Chapter three: Plotting.

In this chapter, Scudworth plots, and we meet a new villain: Robotron 2084!

P.S. I changed the name of the story to The 12TH Warrior: An Epic Saga

While Zack and Raven continued to attack Cody, the satellite link of the TV sadly stopped working due to it needing so, as to keep the plot intact. Now, let us see what's going on at Nefarious Corporation headquarters.

--Line Break--

"I have looked long and hard at all of our spies and robots. And now I know who the perfect person to impersonate the so called 'London Tipton' is!" Scudworth exclaimed to the crowd of annoyed and hungry villains. "Mr. B, would please do the honors?" He asked the robot standing next to him. Mr. Butlertron's "mouth" if you could call it that expanded and he cupped his robot hands around it.

"Calling Robotron! Calling Robotron!" A stereotypical robot/android looking person popped up.

"That's me!" Robotron exclaimed. He then began to rap.

Robotron: Yo! That's me!

The robot assassin.

Kickin' butt with rifles is completely smahsin'!

Burning you up! Burning you up! For real! Two to the head from double-barreled steel.

Step back I'm 'gonna settle the score.

Who am I?

Robotron 2084!

The enforcer on a murderous death trip, eliminatin' fools never lettin' my scope slip.

Explosions the last thing you hear.

Hey Zaxxon, you're livin' in fear!

Like Galaxian, or whatever he's called.

Is it Galliga? There 'aint no difference between 'yall.

I'm in the battles always in the tempest,

Goin' beserk, livin' a life sentence.

Runnin' from me, 'ya leave in a hearse…

Robotron! Terror of the Universe!

The villains, mildly creped out, clapped nervously.

"Um thank you for that informative intro Robotron. Never do it again." Scudworth commented, a little frightened of the robot as well. The former high school principal/mad scientist now full time mad scientist cleared his throat. "Anyways. I need you to get rid of this girl and impersonate her. After that, message me for further instructions." He handed Robotron a picture of London.

"Don't worry boss. If I can't impersonate her, I'll just shoot everyone until there's not a living thing left alive in the hotel." The robot assassin reassured.

"Y-yeah. Don't do that." Scudworth told him. Robotron walked off, made an inappropriate gesture at Cobra Commander, and left for the Tipton…

Gasp! Robotron is headed for the Tipton and our heroes still don't know anything important. What will happen next?!

The song Robotron sings is his verse from "(We are) Defenders of the Universe" a video from the Escapist Magazine, which strange seeing as it's not really a magazine, its a website.