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…Three months later.

Light stirred in his bed until he was woken up by the sounds of the bird's singing. When his eyes opened he sat up and stretched with a gigantic yawn. Afterward, he moved his legs to the side of the bed and reached down to pull up a robe that had been discarded onto the ground the night before as usual. He put it on and wrapped the sash around his waist before turning his head to look over his shoulder. He smiled at what he was seeing and even now, he still wondered if it was all just a long sweet dream. Light looked at his young wife and mate's sleeping form. She seemed to be soundly sleeping under their covers with a noticeable smile on her face as well. She was more beautiful and angelic than any mortal being he had ever seen, and many others around the world shared his sentiment. But he thanked God that he could get to see and feel the beauty no other man in any universe could.

Eventually the young man got his head out of the clouds that were fogging his mind and brought him self back down to reality. He moved her shoulder length blue hair out of the way from her white forehead and gave her a soft kiss there. He then began his attempt to quietly get off the bed and get to the bathroom to freshen up. He didn't very far when slender blue furred hand had grabbed hold of his arm. He froze with a little bit of uneasiness and turned around slowly so see Krystal's smirk. "Light, are you trying to sneak away from me again?"

He was caught in the act again. "Actually, I was just getting ready to go freshen up for school," he said while laughing nervously.

"Oh really, I do hope you mean you're doing that AFTER our morning 'exercise.'"

"Oh course I do," he was still laughing nervously while he thought to himself, 'here we go again.' He got back in bed and got back under the covers with Krystal, whose clothes and robe were already strewn out on the floor from the night before.

It wasn't that Light didn't want to make love with his wife, on a contrary. Every time they had made love since their wedding night on Leonidas' new ship, it was like they were both in an everlasting state of bliss. No, the reason why he was trying to get away was because of the time she wanted him to make love to her. She wanted him to keep her feeling nice and fresh for the day before they got on the bus for the educational institution that was their school. He, on the other hand, ended up with shaky legs all throughout the morning. It wouldn't be a bad thing if it wasn't for the fact that he had classes up and down the stairs.

You can only imagine his surprise when she told him that she convinced the President to allow her to attend Oak Woods High with him. Her first day was quite the site to behold. Light however, found it to be the most comical day he had ever gone through. She had walked in with him wearing a blue blouse and knee-high skirt. Needless to say, there were a lot of dropped jaws going around the place. And as they walked by, the two of them came across Henry Knox and the rest of Light's abusers. Just seeing them all instantly put a sour taste in Krystal's mouth. Knox gave a whistle at them so the two would stop and strode on over to put an arm around Krystal's waist. Light's face instantly flared up in anger at Knox's arm. "Hey doll, if you're going to get with an Earth guy, how about you lose the kid and try a man on for size." Now Light was MAD. He tried to step up to against Knox's advances, but Krystal put a hand on his chest to stop him. Knox liked what he was seeing, until Krystal gently pushed his arm off of her and turned to him.

"Excuse me, I believe we've met before but I don't believe I got your name. If I did, I'm afraid I don't remember."

"That's alright doll face, the name's Henry Knox."

Krystal gave him a smile with closed eyes. "Knox, huh." And in an instant, Krystal's foot was hammered in between Knox's legs. Knox slowly fell to the ground in more pain he ever thought possible. "Consider that payment for trying to pull up my skirt a while back." Everyone looking at the scene cringed at the mere sight of what just happened, even Light. The other boys around however, looked like they were in pain just from looking at where Knox's pain was. Krystal had turned to take a quick look at everyone around the two before making an announcement. "If any of you boys try to get fresh with me again or try to do ANYTHING to cause my fiancé any harm, mental or physical, I'll castrate the lot of you." The boy's hands immediately went to cover the front of their pants', but Krystal wasn't finished yet. "And if you floozies do anything mean to my Light or, God forbid, try to STEAL him away from me, I'm sure I can easily perform an impromptu mastectomy." She said this while showing off her razor sharp talons, and so was then the girl's turn to cover their breasts'. Put simply, that was one interesting day and Light 'surprisingly' did not suffer any pain at anyone's hand, nor any day after.

Eventually, Light did come out of their room to find his parent's already at the table eating breakfast. His mother turned to him and saw that he came alone again. "Honey, where's Krystal at?" It honestly didn't take long for Light's mother to warm up to Krystal and think of her as her daughter in law. It was almost instant in fact. Sarah just told Light that she was happy he found someone who really loved him, and she was. When they got home the day after Light and Krystal's reunion, the two of them explained the whole truth to Light's parents. They were admittedly worried about the two when they explained all of their battles to them, but they were more upset when Krystal promised the world that alien technology would be introduced to all of them. They believed it to be a big lie to the world, but Krystal explained to them that it wasn't a lie. She really does intend to do as she said but she didn't explain how, it wracked all of their brains trying to figure out what the vulpine princess was planning. She said she didn't use her wish on bringing her parents or brother back so that option was eliminated.

"She's still in the bathroom again; she's been getting sick lately, but it's the strangest thing. She's sick for a little while part of the day and then she's better for the rest of the day, I don't understand this cycle of hers." Light was to busy eating his food and worrying about Krystal's health to notice his parents proud grins. After a few minutes Krystal came out of their room looking better again, wearing a purple shirt and some form fitting pants modified with a hole large enough to fit her tail through. And she was wearing that strangely cheerful smile again. Light's been noticing that smile that's been on her face for nearly the past four days. Light just couldn't figure it out, then he noticed his parents smiles. 'What's going on around here,' he thought to himself.

After a bit of small talk and finishing their breakfast, Krystal and Light said their goodbyes and they ran out the door towards the bus stop. When the two were gone, Sarah turned her head to look at Tim. "Dear, how much longer do you think it will take for Light to notice?"

Tim finished swallowing his food before answering his wife, "I don't think it'll be too much longer. I know he may be a bit confused about all of this, but I'm sure he isn't so naïve to stay clueless about it for much longer." His wife nodded in agreement.

When Light and Krystal got to school, they were immediately greeted to a sight that Krystal immediately felt distaste for. Nat, Chris and Alex were on the other side of the entry hall at a small stand with a ton of guys swarming around it. Above the stand was a sign that said, 'Official Krystal Fan Club and Memorabilia Shop.' Krystal and Light approached the guy's stand but Light stopped behind the crowd of people while Krystal plowed through them to see just what the three were up to, and Light was right to stand back and watch. When Krystal got to the front, she felt shock and anger at the same time. There were pictures, T-shirts, and a bunch of other stuff that had images of herself and her crazy honeymoon. None of the images were actually explicit but the shirts had images of her in her bikini on it, and she wasn't going to stand to allow any of these perverts to wear an image that revealed that much of her flesh and fur. "GUY'S, WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH ALL OF THIS!!!"

The guy's had a decent amount of fear in their eyes, and they looked at each other in nervousness. "I'm sorry folks but shops closed," Nat said quickly before the three grabbed as much as their stuff and money as possible before making a run for it. They weren't as fast as Krystal though, she quickly caught up with them and gave each a painful lump on their heads. Light did not feel any envy for his friends, there was no one who could stand against his wife's rampage once it started.

The rest of the school day went on normally and it eventually ended and the two got home. Almost as soon as Krystal opened the door she went to the fridge and got out the ice-cream, chocolate her favorite above all. It was strange to Light though, for the past while she had been eating more and more ice-cream as of late. First it was the strange cycles of sickness, and then it was her unusually cheerful behavior around the house and her quick irritation at school, and now all of these cravings of hers for ice –cream? That's when Light put all of these together…but that was impossible! They were different species, there was absolutely no way she could be pregnant. And realization dawned on him at last and his eyes widened more than ever before, "Krystal…back at Knossos…what exactly DID you wish for?"

Krystal finished making her ice-cream cone and took a long lick of it before answering with a devious smile. "Wouldn't you like to know?" And right there on the spot…

…Light fainted.

Author's Note: I hope you all enjoyed the epilogue, and now for the moment you've all been waiting for. I have decided that I wil make...a "midquel." That's right, starting in May, before witnessing Light and Krystal's next huge adventure, I'm going to give you all a companion piece to this story. It will be called, Only a Girl's Honeymoon Madness, and as the title suggests, you will get to see all of the wacky and craziness wrapped around Krystal and Light's marriage and the honeymoon that followed it. Unlike this or the next story, it will be primarily comedy. There will be no adventuring involved but the end of it will give an insight to the next big story...and believe me when I say it will be BIG! And as for notfromearth7, I like to look at my viewers profiles to see what kind of an audience I'm drawing in. You have my condolences my friend, I offer this gift to you because if it was my little brother that had...passed on...I honestly don't what I would do. My little brother's a pain in the neck but I love him to death, and I know that you loved yours just much. Not only that, but I've lost some good friends over the past year. Correct me if I'm mistaken, but I believe your brother was a light hearted person I bet, so this is what I'm offering, or rather asking depending on how you want to think of it, is I would like to dedicate my companion piece to your brother and the people we all wish were still around if you'll allow me. You don't have to give me his name if you don't to, that would be your choice you let me. Well, I suppose that's all for now. I will see some of you in May, or you might see me in a review for some your all's stories. Well, goodbye for now everybody, and "THANK YOU ALL" for turning this crazy idea I had in my head from the failure I thought is was destined to be, into one of the most successful stories the STARFOX section had ever seen.