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It was never suppose to go this way.

This was never supposed to happen.

I never thought that out of all the things that could've taken place, this had to happen!

It never crossed my mind.


Never once did I think of something like this.

It was outrageous.

It was unbelievable.

It was reckless.

It was unthinkable.

It was insane.

After everything that happened in these past years, after our endless efforts and our worthwhile fights...



After all these years...

Why oh why Sasuke-kun...

...why did you have to attack your home village...?

The light reflected on a kunoichi's emerald eyes for a few seconds, but soon they disappeared in darkness again as she sank deeper into the bushes.

A shadow ran by and she closed her eyes, listening to the sounds and sensing the different chakra's while she was being as silent as death.

She breathed in silently, filling her lungs with fresh air, and snapped her eyes open as she detected the chakra she was looking for.

It was his.

The boy that broke her heart and betrayed her village so many years ago.

The boy that decided to target the village.

The boy that joined Akatsuki.

The boy that she still loved, even after all this.

As expected she saw him running into view, stopping abruptly a few meters away from the bushes were she was hidden, with his back facing her. She saw his head move slightly from side to side, and she knew he was inspecting the area.

Her breath caught in her throat as she saw his body tensing slightly, and she flinched. Sakura held her breath as his body turned slowly, his front now facing her. She almost gaped at his beauty.

True, she had seen him not long ago, but it seemed that every time she saw him he looked different.


More handsome.



…but still so very good-looking.

She stared at the way his dark baggy pants covered his legs handsomely, her eyes traveling to the black coating hanging loosely around his waist, held by the lavender loop tightly wrapped around his lower upper body. His white shirt was hanging loosely on his shoulders and opened up to reveal his well toned chest. Her eyes caught sight of the cursed mark on his neck, even though it was hard to see in this darkness. Emerald traveled up, and she stared in amazement at how his raven locks fell so beautifully in his face, accentuating his breathtaking facial features. Alluring lips caught her eyes, and she almost smiled at the sight. Finally, her gaze caught his most breathtaking feature: His eyes.

Clouded dark coal eyes.

His eyes which held so many hidden emotions.

Which held so much mystery.

Which could cut deep through anyone's soul.

Which could make any girl fall in love with one look.

His beautiful coal eyes.

Her emerald orbs snapped wider in fright as he looked in her direction, but she relaxed her stiff limbs as he looked away again, just a few seconds later.

He hadn't seen her.

Her gaze hardened as he snapped his head in the direction of an explosion, and soon, he was sprinting towards a house, disappearing as he turned around the corner of the building.

Sakura let out a shallow and livid breath, her eyes forming a glare as she jumped out of the bushes and ran in the same direction he had.

As soon as she sharply, although quietly, turned around the corner, she was imprisoned in strong arms, a quiet but hot breath tickling the flesh on her neck as she was tightly pressed against the person's chest.

Her breath caught in her throat as she felt cold metal on her skin, and she lifted her head up slightly as her attacker pressed the blade of his katana upwards on her neck.

"Bad idea to follow me Sakura," the voice she knew all too well whispered darkly in her ear.

Sakura let out a snort in response, wincing as he pressed the katana on her skin hard enough to cause a small wound, but nothing dangerous.

"Bad idea to attack Konoha, Sasuke-kun," she retorted calmly, emphasizing on his name. Her tone was no doubt humorous, as if taunting him

He let out a low scoff. "I'd keep my mouth shut if I were you."

"But you aren't me, Sasuke-kun," Sakura whispered matter-of-fact, wincing as she felt the blade pressed harder on her skin.

"Stop playing smart with me Sakura, you're testing my patience," he hissed in her ear, his breath fanning hotly on her skin. The feeling of it making her shudder in pleasure and fright.

She chuckled. "When have you ever been patient with me anyway? I've always been annoying to you..." she said boringly.

Sasuke eyes hardened but he stayed quiet in response. He kept his firm grip on her, preventing her to do any movement, and kept his katana firmly pushed on her neck. His hand pressed harder, making the blade dig into her skin more, which resulted in her fresh blood now pouring out slowly.

Sakura let out a low hiss of pain upon feeling her neck stinging. Her blood circulation appeared to be almost cut off from his iron grip, with her own blood trickling down from the wound on her neck.

"Why are you attacking Konoha?" Sakura asked, her voice slightly hoarse since she couldn't allow herself to speak too loud. She knew it would only make the blade press deeper into her wound.

Sasuke didn't answer.

"Anti-social jerk."

His face remained emotionless.

"I can't believe I'm still in love with you, even though you're a total ass."

That sentence caught him off guard, and his body tensed slightly, but he said nothing.

"I'll never understand how I fell in love with you..." he heard her whisper, her voice almost miserable.

"I... I love you more then anything!"


"So please...! ...Stay here with me!"

"Stop saying that," he growled.

Her body flinched, and she turned her head to look at him angrily. "Excuse me?" she demanded.

He glared at her. "You don't love me. Stop saying you do."

"There's nothing I wouldn't do for you!"

She snorted. "How the hell do you know if I do or not? And what does it matter anyway?! It's not like you care!" she shouted indignantly, before squirming wildly in his arms.

He felt her soft skin as she wrapped her arms tightly around his neck, burying her chin in the crook of his neck, crying softly.


His mind refused to react at her comforting embrace, but his mind was in shock and awe. His thoughts contained pure confusion of her caring actions.

She had been so worried about him...

...but why?

All he could do was stare at her pink matted hair with his arms lying limply at his side, his mind halfway trying to figure out why she cared about him so much, and the other, halfway touched by her actions.

He gritted his teeth as she continued to madly squirm, making it hard for him to maintain his firm grip.

Why did he have such sudden flashbacks now?

He never did.

To his surprise, she slipped out of his hold in a quick movement, healing her wound quickly while she landed gracefully a few feet away from him.

Sasuke stared at her, his eyes containing intense annoyance. "You're annoying," he tediously said.

Sakura laughed cogently, her voice dripping with sarcasm as she hissed out, "like I haven't heard that one before."

Sasuke then simply stared, his eyes bored and monotone.

"Go home."

"Why? So I can watch you destroy the village?" she growled, her eyes hardening in a sharp glare. "I don't think so," she scoffed, her hands now placed on her hips.

"To leave the village you have to take this road..."

"Go home and sleep."

Sasuke stared again, that same monotone expression plastered all over him.

"Suit yourself," he said dully, his hand tightening around his katana as he dashed towards her.

Sakura glared and her hand flicked a kunai in a half a second, immediately blocking the boy's attack.

Lightening sparked out of his blade, and she felt a sharp pain run through her arm for a moment. The sound of thousand birds chirping reached her ears and her eyes widened in realization. With a quick kick on the ground, she propelled herself backwards and away from him. Her eyes couldn't catch any movement as she saw Sasuke's figure disappear, but she had felt a sharp pain run through her stomach as he did.

Sakura gasped, blood propelling out of her mouth, and her eyes widen at the realisation that it was Sasuke who had punched her.

It was he who had attacked her as fast as lightening.

She winced and let out a shallow, painful sound, and then felt her back hit the tree trunk agonizingly.

Icy coal eyes stared back at her. "You're pathetic. I don't even have to use my sharingan to beat you," he hissed.

She glared before gasping in pain as jolts of lightening hit her one by one.

The sound of a thousand birds chirping angrily filled her ears, and her eyes dropped, feeling her body go numb after each whip of lightening she received. She stole a glance to her limbs, seeing red whisks on her arms.

Emerald orbs caught his monotone coal eyes again, and she was sure she must've looked pleading to him.

Sakura glared at her opponent, kunai in hand as she stood protectively in front of the bridge builder.

Sasuke appeared on front of her as fast as lightening, his arms outstretched in a protecting manner.

He glared at his opponent, his eyes fierce and protecting while his teeth gritted together.

He was protecting her.

His eyes hardened, and she was thrown aside to the ground, her body numbing from the pain.

"Pathetic," he whispered.

His back faced her and she felt the tears sting her eyes as she tilted her head upwards slightly to take a better look at his form walking away from her.

"Don't get in my way Sakura," Sasuke hissed darkly while never turning his head to look at her.

Her tears were held back, and she gritted her teeth, staring at his form walking away from her while she lay on the ground, her body numb with pain.

'I can't do anything...'

Sakura glared, picking up her body in a flash, and she ignored the pain as she threw herself at him faster then never before, clasping his arms to his side as she threw hers around him with an iron grip stronger than his was when he imprisoned her tightly a few moments ago. A kunai was in her right hand and she placed it right above his heart, still keeping his arms locked to his sides.

"I can't let you destroy the village," she whispered fiercely, her eyes shining with determination.

"My target is not the village," he replied flatly.

Sakura snorted. "Yeah it sure as heck isn't," she replied sarcastically, before letting out a growl.

Sasuke glared at her, sharply turning his head to meet her eyes.

She gasped as her emerald orbs clashed with his sharingan, and she was thrown away in a second, her body numb with pain.

"The elders are."

Screeching reached her ears, and she looked up, seeing his breathtaking figure surrounded by lashing whips of lightening.

"Chidori Nagashi," she whispered, wincing as she brought up green glowing hands to her wounds.

Sasuke stared monotonously at her, before turning around wordlessly and dashing out of sight.

Sakura let out a painful gasp, feeling her body numb with additional pain as more time went by, but she could only stare with half lidded eyes at the place he'd disappeared.

"Sasuke-kun..." she whispered with difficulty, her eyes snapping with pain as another wave of agonizing pain hit her.

'After all this training... I'm still so useless...' she thought while gritting her teeth.

"I'm not gonna let you destroy this village," she whispered angrily, while weakly but slowly picking herself up from the ground.

Her eyes sparkled with fierce determination. "This village will not be destroyed as long as I'm alive," she fiercely hissed out, her legs shaking as she dashed towards the direction of the elder's house.

It was never supposed to go this way.

This was never supposed to happen.

Oh why oh why Sasuke-kun...

Why have you chosen the wrong path of life...?

Why have you decided to target Konoha, after your long life goal was finally accomplished...?

Oh my dear Sasuke-kun...

How I love you so much...

...Yet seeing you act this way breaks my heart all over again...