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Alice's PoV

"You should know why we're here, Alice!" She talked with a sly grin on her face. Her face was so perfect. So beautiful that it could actually compete with Rosalie. Chastity Mordant. The cruel leader of the Mordant Clan. She made the Volturis angels. There's no way to stop her. Her powers are unimaginable.

"I know exactly why we're here. And it's not going to happen!"

"Alice? What's going on here?" Esme's voice had nothing but fear. I'd almost forgot the family was there.

"Oh! So you haven't told the family! That's not like you at all."

"She wants us to stay away from Bella." I felt nothing but pure hatred toward Chastity. And for once, Jasper didn't try to help.

"You say it like it's a choice!"

"It is a choice cause we're not leaving Bella!" This was the first time Edward had spoken. Within a second, Edward was on the floor and Chastity was kneeling at him.

"Let's get something straight. You will rid yourself of Bella or I, myself will get rid of her!"

"What's it to you?" Emmett yelled.

"What's it to us?! EVERYTHING!" Her eye's danced with anger. "We've spent centuries keeping our kind a secret! We've gotten stronger and stronger and we're not letting some little girl ruin it! First she'll tell her dad, then it's her mother, than all her friends! She's enough to destroy our species! One human girl will not ruin it! And the only way? To keep her human and to keep her away from you! And if you don't, I'll handle it myself!

A deep escaped Edward's chest and chaos broke loose. Edward leaped at Chastity slamming her to the ground. Then out of nowhere 2 more beautiful women appeared . Both going after Edward. Emmett and Carlisle reacted immediately. Emmett took the only brown headed girl, Fawl Mordant. She was pinned against the wall in a blink of an eye. A loud crack came from her shoulder as Emmett jerked her off her feet and slung her across the room. Rosalie happily took it as an invite. She picked Fawl up and took a small chunk out of her neck. Fawl let out an ear splitting scream and kicked Rosalie back. This only made Emmett more furious! Finding the nearest object, a table, and beat Fawl until only chips of wood were left of the table. Emmett was slammed into the wall across the room, nearly breaking it.

Meanwhile Carlisle took on Mina. She was more stronger than Fawl. Carlisle failed at trying to rip her to pieces. All he got was a small chunk of her leg. Esme joined in for sake of her husband. She got a hold of her waist and slammed her to the ground and watched her struggle waiting for Carlisle to give her a hand. Before he made it to her I was after her. Avoiding her every swing I managed to get her arm, slinging it across the room hitting Fawl. She went into a frenzy and attacked me, but shortly after Jasper was on her.

"ENOUGH!" We all stared up surprised by the loud voice.

"You will NOT fight in my house!"

There stood the husband of Chastity. Sultan Mordant. Just as bad as Chastity.

"You will leave Bella or you will be planning a funeral, for what's left of her."

Fawl let out a little giggle as get popped her elbow back in place. "Fawl, Mina, leave. I got it from here Sultan."

"You better watch your back, I will be back for you." Edward headed for the exit along with the rest of the family.

"Choose wisely"

"Alice? You ok?" I turned to see Jasper standing in the doorway. "Thinking about someone in particular?" I could speak so I just nodded my head. Jasper took me into his arms kissing the top of my head. "It's going to be ok. She's safe. She's living her life.

"But how do you know! What if they killed her anyways! I haven't had a vision in years! What if she's…she's…" I was near hysteric.

"Shhhh. Everything's ok. Don't worry yourself so much." Placing a finger under my chin he lifted my head up. "That worries me" He lightly pressed his lips to mine. And worst of all, sent a wave of relief over me.

"Hey guys! Want to go hunting! I seriously need it!" yelled Emmett.

Eveything around me went into a haze and standing before me were the worst.

"Alice? Are you ok? What did you see.

I stared into the eyes of my one true love with shock and fear. "The Volturi!"

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