Courage the Cowardly Cat?

Chapter 1: A Catastrophe Emerges

It was a normal day for the Mayor of Nowhere who was just getting ready for the day at his office. As he placed his hat down on a stool, he began to head toward his desk. Yet as the chair was turned around, a strange cat was there instead.

"What's the meaning of this?!" cried the Mayor.

"I'm Mister Mittens, I come from out of town, so I decided since no one would care about you people living in Nowhere, I have decided this would be the perfect place to turn you people into cats to make me the personal cat Mayor of Nowhere!" laughed Mister Mittens.

Suddenly, a laser came out of nowhere, zapping the mayor into a cat. Yet as the sheriff came into the scene along with some other members of the law enforcement, they were then zapped into cats as well. While a crazy out of town, talking cat was causing trouble, it was quite an average day on a certain farm not far from town where Muriel Bagge was just relaxing as she was pouring a cup of tea in the kitchen. Muriel had gotten up quite early, and had laid the newspaper out for Eustace who had a long night the day before.

"Muriel!" cried Eustace as he was marching into the kitchen, "Is my breakfast ready?"

"Why I'm just about finished with it right now" replied Muriel as the toaster rang being ready with also the eggs in a pan being finished, along with bacon and pancakes.

"Well it's about time" said Eustace as he then sat in his chair, and revealed his meal.

Courage was also having his own special breakfast Muriel had cooked up for him, she placed some eggs and bacon in his dog bowl on the floor. As Courage was just getting up, he came into the room and began to eat his special breakfast.

"What's the dog doing with eating some extra egg and bacon?" asked Eustace, "Dogs are suppose to have dog food, not human food!"

"Well, I'm sorry Eustace" replied Muriel, "but I do not want to waste any eggs or extra bacon."

"Bah!" cried Eustace as he scarfed down a piece of bacon into his mouth, "I wish we had a real leader in this town that'll put dogs like this in their place!"

"Oh Eustace, you don't really mean something like that, do you?" asked Muriel.

"Of course I do" replied Eustace as he finished up the second piece of bacon and was going to start on his eggs.

"Well I never" sighed Muriel as she then picked up Courage's bowl, "come on Courage, we're going into the living room and have our breakfast in there."

As Muriel sat down on her favorite rocking chair, with a tray with her plate of breakfast, she placed Courage's bowl right next to the rocking chair. While she began to start her meal, she used the remote control to turn on the television and switched to the local news. As she continued to eat her breakfast, along with Courage munching on a piece of bacon, there seemed like to be a news reporter with an urgent bulletin.

"Better turn up the volume" said Muriel as she turned to the remote.

"Greetings citizens of Nowhere" said the news reporter after Muriel turned up the volume, "you won't believe it but a modern day coup d'etat has just occurred in our fair city of Nowhere."

"Oh my!" cried Muriel.

"Oh no!" added Courage.

"But this isn't any ordinary dictator, oh no, his name is Mister Mittens and he's one angry–" cried the news reporter but he was cut off short as a laser from nowhere zapped the news reporter turning him into a cat.

"Pardon me if I have the mick, if you don't mind?" asked Mister Mittens as he pushed the news reporter cat out of the way, "Yes, things here in Nowhere are going to change, because since I'm quite an out of towner, I was kind of bored with my home town which I will never mention here ever under my rule. Since all of you people have literally called your place Nowhere, and you live in nowhere, you live in the perfect place so that I can create my own catdom!"

Courage immediately responded as he swallowed the eggs in his bowl with quite a loud scream showing the eggs right on his tongue after hearing the news.

"Oh my, Eustace, you better get over here quick, I think you made a wish and it came true!" cried Muriel.

"Wait, let me see this!" cried Eustace as he came into the scene, "Our leader is a cat?"

"That's what the strange talking kitty cat said" replied Muriel.

"Well, this might be the sort of change I was talking about earlier" laughed Eustace, "I wonder what sort of policies he has for us, turn up the volume even louder."

As Muriel turned up the volume, it seemed like Mister Mittens now had a long list of demands for the remaining humans in Nowhere. All of the police, and the former Mayor of Nowhere were all turned into cats to be used as his henchmen.

"My first order of business" said Mister Mittens as he got up on the podium, "is to first turn all of Nowhere's dogs into cats, then they'll all obey me. Any human who doesn't hand over their dog to be changed into a cat, shall also be changed into a cat. However–"

"However, what, what?" asked Eustace as he was quite excited on what was going to happen to poor Courage.

"However, if there are humans who know where a dog lies, and turns that dog to me where I can turn them into a cat" replied Mister Mittens, "they'll receive a huge reward."

"A reward, yippee!" cried Eustace with joy as he then began to dance, "I'm going to get that stupid dog and turn him into a cat, then he'll never bother me ever again, bwahaha!"

"Eustace, shame on you!" cried Muriel as she picked up her tray and slammed it right on Eustace's head, "How can you turn your back on Courage?"

"Why do you always defend that stupid dog, I don't want you to be turned into a cat Muriel, then it'll be more labor for me if I have to do your kitty litter" replied Eustace as his head was still soar from the tray.

"I don't care how much that crazy cat is offering to turn in all dogs into cats, you're not going to turn my Courage over!" barked Muriel.

"Well, if it's a fight you want for that stupid dog, it's a fight you'll get!" cried Eustace.

The farmer stormed out of the living room in quite a huff, and poor Courage was shivering not knowing what's going to happen next.