"Do you have any information of his whereabouts?" a low, growling voice said in the dark.

A man with blue skin and red eyes stood in front of the voice's hiding place. He was visibly afraid and began to shudder when he thought about what terrible things could happen to him if he didn't deliver satisfying answers to the creature's questions.

"Negative, I'm afraid. It seems his defence shields are way too advanced for our detection systems. They can't..." He gulped. "I'm sorry...I...ehm...we won't find him w-without better equipment, I...I'm afraid."

"Quit your rambling, Dorian. Do you really think, I didn't know that already? Do I look like one of your stupid, useless race? You are wasting my time."

Dorian swallowed down the anger he began to feel at it's words. He had to think about his family, his children. "I'm sorry, my Lord. It won't happen again."

The voice gave an evil laugh. "Sure it won't... you love your wife very much after all...but back to the matters at hand: I want you to tell her to find the best bounty hunters in the universe. They shall bring him and his ship, preferable alive."

"But, my Lord with all due respect, how shall they find him? He could be anywhere and anywhen..."

"Questioning my intelligence again, are you? Maybe I should pay Cynthia a visit... It has been a while after all and I haven't seen your little boys for years. I'm sure they have grown-"

"No! No, please! I- I didn't mean-"

"Oh, shut up already. You are starting to get on my nerves. To answer your silly little question: he has a soft spot for the planet Earth in our time... she shall tell the hunters to start there."

"O-of course, my Lord. It shall be done, my Lord."

Dorian retreated out of the dreaded room that marked his master's office. His thoughts lay with the pitiful person who soon was to become the dark one's prey.

Thousands of miles and years away, the Doctor shuddered. He had that feeling again... A storm was approaching, a one, more destructive and horrible than ever before.

And he is going to be ready.