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Authors Note: The reason why I'm making a Krystal/Human fan fiction is because I have never found one before. I have been to several Krystal fan sites and I am quite amazed that I have not found a single fic that puts Krystal with a human, not even with the author. So I decided to change that for once. Constructive criticism and ideas are accepted, flaming me for having Krystal with a human is not. Please enjoy

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Only a Girl Out of this World


They say there are many fish in the sea. I have tried all of my eighteen years of life to find someone, but my hopes are always dashed in some way. I've never had a girlfriend, a date or even a simple kiss. In my entire life, not a single girl has ever seen me fit to be given a chance with any of them. I think I have a feeling that I am not going to have much more luck with trying to get someone to go with me to the prom either.

I'm not very attractive, I probably would look much worse than every guy at my school if I am around any of them. Maybe it's just my low self-esteem talking. If that isn't enough, my past experiences with girls don't make future prospects any better. The opposite sex has done nothing but insult or hurt me. I would just be walking down a street or hallway at school and have random girls, sometimes girls I've never even met, come up to me and call me weird or gay. Actually, I think most of the people in my class think I'm gay because they have never seen me with a girl, but it isn't my fault I'm a lost cause. My seemingly permanent single status even causes me to be the target of harassment on the bus where I have to endure more gay jokes. I can't just drive to school either. I just recently got my driver's permit. To top it all off, I'm shorter than most of the people around me because of a growth hormone defect, so a lot of the girls are taller than me?

Even though they say there are always fish in the sea, I think I'm one of the few unlucky fish that will never have a mate in its future. In other words, I'm afraid there isn't a girl out there for me… not on Earth at least.

"Light! Get out of bed. You've done nothing but stare at the ceiling since you woke up. Now get up out of bed and get ready for school." With that announcement, she broke me out of my reverie and started taping balloons to my walls and then went into the rest of the house to do the same.

"Alright, Mother," I groaned. Why don't I just disappear? I have always considered myself to be a void in life anyway. Nothing but suffering awaits me at school.

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