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After changing, I knocked on my door signaling to Riku that I was done. As soon as Riku opened the door I walked out and leaned against the wall to the right of my door.

I waited in silence as Riku closed it leaving the locks unlocked and open.

"So do you know what the meeting is about?" I asked Riku. He shook his head and strated walking. I walked behind him, following him into the bathroom.

I pulled my toohtbrush out of my pocket. Riku raised an eyebrow and I just shrugged it off.

I twisted the handle for the faucet and dipped my toothbrush under the water. Using the toothpaste that was beside the faucet I began brushing my teeth.

My ability... if I do have an ability what would it most likely be?

The most common abilities and talents are either drawing or sculpting. Usually the ability has to do with art . Though there are rare abilities having nothing to do with art.

Like there is this one ability where a person can put the scene into a memory orb. A memory orb is just like a storage unit. Then when the memory orb is given to a partner then the partner can distribute the scene simply by thinking of that person in his or her mind.

And a memory orb can hold up to 200 scenes. But that's a very rare ability. There is only one person has that ability right now. Nobody knows who though.

When I had finished listening I had been drying off my toothbrush and handing it to Riku to put in my room later.

" 'Kay, time to see Aerith." I moaned slightly. Riku chuckled, "It won't be for long. Just long enough to miss part of breakfast.".

I nodded and motioned Riku to hurry out the door. I want to get this over with.

As Riku and I walked through the halls I noticed guards standing outside some rooms. I had never actually seen any of these guards before.

They all had the weirdest styles and fashions. There was a girl tht had long pink hair and was wearing an outfit tht looked like it was made from candy. Her lips and eyes had sprinkled on them too. The only thing weird was that her eyes were shut. Okay, well maybe not the ONLY weird thing about her.

Riku noticed me staring and smirked. "Her name's Candie. She's pretty upbeat, but has a short temper. She can fight really good, too, though she never opens her eyes around people." he informed me. I nodded my head letting Riku know I was listening as she smiled sweetly my way.

Riku and I stopped politely to say hi.

"Hello, Riku. Is that Roxas with you or maybe Sora?" she asked still smiling with her eyes shut lightly.

Riku grinned, "Candie this is Roxas. Roxas this is Candie, she is the guard for Axel surprisingly.". Riku frowned as he said the last part.

As Riku spoke with Candie, I focused on Hayer and Namine.

She's one of us.

What do you mean Hayner?

It seems to us that she has a rare ability. Im not sure exactly what it is but she can sense us.

Do you think it has something to do with her eyes always being closed?

It's quite possible.

I heard about this one rare ability once. It's called Seeing Eyes. It's were the person has to keep their eyes shut because whenevr someone looks into them they see how they are going to die. They are the few people that don't need partners.

Why is that so bad? If people see how they are going to die then they might be able to avoid it and live longer.

That's the thing Roxas. People with Seeing Eyes can't show others their death otherwise it'll bring the world out of balance. They can only show a select few to save their lives and keep the balance of your world even.

The number of Dead and the number of Alive must be equal, if not a few off.

"So Roxas, what do u think of Riku?" Candie asked innocently as I focused back on Candie and Riku.

I shrugged, "He's a good friend.". Candie was smiling and nodded. Riku just smirked.

"Come on, Roxas. We don't want to be late." Riku said as he walked a few steps ahead and waited for me to follow.

I nodded towards Riku and started walkig towards him, but Candie reached out and grabbed my arm to stop me.

I looked back at her curiously and all she did was smile. "Good luck on your journey." she whispered.

Then she let go and turned to face forward. Opening both her eyes she frowned. Her eyes were as pink as starwberry icecream.

The only weird thing was that the iris of her eye moved and almost looked like a swirling portal. It's so captivating....I can't look away.

Then I blinked and once I opened my eyes I again, everything changed. I was still inside the building, but everything around Candie was gray.

I turned my head around to look at Riku but he was as still as a statue. I looked down the hall to see another person standing just as still as Riku.

Then I quickly turned to Candie, "What's happening?". She smiled brightly, her eyes still wide open. "My ability, silly. I freeze time." she replied.

I narrowed my eyes at her, "So your not here to warn me of an upcoming death?". Her bubble gum pink eyes tinkled as she giggled.

"No, I just freeze time. My ability isn't as rare as that, silly!" Candie laughed. I sighed in aggravation.

"How many abilities are there?! This is too sudden..." I huffed. Candie once again laughed a bit before patting my shoulder.

"It always seems that way with people given abilities." she said. I rolled my eyes.

Then she became a bit more serious, "Roxas, I'm more of a advice-giver than a time-freezer. Your trying to fin out your ability, aren't you?". I shrugged, "Namine and Hayner said something about it.".

Candie looked shocked, "Your guardians have already appeared?". I nodded without saying a word.

"Good. This will be much easier on me then." she told me relieved.

"Okay, well I can give you a hint on your ability or I can tell you about someone else's ability. You could also say a ability and I can tell you a person with that ability or a similar ability.

So which one would you like to know about?" Candie asked me. I bit my lip, "I want a hint on my ability.".

She smiled at me and nodded. Then she closed her eyes again and everything was back to normal.

"Roxas! Come on!" Riku called out to me. I blinked in surprise and turned around to see Riku tapping his foot at me.

My mouth dropped in utter surprise and shock. I quickly shook it off, "Yeah, Okay." I replied.

I turned to Candie and stared in confusion, "What's the hint?" I asked. She just smiled with her eyes softly shut. "ROXAS! We are going to be late!" Riku shouted.

Riku hurried me down the hall, as I just stared at Candie in confusion before I started walking towards Aerith's office with Riku.

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