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The clock struck midnight and Deidara glanced around nervously. He held the butcher knife up at eye level and glared at the silver blade. The pyromaniac laughed lightly before himself before venturing down the long hallway of the Akatsuki base. The bomber stood in front of an orange door before cracking it open and gazing in side. He put one foot in and silently entered.

"SEMPAI!" Tobi screamed from behind him. "Are you here to kill the goblins that are after Tobi?"

"I'm here to kill you un!" Deidara said.

"But that's bad sempai! Leader-sama would be upset with you!"

"DEIDARA!" Pein said from the door. "No killing the other members!"

"I hate you all un. Go burn." Deidara said, walking out of the room.

"Dei? Deidara?" Deidara opened his eyes and saw that Konan was shaking him.

"I was so close un." Deidara muttered.

"To what brat? You were sleeping." Sasori said.

"But Tobi was about to die un!"

"Tobi was being a good boy sempai!" Tobi screeched, hugging Deidara. "Now that you're awake you can come help me get Christmas decorations!"

"Never un! I would rather die!" Deidra said, jumping up off the couch and running to the other side of the room.

"It's a mission Deidara. Go with Tobi." Pein ordered.

"It was because I fell asleep isn't it un?"

"And see what you're wearing." Itachi said, leaving the room. It was probably the smartest move he ever made.

"What the fuck un!?" Deidara screamed. He was wearing a tutu and pink tights. "I hate you all un!"

"Tobi will buy sempai a nice prettiful book for your entertainment!" Tobi said.

"You make it sound like you want me to screw the book un." Deidara said, going into the emo corner.

"If it makes you feel better!" Tobi said, hugging Deidara.

"If you die then I will feel better un."

"Don't be mean! Now let's go!" Tobi said, grabbing Deidara's arm and dragging him outside. Tobi starting to sing songs from The Wizard of Oz and the only thing Deidara could think of was how much a gun would cost so he could kill Tobi before he committed suicide.

"Sing with me Sempai!"

"In your dreams un." Deidara said.

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