The Doctor looked into the face of... himself.

"Hello, Doctor. It has been a while... for Rose and me at least." His double stood up and walked around his desk, still staying behind the protective shield.

"Ooooh, I know what you are thinking now," He pointed to his head. "'Is he the Valeyard?', 'Why did I leave Rose with him?', 'Did he hurt her?' yadda yadda yadda...Well, the answer to your first question is easy: No, I'm not the Valeyard... Not yet."

Suddenly, all the pieces fell in place for the Doctor. "That's why you want the TARDIS... You want to look into her heart!" His double nodded and the Doctor's blood began to boil. "Are you completely mad?! No one is meant to do that! It's too dangerous!"

The other one shrugged. "I don't care! There is only one thing I still care about..." He looked over at Rose and sighed. "She didn't accept me... Apparently, I wasn't Doctor-ish enough... But all of that will change!" He began to grin madly. "I will become a full fledged Time Lord again, make Rose into a Time Lady and then let go of the vortex. I will regenerate, true, but still have twelve other regenerations. And after you watched me doing that, I will make sure, you die a slow and painful death! Of course, I have to play our 'previous' meeting out, once I have become the Valeyard... Can't have a paradox destroy my universe, after all..."

"You really are mad! Do you think Rose could ever really love you?!"

The double grinned. "On the beach, I was practically you... just human and without a TARDIS and she didn't want me. So, I'm asking you now: What is it exactly, she fell in love with?"

The Doctor stayed silent. He didn't have an answer to that... but Jack had.

He stepped up and lay a hand on his shoulder. "It's your heart, she fell in love with, Doctor. Rose is a very smart woman... of course she realised that he isn't like you. Believe in her!" He took another step forward and glared at the other Doctor. "What have you done to her and all of these other people? I swear, if you touched her, I will kill you in the most painful way, I can come up with!"

The Doctor looked shocked. He didn't even think about that possibility... But the human Time Lord just laughed.

"Don't worry, I think it's gonna be much more enjoyable when my future bride can think for her own again."

The Doctor's face darkened. "That won't happen. I will stop you!"

"I would love to see you try. Judoon! Take them to prison and strip the Doctor of his coat and jacket... Can't have you use your little tricks, I know oh, so well." He winked at him and went back to his desk. "Oh, and bring the TARDIS keys to me as soon as you find them."

Jack tried to fight against the alien rhinos but soon realised that he stood no chance. Suddenly, he noticed that someone was missing. "This treacherous, little..."

The Doctor looked at him. "What?"

"Angel is gone. Must have gone off to get paid."

The double laughed again.

Angel took the money from Darius. "Is the TARDIS already here?"

"Y-yes, the Brothers just a-arrived with it."

"Darius, your stuttering got worse again, didn't it?"

He nodded his head sadly. "Y-yes, he j-just gives me the c-creeps... C-controlling all of th-this people... W-why are you w-working for him? I th-thought, y-you rejected the o-offer?"

"Change of mind. It's a lot of cash, after all."

"B-but he is evil."

She shrugged. "Maybe I'm evil, too? Can I use the archive before I go?"

"O-of course. Y-you still know the w-way?"

"Sure, get on with whatever you are supposed to be doing."

Angel left the room, one hand in her pocket. Darius didn't notice her stealing his keys... neither did the Doctor and Jack. She had to find a save place for the TARDIS keys in case someone caught and searched her. She hadn't got a clue of what they could want to do with it, but she was sure it couldn't be good.

Angel stepped through the large hallways like she owned the place. She knew it was the best way to avoid raising suspicion, a fact she learned in her years of hunting.

Looking at every door on her way, she finally reached one with an highly advanced security system. It even had a DNA scanner.

The higher the protection, the greater the treasure... She took one of her gloves off, increased her body temperature (a trick, her old father taught her) and put her hand on the scanner.

The system overheated and the door opened with a click.

Angel shook her head in disbelieve. They never think about that one...

She went into the room and found a huge machine with a seat in the middle. A helmet hang over the chair.

"What the hell is that thing?" she thought aloud and cringed when she heard a noise from the hallway. Angel ran out of the room and closed the door behind her, praying no one will notice the melted metal. After putting her glove back on, she went further down the hall, acting like the picture of innocence.

That machine had to be important, so she made a mental note to keep it in mind.

"LET US OUT!" The Doctor rattled on the bars, screaming on the top of his lungs.

"You can't shout the cell open, you know?" Jack asked while leaning against the wall.

"At least I'm doing something!" he snapped at him and continued his assault on the bars. He felt strangely exposed without his coat and jacket, which didn't do anything for his already strained nerves.

He suddenly noticed Jack glaring at him. "What?"

"You said, I should trust her... give her a chance..."

"Jack, we don't have time for this! He could be opening the TARDIS right now..."

"You said that maybe I was wrong, maybe she told me the truth about Dan."

"Jack, I-"

"Don't 'Jack' me! I knew, I was right! I knew that Angel was a treacherous, stupid little piece of-"

"You might want to not finish that sentence." Angel stepped out of the dark, holding the dangling keys in front of her.

Jack stared at her. "I bloody love you!"

She chuckled. "You better not... wouldn't want to burn your best parts... but... does that mean, you trust me?"

He coughed and avoided her eyes. "Let's talk about this when everything is over."

The Doctor, who had watched the two with unhidden amusement, finally grew impatient. "Open the doors, will you? We have to keep him away from the TARDIS."

Angel made a placatory gesture with her hand and went to open the cell. "Don't worry about that. I stole your keys before they caught you and hid them in the archive. They are in the Face of Boe's memoirs."

"The Face of-" Jack began but was interrupted by the Doctor.

"You stole the keys?!" He shook his head. "Never mind, we have to find a way of stopping this mind controlling thing of my double."

"I found a strange machine in one of the rooms... Maybe he uses it to increase his brain waves," Angel said while Jack and the Doctor stepped out of the cell.

"Excellent! Alons-y, gang! Ehm... team? Group? Ah, whatever!"

Jack and the Doctor found their clothes next door, as well as two stunned Judoon ("Had to use a stun gun, sorry."). After getting dressed they grabbed two brown hooded robes. They were from a very religious race, that worked for the Shadow Proclamation. As long as they walked stiffly and grunted every time when someone talked to them, Jack and the Doctor were able to walk undetected through the halls.

Angel showed them the room and the Time Lord's eyes widened in astonishment. "That guy is bloody brilliant! Well... he is me so that was to be expected."

"Ever heard of the word 'modesty', Doc?"

He grinned at Jack. "Nope, and neither have you, Mr I'm-too-sexy-for-my-shirt."

"Point taken," Jack answered, grinning back.

"Excuse me, but who is this person anyway? I never got to see his face..."

The Doctor turned around to look at Angel. "That would take too long to explain now... All you have to know for the time being is that he is a human with a Time Lord brain and... and my face."

Angel arched an eyebrow. "Is that even possible?"

"Yep," he answered, popping the 'p'. "Alright then, I need you to stay here. If we destroy the machine now, my double will realise it at once, since Rose is with him. We can't risk that the escapes with her. Take these-" He gave her two little earplugs. "-and you will be able to hear me and vice versa. You will have to destroy the machine when I tell you to do it."

"How do you want me to destroy it?"

"Oh, right!" He pulled a huge bomb out of his coat.

Jack's eyes nearly popped out of his head. "Why the hell do you carry something like that around?!"

The Doctor pouted. "It's handy..."

The ex-Time agent groaned. "Rose was right with that explosion communicating thing..."

"Oi! I-"

"BOYS! Saving the universe? Ringing any bells?"

The Doctor coughed. "Right, here are bomb and trigger. The explosion won't be that big but you will have to leave the room... Otherwise, it could become dangerous for you."

Angel nodded and Jack and the Doctor left the room. She suddenly got a very bad feeling when they walked away...

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