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The corridors were dark and claustrophobic. Water dripped absently from old rusted pipes in the ceiling, landing with audible plops in small stagnant puddles that smelled musky and earthy like wet pottery. Tsunade pulled her coat around her arms, shivering involuntarily as she walked towards the furthest room, its door illuminated by an overhead strip light, which hummed and flickered irritably.

I hate this place…

She had never enjoyed visiting the ANBU, the Torture and Interrogation Unit in Konoha.

It smelled of blood and fear. Being so far underground, sound bounced around eerily. The sound of her own footsteps echoed back to her in such a way that made her take several nervous glances over her shoulder to make sure that she wasn't being followed.

Stop acting like a foolish little girl…

Her hand reached out for the cold steel handle of Unit 4. She turned it sharply and pushed it open with more force than necessary just to make herself feel better.

She entered the large room, squinting at the sudden harsh light. Her eyes adjusted and focused on the bulky silhouette of the most infamous torturer in Fire Country, clutching what looked like a pink watering can. She resisted the urge to laugh as she saw him gently washing the leaves of his favourite bonsai tree. There was just something funny about seeing the most formidable man in Konoha treating a ten inch cherry blossom tree with such affection.

The room itself was in vast contrast to the labyrinth of corridors and cells she had just navigated through. It was clean and clinical with white walls and minimal furniture. The absence of windows was the only similarity to the cold halls she had just come from. Filing cabinets lined one wall with every drawer clearly labelled in red marker pen. It was ridiculously tidy and precise and she had a sudden twinge of guilt when thinking of her own less than organized office.

If only Shizune would spend more time organizing my files than moaning about my expenditures…she pondered.

"I know we are supposed to intimidate detainees, Ibiki, but must you really insist on such a primitive scare tactic? A lick of magnolia paint would do those gloomy corridors a world of good!" she said with a sarcastic grin.

Ibiki discreetly manoeuvred the watering can to one side and bowed his head slightly.

"Hello, Hokage-sama." His voice was deep and gravely and he enunciated every syllable in a short clipped fashion, which made him sound impatient even when relaxed.

"Come on then, lets get this over with."

"This way. Follow me."

He led them down an adjacent hallway and towards a cluster of smaller rooms.

"How much trouble have you been having with our latest edition?"

"Formidable chakra levels. So much so that we've had to use S-class sealing techniques. There was also an incident in which the detainee sliced three of our prison wardens to ribbons."

"…So I'll be looking for three new wardens?"

"No, no. They're fine or they will be. They're just naturally embarrassed to have been taken down by a pair of chopsticks."

They reached the door. It was white with a small gold plaque that read: Top Priority Interrogation Room 2.

As he turned the handle, Tsunade gripped his hand.

"What have you tried so far?"

"Three days without food with minimal water. The sensory deprivation tank for two of those days. No cooperation whatsoever, just like the last one. We've been reluctant to take it further without your express permission, Hokage-sama."

She nodded in understanding and let him open the door.

A large one-way mirror took up the top two thirds of the furthest wall. She looked up at Ibiki, his face rough and craggy. Deep burn marks and gouges punctuated his strong features. His expression was neutral, unmoving, and unblinking.

Tsunade drew her eyes away from the chief interrogator and towards the other half of the room, which was dark and gloomy. She focused her attention on the smaller silhouette sitting chained to a steel table in the middle of the room.

"Is that her?"


"Okay," she sighed heavily. "Turn the lights on."

Ibiki punched the switch on the right hand side of the glass and the fluorescent lighting in the room on the other side of the glass sprang to life.

The girl seated at the table jerked herself upright at the sudden brightness, throwing chained arms over her face, squinting painfully at the invasion of the brightness.

"Are you sure? She looks so young…"

"No doubt about it," came his gravely reply.

Tsunade inhaled deeply, taking in the girl's appearance. The girl's eyes had adjusted. She was staring ferociously towards the glass between them. Tsunade decided that she was beautiful. Long, dark hair fell down her back in soft curls, shorter layers framed her face which was elegant, almost pixie-like with large, high-set almond shaped eyes. They were blue.

For now, though, the beauty was hidden beneath the telltale signs of incarceration, which were written on her face. Her skin was pallid, her eyes were heavily shadowed as if she hadn't slept for days, and her long locks were greasy at the roots, causing her hair to hang flatter than it probably normally would.

The oversized prison uniform washed her complexion out even more, hanging loosely over elegant shoulders. She looked like a child wearing her mother's flannel pyjamas.

"I'm not fucking telling you anything so you can all go to hell!" she spat at the mirror.

Tsunade stared blankly at the saliva running down the glass that separated them.

"Charming girl…"

"I know you're staring at me. I can feel them. I hope your fucking eyes boil in their sockets!"

"I guess we'd better get on with it," Tsunade said, not lifting her gaze from the girl.


Ibiki reached out and passed Tsunade a red clipboard file which she started to flip through, licking her thumb to get purchase on the pages. She waved a hand absently at Ibiki.

"Turn the comm on…"


The girl in front of them squealed, pulling her knees up to her chin and clamping her hands over her ears as the distortion from the ancient communication system filled the room around her.

Tsunade coughed gently to clear her voice and leaned toward the microphone which jutted out from the wall on a black-coiled spring.

"Manami. No family name. Sixteen years old. Arrested three nights ago for unlawful trespassing in the Konoha archives. Killed two security-nin one of which was under the impression that your were madly in love with him…"

She raised an eyebrow inquisitively at Ibiki.

"…Tut tut. Haven't we been a naughty little girl?" Tsunade's voice had no trace of humour as she turned the page again.

She looked up briefly, trying to gauge the other girl's response who simply threw her hands up in a theatrical fashion, swinging back on her chair dangerously.

"Am I right in thinking that The Legendary Sucker has come all the way down here to talk to little old me?" The girl let out a laugh in a soft singsong way.

"…Because if it's true, I shall be greatly honoured!"

"Who are you working for, Manami?" she kept her voice steady. "Because I have to say, the items you had on your person were very specific, very interesting. Lets see…We have blueprints of Konoha's underground passageways, a floor plan of the Hokage Tower, as well as several documents pertaining to the populous of Konoha's civilian quarter, water supply, electricity, housing, density, and transport. My, you have been busy…"

The girl sat tight lipped, arms folded haughtily in front of her.

"I asked you who you are working for."

"And I told you I wouldn't tell you a fucking thing." The same singsong tone.

"I suppose whoever it is will be missing you by now, wondering what happened to sweet little Manami. This was a risky mission of yours. I'm guessing they aren't going to be too pleased with your performance."

The girl looked up sharply and Tsunade could have sworn their eyes locked through the one-way glass.

"It doesn't matter anymore…"

Nothing smooth or singsong about her tone now…

"And what is that supposed to mean?"

"It means that my work here was only a back up. We already have what we need from Konoha and pretty soon my teammates will arrive home, and when they do, Hokage-sama…" she took a long deliberate pause, allowing the static to hiss and charge around her words.

"…You can kiss your precious village goodbye."

Ibiki switched off the comm, looking to Tsunade with a furrowed brow.

"What is you decision?"

"Do what you have to do until you know what she knows. Don't tell anyone yet. This is the second rogue-nin we've discovered in two weeks living right under our noses. They have to be slipping in somehow."

"You think we have a leak, Hokage-sama?"

"I know we have a leak."

"…And the girls life?" he asked evenly.

"Make sure you learn everything you can first."

"I'll deliver the body up to the hospital. We'll see if her corpse is as tight lipped as she is."

"I expect a full report on my desk tomorrow morning. I have a feeling we'll have to act quickly on this one."

"Yes, Hokage-sama."

Tsunade made her way back through the dingy corridors that would lead her slowly to the surface. She kept her eyes on the thickest metal pipe in the ceiling, following its progress up towards the busy city nightlife. Before she pushed open the heavy iron doors and took her first breath of the warm night air, she could swear she heard a young girl screaming.

Looking sideways at the enormous replication of her face and those of her predecessors, she wished - as she had on many occasions - that one of them would just tell her what the hell to do.

The breeze caught her hair, whipping it forward to flutter around her shoulders as she turned to look down on the blissfully unaware houses and busy high streets, their lights twinkling brightly and the dim hum of music from the restaurants and bars travelling slowly up to her ears. Something foreboding and intangible whispered in the back of her mind and she shuddered not for the first time that night. Pushing the uneasy feeling aside, she turned to make the slow decent back down the mountainside towards home, towards bed, and towards a nice glass of sake.