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Chapter 1

It was a cool dark evening on Halloween night. No one was enjoying the holiday though since Voldemort had increased the Death Eater raids. No one went out alone at night anymore, in fact no one went out at night at all if they could help it. The war was had been bloody up to that point and the Ministry of Magic was finally getting its act together and stopping Voldemort's minions. This small traitorous act sent Voldemort killing more and more families. Rumors had started that he was going to start going after the neutral pureblood families as well. Even the Zabini's who were famous for their neutrality in the fight of Light verse Dark were going to have to pick a side soon or be killed off.

It was that night on All Hallows Eve that Voldemort finally heard the prophecy. The one that was supposed to defeat him had come. There were two possible threats. The Longbottom boy and the Potter boy. He sat there thinking about which one he would go kill first. His spy Peter would get him through the Fidelous charm on the Potter house in Godric Hallow. Knowing his inner circle could easily get through the wards in place on the house once the Fidelous was broken, he started to think about Longbottom Manor. It wasn't under the Fidelous charm so it would be easy to find but it was heavily warded. Even he would had a hard time destroying the wards before Albus' bird club came to Longbottoms' aid. This put him in a bad mood knowing that he would not be able to destroy such an object of hope on the night of his ascension to a Dark Lord.

Lucius Malfoy came through the door and bowed before the Dark Lord. "My Lord, if I may be so bold as to offer my assistance," the Death Eater said as he bowed to his master.

"Why would I need your assistance, Lucius?" Voldemort asked frowning.

"I wish to prove my worth and destroy the Potters for you my Lord," Lucius replied cautiously.

"Ah, so that is what you want a chance to prove that you are not just a source for my income?" Voldemort said with a smirk. "Fine but know that if you fail me I will have your head."

"Of course my lord. I will not fail." the Malfoy said getting up to leave.

"Take Rodolphus and Bellatrix with you." Voldemort said almost as an after thought.

"But, my lord, they are..."

"Are going to question me Lucius? Even after I gave you such a wonderful chance?" the Dark Lord said cutting his servant off.

"Of course not, I was only saying that Bellatrix would not be as discrete as this mission needs. She would do something to foul the mission and make it end poorly," Lucius stated quietly not wanting to upset his master.

The Dark Lord sat and thought for a moment glaring deeply at the top of Lucius' head. "CRUCIO," he bellowed. Lucius wreathed on the stone floors in pain. "I did not ask for you to question me," he stated not letting the spell up for a second. "I said take them with you and if you cannot fallow a simple order I am starting to question whether you are truly worthy to be in my inner circle of Death Eaters."

"I... I only... live to... serve you... my lord!" Lucius barely managed to gasp it out.

"Then go prove yourself to me," the Dark Lord said ending the pain curse.

As Lucius half stumbled and half ran out of the dungeon like throne room Voldemort called his other inner circle members together. He was going to kill baby Longbottom tonight then the only threat to him would be Dumbledore and he was getting weak in his old age.


Weeks earlier at the start of October little Harry Potter, who just turned one in July, was playing in the back yard of the Potter house in Godric. Sirius, his godfather, and Remus, his surrogate uncle, were both watching him crawl around while Lily and James went out for a 'date'. Of course what this really meant was that they went out to have sex, well thats what Sirius kept insisting that they were doing. As Sirius and Remus got into the game of wizard's chess that they were playing, baby Harry watched as a pitch black cobra with a neon yellow cross on its hood crawled up to him. Now any normal baby would have started to cry when said cobra started to rap around him, but Harry giggled and clapped his little hands together like he was playing with a puppy. Staring into its dark yellow eyes Harry couldn't help but reach up to touch the tip snake's jaw right were its tongue kept flicking out. The cobra seemed to be mesmerized by Harry's bright green eyes to move way or bite the hand that came towards it.

"HARRY!" Remus yelled as he saw the not-quite-toddler touch the black snake on the nose. At that moment he barely felt an echo of magic coming from the from the two as they touched. Remus quickly banished the snake with his wand and ran over to Harry who looked confused and then started to cry. Remus picked the baby up and looked to Sirius. "Lily is going to castrate us," he stated.

Sirius paled at the mention of the red headed mother. "Well what Lily doesn't know won't hurt her," he said looking nervous "Besides, Harry's not hurt and the snake is gone. No harm, no foul."

Suddenly the air around the two got very ominous. "What's that about my baby and a snake?" the furious mother said as the two Mauraders turned deathly pale and started to smile nervously.

"Honestly, we leave to go grocery shopping and you can't even watch him for a few minutes?" Lily said scolding the two as they walked into the living room.

"Sorry Lily," Sirius and Remus both choired, while they took a seat on the couch.

"He's just like his dad though, we look away for a minute and he gets into trouble." Sirius said still trying to defend himself from the very protective mother.

"Hey! I do not get into that much trouble," James said in a hurt tone.

"Really Prongs? What about that time in first year right before Christmas?" Sirius asked.

"You're the one that got me into that mess in the first place don't blame that on me. If you had just followed the plan and waited to shoot off those fireworks it would have worked," James said hotly.

"Okay then what about third year when McGonagall got drunk because of you?"

"That wasn't my fault and you know it."

"Fifth year," Sirius said grinning.

"You said you wouldn't ever bring that up again!"

"I say a lot of things," Sirius said smugly.

"Padfoot, do I have to invoke rule sixty-four again?" Remus asked shaking his head.

"Oh, fine. But there was still that time after sixth year during the summer..." Sirius trailed off when he saw Lily glaring at him.

"Finally," Lily huffed. "You are not going any where near Harry until you prove your responsible enough to take care of him."

"What about Moony he was there too?" Sirius said getting upset.

"Remus has proven that he is responsible in the past. You have not proven to take anything seriously except pranks," Lily answered glaring him down.

"Okay" Sirius relented, looking like a kicked puppy.

"Good, now who wants dinner?"


Two days latter Lily came into the nursery wondering why Harry wasn't crying for food yet. It was eight in the morning and usually Little Harry was hungry by then. When she quietly walked into the room she screeched at what she saw. A black cobra with a neon yellow cross on its hood was swaying side to side with Harry's hands. Lily looked startled that the snake did not look like it was going to strike instead it seemed as if playing with Harry. James, Remus, and Peter all ran into the room wands out. The cobra looked up at the four right before James banished it. Harry started to cry when he finally realized the snake was gone.

"Why didn't you kill it?" asked Peter who was out of breath from running up a flight of stairs.

He was not answered though because Remus muttered "That was the same snake."

Lily and James both looked at each other worriedly, then at Harry who was still crying. Lily went over and comforted the small child. The three Mauraders looked at each other confused. Remus left the room walking toward the library undoubtedly going to research the bizarre snake that kept popping up. Peter went back down stairs wondering how his master managed to sneak a snake through the wards. James and Lily both sat down and started talking about what had just happened and if they needed Albus to add more wards to the house.

A few hours later Remus walked into the nursery to find Lily singing softly to Harry and James who had both fallen asleep. "I found out what that snake is," he said softly showing Lily a page in the book he was holding. "It says here that it is a Halima snake or 'gentle' snake when translated from Egyptian. Though it is any thing but gentle. Its venom will first paralyze the victim then drain it of its water literally mummifying them in the course of an hour while they are still conscious. Not only that but it is magical, though it is strange what one is doing in Britain they are supposed to only live in Egypt and not migrate from the hot sands."

"Maybe it got transported to Britain with the goods the Curse-breakers bring back," James suggested quietly stretching from his nap "It could have be in some Egyptian artifact when it got transported and then got out once it arrived in Britain."

"Not likely," said Remus looking doubtful. "The book also said that they are supposed to be rather smart creatures as well. Not only that but they are so rare that no knows much about its magical abilities other than its venom which was used by Egyptians for traps."

"Then how would they know if they are smart if it is so rare," James asked slightly confused.

"I don't know I'm just saying what I read in the book" Remus said unsure.

"James could you just put a ward around the crib to warn us if an animal gets near Harry?" Lily asked.

"Yeah, let me go get my grandfather's warding books and I'll have it up before you can say 'snitch'" James replied happily.

Later that night the wards went off alerting Lily and James. They both quickly grabbed their wands and ran into nursery. The wards were still going of but Harry was sleeping soundly with nothing out of the ordinary and nothing missing. "I'm glad you set the wards to only warn us and not set off a siren that would make me deal with a cranky baby," Lily said with a nervous smile.

"Yeah I figured that's the last thing we would need at two in the morning. I'm just going to deactivate the wards for tonight and fix them tomorrow," James replied with a sheepish grin.

The next day all four of the Mauraders and Lily where sitting in the living room eating breakfast when Harry started to cry in the nursery. Sighing Lily asked one of the Mauraders to help her feed and change Harry.

"Wormtail its your turn," said James distracted as he reread the book of family wards.

"I thought it was Sirius' turn though," Peter whined.

"Nope I can't go near Prongs Jr." Sirius said defeated.

"Okay," Peter said weakly.

As they went up to the nursery Lily went to bring out the changing table. Peter stood there and watched as Lily went to pick Harry up. "Oh, did someone have an accident?" Lily cooed as she went to get a clean diaper. After she got the diaper she looked at Peter. "Peter, you can pick him up and put him on the table if you want to," she said with an encouraging smile.

"Sure," was all he said in response looking a little nervous. As he went to pick Harry up the black cobra appeared hissing at Peter while quickly slithering protectively around Harry who suddenly stopped crying. The cobra swiftly pulled itself up off the ground until it was looking down on both Lily and Peter ready to strike at the slightest wrong move. Lily who was startled by the cobra suddenly appearing dropped the diaper and told Peter to get the other Mauraders. Peter quickly fled the room to get the reinforcements. As Lily watched the cobra her maternal instincts kicked in. She quickly pulled out her wand and was about to banish the cobra away from her baby then curse it to hell when the cobra looked into Lily's eyes and for a brief moment they seemed to connect on a deep level that Lily could have sworn was maternal. After staring for what seemed a long time the cobra slithered away from its protective stance over Harry where shimmered out of existence. When Lily looked closely she could see a vague wavy outline of where the snake should have been. Shaking herself out of her stupor she quickly snatched up Harry then started to change him right as the Mauraders came running in with their wands out.

"Lily where's the cobra? Did you banish it? We would have been faster but Wormtail was so out of breath that it took a while to figure out what was wrong." James rambled.

"Its alright, go get Dumbledore. I think that the snake was protecting Harry." Lily said looking confused as she changed Harry's diaper, banishing the dirty one to the trash.

"Are you sure its alright?" Sirius asked looking worriedly around the room.

"Yes," said Lily. "Call it a mother's intuition."

"Alright Lily," he said. Although as soon as she turned back Sirius mouthed 'loony' only to end up with a dirty diaper on his on his head and half his face. Harry started to giggle uncontrollably and Lily turned toward Sirius smirking.

"I have eyes in the back of my head Sirius," she said slowly like she was talking to a very young child. "I know the instant you try to pull something funny. How do you think I can constantly stay away from all your pranks?"

Sirius started to grumble. "At least I can corrupt Prongs Jr.," he murmured.

"Oh, no you don't Sirius not unless you want me to tell your girlfriend Ana every embarrassing story I have on you," she said threateningly. "Besides Harry is my baby I've already started to teach him how to find pranks and beat you four. By the time he's eleven he'll have you rapped around his cute little fingers," she said smugly. At this Sirius was cursing his luck to have not been able to corrupt his godson sooner and vowing to somehow corrupt him to his pranking ways. The rest of the Mauraders chuckled at the antics of the two. It was safe to say Lily's short but fierce temper had cooled off.

"How Padfoot managed to get a veela girlfriend is beyond me." James said shaking his head.

"Its all because of my wonderful charm." Sirius said smugly forgetting about his mission to corrupt his godson for the moment.

"Speaking of Ana," Remus said. "Where is she, I haven't seen her in a few months. She used to come around quite a bit didn't she."

"Yeah well... I was going to tell you but I kept getting distracted and... well... the thing is..." Sirius said trying to find the right words.

"Sirius don't tell me you're planning to run away... again," Lily asked with righteous female fury.

James turned to Peter, "I told you he would, now pay up."

"Wait you two were betting on me?" Sirius asked

"No of course not... Remus is in on it too," James answered collecting his money "I bet you'd run before Christmas, Wormtail bet that you would stay until Christmas then run, and Moony bet you'd get married. Although why he did that I have no idea. There was no way you were going to settle down with a girl even if she did have a child."

"Prongs how could you?" Sirius answered pretending to be hurt. "Betting on me running away from my beautiful girlfriend and baby. Have you no faith in me?"

"Wait so you're not running away... yet?" Peter asked hopefully

"No, we're getting married!" he said proudly.

Remus started to laugh, "I thought you realized that when a veela has a child she magically bonds with the father."

"Remus you cheated!" James said hotly.

"No I didn't," Remus said still trying to stop laughing. "I simply had more information than you."

Lily turned to Sirius after glaring at James who was pouting, "Any way how are the baby and Ana holding up... actually how are you holding up? James was a nervous wreck. Remember when he flooed to work without pants!" She said laughing.

Sirius chuckled "Yeah, I remember I actually got him into the weekly Auror meeting without him noticing. As for Ana and the baby... Well we don't exactly know how we're going to handle it and we are getting married." Sirius started his voice getting worried and louder. "Plus I don't know how to raise a child, let alone a half veela? What if I mess up? I mean she is already two months old and I don't know what to do! What if I'm not around because I'm an Auror? Plus aren't they supposed to mature faster or something? And I don't want her getting near my side of the family. Merlin knows what my father would have done to her if he was still around!"

"Sirius it will be alright," Lily said. "James can give you advice on raising your child and I can help out some too."

"Yeah he could give me advise on how to lose all my respect at work!" Sirius almost shouted going into a nervous breakdown.

"Hey, I resent that!" James returned. "I could make you lose your dignity too!"

After talking about it for a while they determined that Remus would be the godfather, while Lily and James would be the surrogate aunt and uncle. It had yet to be decided since James and Remus were fighting tooth and nail for the godfather title. Lily then demanded to know everything about how the baby and the mother were holding up. Sirius started explaining the reason that they were so surprised that because of veela magic most of the child birth symptoms like morning sickness, mood swings, and even her growing stomach were lessened quite a bit. In fact if she had not checked to see if she was pregnant Sirius doubted that they would even know since most veela only find out they are pregnant around the seventh month. Something to do with the way veela magic hides the pregnancy Sirius explained even though he didn't know for sure. Eventually James went to floo Dumbledore about the problem with Harry.

Dumbledore arrived later that day after giving James a bowl of lemon drops as Harry's early Halloween gift, he started to investigate Harry for any problems. "Oh, what do we have here," Dumbledore said looking intrigued yet saddened.

"What is it Albus?" asked James urgent to find out what was going on with his son.

"Well it seems that Harry..." Dumbledore started but stopped looking disheartened.

"Yes Albus," said Sirius eagerly

"Well it appears that young Harry here does not like lemon drops," the old headmaster said while shaking his head as if disappointed.

"Oh..." said Sirius and James both looking very confused. "Well I was wondering if you could look at Harry and the snake to see why they are acting all weird," James continued hoping that this time there would be a bit of relevant if not good news.

"Ah. Yes, of course, you are right. I apologize for my brief lack of thought I was just so hoping that young Harry here would like the lemon drops I got for him," he said a bit disappointed. "Never the matter, I'm sure later on in his life he will grow to like them. Now lets look at that snake." Dumbledore closed his eyes and focused on the foreign magical source in the room. It was almost invisible, actually if it weren't for the fact that the snake's magic felt like warm dry desert sand Dumbledore was sure he would have missed it. Turning toward the snake he pointed his wand "Ostendo Sum Vestri" he said calmly. As he spoke the words the black cobra slowly shimmered back into view. It reared up again like last time towering above everyone in the room, flaring its hood and emitting a bone chilling hiss. Peter paled as the snake looked at each person like it was trying to scan them. James slowly reached for his wand while Lily reached for Harry. The snake quickly slithered past Dumbledore to Harry and started to hiss at Peter ignoring everyone else around it.

"Hey Wormtail, I don't think that snake likes you very much." Sirius said snickering.

"Why is it only hissing at me?" Peter whined.

"Maybe its hungry for some rat?" Sirius said trying to hold back a fit of laughter with along with James.

"That's not funny!" Peter yelled only to shut his mouth when the snake hissed louder.

"That's weird, its like its protecting Harry," Remus said slowly trying to figure out what the snake was doing.

"You are indeed correct Remus," Dumbledore said his eyes twinkling on overdrive. "It appears that Harry here and that snake have bonded."

"Bonded? What is that supposed to mean headmaster?" Lily asked.

"Well that snake is Harry's familiar, just like Fawkes is my familiar." Dumbledore explained.

"What exactly does that mean Dumbledore? I mean I know that you and Fawkes share a bond, but what else does a familiar do?" James asked curiously.

"Well, most wizards and witches get some sort of familiar when they go to Hogwarts this is often called a familiar but is not a real familiar it is more of a pet," Albus started. "Familiars are loyal to there master until death and they add to their master's strength. That is why most strong wizards have a familiar. The stronger the magical energy one has the more likely they are to find a creature willing to become their familiar. Once the pact is made their two magical cores... touch. That is the best way I can put it. Through that contact each core can take energy from the other, change the others personality and even give each other different abilities that they did not once have. Of course only magical creatures can become familiars by definition." Albus finished, ending his quick lesson on familiars.

"So you're saying that that snake will change Harry's personality and give him other magical abilities." Lily said more than asked.

"Yes, although it is hard to tell what abilities. Harry will have a chance at becoming a parselmouth, being able to turn invisible like the snake just did, and could possibly get any other abilities depending on what magical abilities that snake possesses." Albus stated thoughtfully. "I have not seen that type of snake before so I can not be certain... Then again he might not get any abilities what so ever it all depends," he added as almost an afterthought.

The Mauraders looked worried at this. Each having different thoughts about Harry and the snake. "Could we kill the snake?" Peter suggested nervously not liking the way it was staring at him.

"Don't be foolish." Sirius said. "If there is one thing I know about familiars its that if it dies the master usually doesn't turn out right. Think about how that could affect Prongs Jr.."

"Sirius is indeed correct. Whether we like it or not that snake is just as much a part of Harry as your arms and legs are a part of you Peter." Albus said his eyes twinkling in amusement at Peter's nervousness. "If I might make a suggestion." Albus said waiting for everyone to come out of their thoughts "It would be wise to allow nature to take its course and simply allow Harry to bond with the snake. Familiars make powerful allies and if we make sure to discourage any dark tendencies it may help Harry grow into a powerful wizard. We simply need to watch Harry carefully." Albus finished.

Realizing it was late Lily picked Harry up and took him off to bed while the Mauraders said goodbye to the old headmaster as he left for Hogwarts. Everyone went home early that night while Lily and James stayed to watch Harry in his crib.


Weeks passed and when Halloween arrived everyone was tired and depressed by all the killings by Death Eaters. It was a rather uneventful day with no Death Eater attacks which was making everyone anxious. Surely the You-Know-Who would make a big attack on the night of his rise against the wizarding world in Britain, after all he did so every year. No one dared to leave their house on that day. It was late Lily and James stayed with Harry in the living room and watched as he played with the snake which had almost become like a pet to the Potters. Suddenly the wards around the house flared, warning of someone tampering with them.

"How did they get past the Fidelous charm?" Lily asked slightly panicked as she grabbed Harry and started to go to the nursery.

"I don't know but they will be through the wards soon." James replied as he started to set up a barricade that he could use as cover. He finished his make shift shelter when the front door was blasted into the house along with most of the surrounding wall. Four Death Eaters were pointing their wands at the door obviously inner circle members by their robes, as ten more Death Eaters rushed through the opening. Auror training tried to kick in but instead survival instincts and the five weeks of hell that Mad-Eye-Moody put him though took over first. James sent three quick reductos at entrance. Nothing screamed I'm going to kill you like your partners blood all over your body and James would be damned if he let one Death Eater get out without serious injury. The three explosions did the trick as four of the Death Eater died sending body parts and blood flying everywhere. The six other Death Eaters froze as they saw their allies get blown apart. Three more fell to various curses and hexes while they stood frozen by shock. The last three put up a fight after they realized what had happened but they fell quickly to the expert dueling skills James possessed.

Lucius knew that the new recruits were wet behind the ears but this was ridiculous. All ten ran into the house like a bunch of idiots and quickly fell to a few well placed curses. He had to grudgingly admit that James and Lily were exceptional duelist and good Aurors however he had no idea that they were this good. As he stepped through the now gaping hole in the wall he sidestepped a stunner sent toward him. It was only James! James took out ten Death Eater in less than a minute. Granted that they were novices and brand new Death Eaters but to take out so many so quickly was astonishing. Lucius growled as he sent the killing curse back on to watch as it harmlessly hit a turned over table. Rodolphus and Bellatrix quickly followed him into the hallway and crouched behind the furniture in the room for cover. They all started to fire at the make shift barricade tearing it apart piece by piece.

James swore as another killing curse glided over his head he sent back a bone breaking curse and a quick disarming hex only to duck as more curses were flung at him. He couldn't keep this up much longer hopefully the Aurors would get here soon. He popped up behind his barricade and transfigured some of the broken wall pieces into three dogs that attacked the Death Eaters. With the three better ones distracted he set a cutting curse at the fourth and weakest by far. As the cutting curse hit the Death Eater in the face forcing his mask to came off revealing Peter who dove into a doorway for cover. His friend and secret keeper had betrayed them! Wormtail... Peter was a Death Eater. James was filled with rage as he sent dozens of curses with renewed strength at his opponents. Suddenly curses started to fly from the top of the stairs toward the four inner circle members who had taken cover. He quickly looked over his shoulder to see Lily firing curses behind her own barricade. Acting quickly he set a shredding curse at the small coffee table next to the couch one of them were hiding behind. Focusing slightly, he managed to get all the tiny wood chips to turn into wasps. He almost laughed as one of the Death Eaters ran away right into Lily's stunner. After sending more curses he realized that Peter was missing.

"Die Potter!" James heard Peter say. As he whipped around he saw Peter standing over him raising his wand. "Avada Ka..." Peter stopped the incantation for the killing curse and start to convulse rapidly as he fell to the floor. He looked like he was having a seizure. James suddenly saw the black cobra staring ominously at Peters now convulsing body with what looked like a grin. James thanked Merlin that his son had the snake as a familiar. The snake seemed to smirk at him then turned invisible as it left through the door that was behind it. Quickly shaking all thoughts he had about the snake out of his mind he stunned Peter before turning back to the fight. After a few minutes of ruining his living room he started to hear faint cracks apperation from the front yard. His back up and finally arrived... at least he hoped it was his back up and not theirs he was too magically exhausted to fight for more than a minute longer.

Lucius and Bellatrix looked at each other before nodding agreeing to retreat. With Aurors coming they could not win. While James was tiring Lily was still fresh into the fight. Not only that but they wouldn't last long in the cross fire. He watched as Bellatrix portkeyed out back to base. Cursing his luck that he had to explain to his master why he failed he reached for his portkey. Suddenly his arm felt like it was lit on fire. He saw the dark mark glow an angry bright red through his robes and vaguely heard himself screaming in pain. He could barely think and he felt like he was being crucioed by ten different people at once. As he forced his eyes open to reach for the portkey only to see a the bright red of a stunning curse as everything went black.

Sirius along with a group of eleven other Aurors burst through the gaping hole were the front door used to be. Sirius was the first one into the house he saw a glimpse of some one as they used a portkey then heard a blood curdling scream. He turned ward raised and saw a Death Eater holding his arm were the dark mark was who was flailing on the floor without a mask on. Sending a stunner before he was fully aware of what was going on, he watch as it hit the Death Eater who he finally recognized as Lucius Malfoy. When the Death Eater was hit his arm dropped revealing the dark mark that had burned through the robes around it. Showing for all to see the chard black skin around it. The only reason he saw the dark mark was because it was glowing an angry red. Sirius turned to the other Auror telling them to look for more Death Eaters. He saw Lily running down the stairs to a very faint looking James. He smiled as James waved to him before hugging his wife. Sirius quickly ran to the nursery to check on Harry. When he got to Harry's crib he saw him resting peacefully. His familiar hissed from under the crib looking like it would strike at the slightest move toward Harry. Sirius jumped back when he saw the snake.

"Damn snakes always appearing out of nowhere," he muttered "After I check up on James in St. Mungo's I'm going to drink a nice liter of fire-whiskey before showing Ana how much I love her." And with that he apperated out of the house.