I decided to come back to this story and help all of my hanging readers who are wishing for more chapters. Just to let you know, I will make a sequel when the sky turns green and falls down, and rabbits and pigs fly. Anyway...

1. Did you spot the 'tiny spoiler'? In Eldest, Eragon draws a faith (a magical picture) in Arya's image. I won't say any more on this, other than you have to read it yourself if you already haven't.

2. If you are one of my readers wishing for more chapters, as I already explained, I am NOT going to make another chapter. But I left that sentence there at the end so that my readers could decide what happens next. You all have my permission to create a sequel to this oneshot, but you have to put at the top that I made the original.

So thank you for reading my story, and if you already haven't, please send me feedback! It's called a review, people.