you do you will die un." Deidara threatened. Tobi didn't say anything, until he ran out the door screaming "Tobi is a good boy!"

Tobi ran to where everyone else now was, in front of the bunny Hidan.

"I fcking hate you all!" Hidan exclaimed.

"Hidan looks cute too!" Tobi said, this time to Hidan.

Hidan glared at Tobi. "Never say that again if you wish to continue your shtty life." Hidan threatened. Tobi pouted.

"Hey Tobi! Is Deidara ready yet?" Konan asked. Tobi nodded. "Good. Konan said, taking out a video camera.

"You fcking liar! You said you wouldn't take any fcking pictures!" Hidan yelled.

"I'm not taking pictures, I'm making a video." Konan said. Hidan scowled at her. "Now let's go get Deidara!"

All the Akatsuki members migrated to Deidara's room and saw him lying on the ground rolling around. Sasori was sitting on the bed laughing at him.

"What are you doing?" Itachi asked.

"Tobi wants to play!" Tobi said, laying down on the ground and rolling along next to Deidara.

"I can't get up un!" Deidara complained. Sasori continued laughing, while everyone else in the room started, except for Tobi for he was still playing the game.

"Some one help me un!" Deidara said. Konan couldn't because she was busy recording all of this, Sasori obviously wasn't going to, and everyone else didn't hear him, except for Tobi.

"But Sempai! This game is sooo fun!" Tobi said, giggling.

"I. Don't. Care." Deidara said scowling, getting really angry. He even dropped the un. "Help me un!" Deidara screamed, almost a whine.

"Here brat." Sasori finally said, helping Deidara get up. "Watching you roll around aimlessly on the floor was entertaining, for the first thirty minutes. Then it got boring." Sasori explained.

"Whatever un." Deidara said, rolling his eyes.

"Let's go Trick Or Treating now!" Tobi said, getting up off the floor.

"I'm going with you three, to make sure there are no murder attempts." Konan said. She was only going so that she could go get it all on tape.