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Emmett PoV

"Oh come on! You're making a big deal out of nothing!" The vision of the Volturi clan was nothing. How could they not see that!

"Emmett! The Volturis aren't exactly the best vampires to run into! They only come if there is a big reason! I don't feel like dying today. Do you?"

"Jesus Alice! Did you see us being ripped to pieces?"


"Do your visions about us end eruptedly?"

"No bu-"

"Then there is nothing to worry about. Lets just go hunt. I saw a grizzly a week ago and its got my name written all over-"

"Shut up Emmett! Stop thinking about food for 5 seconds, k?"

"What's stuck up your butt?"

"You!" Rosalie was always edgy at family meetings. To think of it, she's always edgy! Carlisle cut my thoughts off"

"Look. We'll go hunting as planned. If we run into them-"

"Which I don't know if it will happen anymore." interrupted Alice. We all stared at her with confused expressions. Well except Edward.

"She means our meeting delayed leaving slimming the chances of running into them."

"Sweet! So lets go!" I wanted my grizzly and I wasn't getting it sitting here! Luckily we all set off to go. It took 15 minutes to drive to our favorite location. It's an old camp site that no one really goes to anymore. There's been many reports of bears, and stuff. Mostly deer though. I don't get it at all though? Bears are just not that bad. Why would people let that keep them from this awesome camp?

"Cause not everyone's a vampire, idiot!"

"Shut up Edward! My bear's coming up!"

I loved the smell of it! Slowly I walked toward the bear. He was watching for fish I guess. Just standing there staring into the river. I stopped, studying the bear. One week thinking about this delicious bear!

"WHY DON'T YOU MARRY IT!" I must of jumped 5 feet in the air. I watched the bear run off.

"EDWARD! I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!" Before that though I ran after the bear, easily catching up with him. I could hear everyone laughing back at the camp site. Just as I was about to leap for it, a rammed into a giant tree. The worst thing about this place were the amount of trees. Of course the laughter only got louder. I was back on my feet after the bear again. It only took a minute and my stomach was full of the delicious blood of a bear!

Five minutes later I arrived back at camp. "Where's Eddie boy?"


I went looking for him. It didn't take long for me to spot him stalking a deer. Not exactly the best but I went for it. Just before Edward leaped for it, I wrestled the deer to the ground and quickly drained it of blood. Not soon after Edward slammed me against a tree.

"I- I- oh man- woooo!" I couldn't talk through my laughter!

"I'm off to find me a deer…if there is anymore!"

I went back to the site while everyone finished their hunting.

"Well I had enough to last me eternity!" Alice popped out of nowhere, as always.


"What's the deal with you?"

"What took you guys so long! I would like to get one more bear in!"

"Fine then go! I'll watch out for people! Geez."

"Finally!" I stormed off searching for the perfect supper. One brutal hour later there it was! The large, fat, and sweet smelling bear! I wasn't taking my time on this one, fearing that Edward was nearby. I quickly tackled the bear only to be landed on. The bear swung its claws at me without a single break! But I was stronger! I kicked the bear slamming it against a rock. Just as I got up it tackled me against a tree, pinning me there. I took a bite at the nearest part of its body. It roared out in pain, giving me a chance to tackle it to the ground and enjoying me a nice dinner!

"SWEET!" I saw Edward in the corner of my eye. "Hey Edward! Did you see that! That was awe-awe-." Slowly I turned my head in the direction of the scent. So familiar yet so different. "Hey! Who's out there?" Silence.

"Ouch! Geez Emmett! You scared the-"

"Shut it Rose! Smell…" I saw her sniff the air a few times. Confusion struck her face.

"I know that smell. But I don't"

"Yea, that's what I said. Hey, where's Edward?"

"How am I suppose to know? I saw him heading west last time I saw him"

"Are you sure? I just saw him. I think?"

"Follow the smell." It didn't take us long to make our way back to the camp site.

"They came to the site?"

"I can't believe Alice left!" What if a human had came up!

"Confused much, Emmett?" Jasper and Esme came walking up.

"Where's Alice and Edward?" asked Rosalie.

"I haven't seen them for hours." replied Jasper. "What's that smell?"

"I don't know. We followed it 2 miles away back here." Something wasn't right.

"It's time to go home. Now." Carlisle started packing. Slowly we all joined in. The ride home was quiet. We all knew something was up. Finally arriving home we left everything in the car and went straight to the office.

"Let me straight to the point. Someone was out there tonight. I'm guessing a Volturi."

"But the smell was nothing we've smelt before."

"Thank you captain obvious! I think we knew that Jasper."

"Shut it Emmett!"

"All of you be quiet! Look, whoever was out there took Alice and Edward!"

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