The Tourtured Servant

Chapter 20

Gingerstar14: Yes, Amberleaf, I will keep Sand in the prophecy.

It may seemed rushed, but oh well.

I forget who put Rainygaze and Glaciershine, but they'll join ThunderClan in the next book, Doom of the Tortured Servant

I wouldn't know the ShadowClan cats, but I knew who were the ThunderClan and Knife's gang, so I knew which ones were ShadowClan. ShadowClan must be a big Clan, I thought, to have so many cats with Knife.

I backed into Brambleclaw, trying not to get attacked. Suddenly Knife leaped onto me. I didn't know what to do, so I just crouched there, letting him claw me. But Sand ran over and yanked him off of me. "I'm sick of this. Letting Honey get hurt because of you. You are cruel, and it's time to put a stop to it." She raised claws to slash his throat, but Knife wiggled free.

"You always were weak!" With that the huge cat brought his weight into her head. Sand crumpled up, and Knife stared in satisfaction. I ran over to her, then glared in Knife's direction.

He dashed over and pinned the tabby down again. The two stared into eachother's eyes, and Knife spat, "Bramble."

Bramble heaved upward and caught Knife off guard. "Remember what I said! I won't rest until you lay at my paws, dead. You know my motto, and I used every moment I was awake to get closer to you. And now I've found you!"

Knife rolled his eyes and struggled free. "Your just like Swallow. Weak!" He yowled.

Bramble stiffened. "What have you done to Swallow?" Knife didn't answer, but lunge at him again.

Suddenly a yowl came from the Highledge. "Stop!" Every cat stopped what they were doing and looked up to see Firestar standing there. "What is this?"

"Knife said he'd extend our territory if we helped get him some of ThunderClan's," A white tom with black feet meowed. "Seems good doesn't it?"

"No," I spat, finally ready to tell some cat. "It's not. A badge wasn't the one who attacked me. It was Talon, Knife and Leopard." I threw them a look of hatred. Gasps of shock erupted, and Bramble bristled.

"It's true," Sand mewed weakly. "He told me himself." She padded over to me and licked my shoulder. "It's time I show who I really am. Fall!"Her eyes rested on a dark ginger and brown she-cat. "It is time for you to see who your daughter is." She nudged me forward to Fall.

"Sunny?" Fall whispered. Bramble and a white tom joined her. I looked shyly at her. This was my mother?

"I think so...but I'm called Honey." I murmured. Fall purred and wrapped her tail around me.

"I'm your brother then," the white tom meowed. "Sunny was stolen by Knife, and that must've been you. I'm Glacier, by the way. Bramble is our father." Bramble dipped his head.

"You think you've won?" Knife screamed. "You haven't seen the power of KnifeClan!" He pelted out, and his followers, including some of ShadowClan, followed. I watched, fear in my eyes.

"Don't worry." Firestar meowed. "I doubt we'll see him again."

"Then you don't know Knife." Bramble meowed. "Honey, I'd like you to meet the Barn Gang." He padded forward and rested his head on mine. "This is my best friend, Casey." He pointed to a white tom with brown tabby patches. "This is Frost and Fang, and their kits, Coal, Dawn and Daisy. Fang's kits are Whisper, Hail and Path. Her youngest kits are Moon and Shine" He pointed to each cat in turn.

"We're not so much kits anymore," Coal purred.

Bramble nodded and continued. "Fang is my sister, your aunt." Fang dipped her head. "And Moosie is my other sister. Dawnie and Tia are my half sisters, here is Bob, he's Frost's mate." Bob let out a purr, and I nodded hello.

"I'm Lily, this is Tink." A blue gray she-cat purred. "We used to live with humans until we decided we'd like to live with the Barn Gang. And we're your aunts too, your mother's sisters."

Glacier stepped forward. "Rainy is my mate. Our kits are Swift, Pink, Thrush Dawn and Petal." He nuzzled a small gray she-cat.

I nodded, trying to take in all the cats at once. "This is Truffle, your older sister. She used to live with humans too." Bramble explained. "And...Honey, will you be one of the Barn Gang?"

I took a pace forward. "Actually, I wanted to join ThunderClan. They have a warrior code, a leader, deputy, and all these customs. They have warrior anscestors and so many rules, it's all so exciting." I saw Glacier's eyes light up, and I wondered if he would like a life like that too.

"Oh." Bramble meowed. "But you'll-"

"Hey," Casey meowed. "Why not stay here? They have boundaries, and territory doesn't go on forever. We could move in as BarnGang."

Bramble blinked. "If your leader doesn't mind..."

Firestar padded over to him. "It seems as though you'd respect boundaries...maybe. We'll discuss it." He meowed. "As for Honey, you may join ThunderClan, but will you be willing to fight and hunt for your Clan?"

I nodded eagerly, so he leaped back onto the Highrock. "Honey, until you've earned your warrior name, you will be known as Honeypaw. Hollyfrost, you are a great warrior. You will be Honeypaw's mentor." I rushed over to touch noses with my friend, and I heard Bramble say,

"It's just like my motto. Every day is a gift you've been given. Make the most of your time every minute your living."

"You always say that," Fall purred.