A/N: Not my characters. Just what I think they think.

I wait for the phone to ring a second time before I pick it up. "Payne."

"Rick, it's Melinda. Are you somewhere you can talk?"

"If I wasn't would I have answered the phone?"

She pauses. "Good point. I need your help."


"It's a drawing. Are you at work?"

"Yep. Come on down."

"See you soon." The phone clicks off as she hangs up.

I try to still my fluttering stomach. I've told myself time and again she's married but, trust me, it does no good. It doesn't help that I like her husband or that I want nothing more than I can have which is her friendship. I am just glad I can help her.

Picture, hm. Could be anything. I'll wait until she's here to drag out the books. No sense in looking too eager.