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There I stood. My eyes and mind have gone a blur; letting myself realize the common sense I had indulged. My body was making everything turn wild and dangerous. But I knew that this was for the best. That this was my place. This was right.

I moved slowly to my destination. I could hear bells ringing and the sounds of random voices outside my world. I had longed for this day to come; and here I am now.

I catch my breath, then I start to move a little faster; starting towards my journey. I closed my eyes and prayed. Then I opened them again and smiled.

"This is it," I mumbled to myself.

I was now putting aside my past and going toward my future. Which was done this isle.

Chapter 1: The News

I sqeezed my eyes shut as I clinched my soft, orange, fuzzy pillow. I was in my room and sitting on my bed. The door is shut, but I can still hear the rummaging of clothes through the walls of my neutral colored chamber.

I shut my eyes tight as I hear the violent screams of both of my parents in the kitchen.

I crush my silky skin to the pillow and wiped the tears away with my hand.

The front door slams, and I only whimper. Sulking, I turn up my stereo to my Linkin Park CD. I was only attempting to shut out the noises of misery outside my world. But I could still hear everything.

My mother, Renee, barges into my room. Her crystal blue eyes were now blood-shot and her face was pale with small red dots from the crying and sobbing she had just now been through.

I didn't say anything. I knew that anything I said wouldn't help. Nothing would help this situation at the moment.

I take a large, deep sigh as I invite her under the covers of my king sized, temperpedic bed. She pulls the blanket to her waist and sits up, knocking her head against the headboard. Her round face shakes as she winces. I grasp her hand and she only looks at me.

A tear runs down my face, and I try to hide it with the soaked pillow.

I open my mouth and whipser, "Is Phil coming back, Mom?"

I knew that she was trying to be strong for me, but I wanted the truth. I patted her back, to let her know that I would understand her answer.

Mother made a loud sound and tosed her face into her hands. My heart immediately stopped and I glared at the wall.

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