Author: Sparta666

Title: My Yoda

Pairings: Angel & Spike mentions of Xander & Jesse & Xander & Dean

Rating: R

Crossovers: Buffy/Angel/Supernatural

Disclaimer: I don't anything, this is just my sick and twisted mind at work so enjoy

Warnings: Slash, Femslash, Male Pregnancy, Het and Attentive universe, Rape, Self-Harming, Family disowning


Series:Welcome Sunny Hell

Chapters: 4/?

Completed: No

Timeline: Season 1

Spoilers: Buffy epp - the end of the Pack

Summery: The Master is rising and only his best will serve him, Angel has a secret that Buffy's not going to like? can Buffy handle the Master's best? Can Angel turn his mate against their master?

Chapter Summery: Xander's mind reaches out for help

Authors Note:

Walking a Thin Line

When Xander arrived at Angel Apartment he heard sounds he knew, picking the lock he sat against the table and waited. He gave a wicked smirk as Angel emerged from his room.

"Hope the blonde didn't make you slip Angelus?" chuckled Xander manically making a cold shiver run down Angel's spine.

"How did you know Xander?" growled Angel as his demeanour changed.

"About the blonde or the slip?" asked Xander as he played with a random item on the table.

"William was my mate until I was cursed, he's chosen his side Xander. He goes by Spike now my Dark Princess is in the other room the reason why I was cursed…"

"Drusilla?" asked Xander as Angel nodded

"As long as they keep out of Buffy's way and out of trouble then I'll leave them be" said Xander as Angel smiled.

"So what brings ya here Whelp?" asked Spike from the doorway.

"Dreams?" asked Xander as Angel looked at him.

"I'm talking Slayer like…I've been having them since the Zoo thing" said Xander as Spike came and sat on Angel's knee.

"He's strong, he's walking the line Daddy. The stars whisper to me they say that the puppy will go bad, darker then you and the nasty Master unless his prince comes to save him? The puppy knows of who I speak he sees him in his dreams at night, he calls out to him just as the puppy calls out to him" came a sing song voice as Drusilla danced around the room.

"You should be resting Princess?" said Spike as he brought Drusilla to the couch.

"She's right you know?" said Xander as Drusilla sat next to him and cuddled up to him

"She is?" asked Spike

"yes, he's a Hunter born of a long line of them. He walks the thin line between light and dark just as Drusilla said. The Master's calling hasn't just called back his Chhilder it's called Hunters to arms but if they will come here? That is unclear to me" said Xander as Angel and Spike nodded.

"So what's your story Whelp?" asked Spike as Xander looked at him.

"The slayers don't usual work with friends? I should know I've take out two in my time" said Spike as he swigged a beer that he'd gotten earlier.

"I lost a friend when she came to town but despite what's said I knew what was going on in this town years ago" said Xander as Spike and Angel looked at him.

"How so?" asked Angel as Xander looked smugly

"Drusilla wasn't wrong when she says I walk the line, my family bloodline is poison so to speak. Mom was the dangerous one that's why Tony broke her, she was born Jessica Addams" said Xander as he cell started going off missing the wince from Spike, Drusilla and Angel.

"Buffy's just ran into our new friends" said Xander as he looked at Spike

"What can we do about it?" said Spike

"Angel can go out and do his creeping in the shadows thing, if I tell her about it she'll ether not listen or ask questions I can't answer?" said Xander as Angel agreed and went to take off

"You two stay, Harris head home and play dumb as usual" said Angel as Xander followed him out and Spike just laughed and laid back on the couch.


Out on a road far away from the Hellmouth Xander's prince found his mind full of darkness, unable to shake his feeling of dread he found his mind lost but deep in the darkness he felt something calling out to him.

A voice that he knew he need to find no matter what it cost.