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Chapter 28 – S-ranked status

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Looking through the window behind her office, Tsunade could only sigh in sadness as she witnessed the three S-ranked level battles that could very well decide the village's destiny. Right now, Konoha's finest are fighting probably the worst bunch of criminals out there. Akatsuki were composed entirely of the top elite shinobi from all the elemental nations. Konoha, despite being the strongest hidden village, didn't have more than two or three S-ranked shinobi, that being herself, Jiraiya and Aoi.

Both Kakashi and Naruto were on the same level of strength, with Kakashi having more experience, but both of them were considered A-ranked shinobi.

Would they be enough against Kisame and Itachi? Tsunade couldn't for the life of her truly answer such a question. Naruto's skills hadn't stopped rising ever since he returned from the Sasuke retrieval mission. She just couldn't figure out if the blond had any limits to his growth. But to face someone like Hoshigaki Kisame would be pushing it…a lot. Kakashi was the same mystery, because of him awakening his father's white chakra. She had half a mind in calling every Anbu that Konoha had at its disposal and attack the intruders. She feared that Konoha would lose one of its greatest fighters…most of all and this is something she couldn't help, she feared that Naruto wouldn't survive.

Despite the blond continuing to prove himself worthy of wearing the jounin vest of Konohagakure, Tsunade still felt as if he needed protection somehow.

Perhaps it was because she developed a kind of motherly affection to him; however she needed to be strong right now. She was the Godaime Hokage of the village and as such, it fell on to her to protect Konoha. Tsunade suddenly heard the door opening, but she didn't feel like turning to see who it was, since the person would probably present themselves to her. Actually she just didn't want to take her eyes off of the office window.

"Tsunade-sama, I bring forth the preliminary report of the three fights so far." Tsunade recognized the man as he was the Anbu's most trustworthy analyst. She turned her neck slightly to show that she had his full attention. "Naruto-san's fight against Kisame has barely hit the surface so far, with both testing the other out. As of now, it's hard to say which side is the strongest. Jiraiya and Aoi were to face the Rinnegan user and probable leader of the organization. However, they encountered a problem."

"What was it?"

"We believed that Pein was just one individual, but instead six enemies appeared all possessing the Rinnegan eyes." The analyst reported, before hearing the Hokage gasp at the information. One was bad enough, but six…She just hoped that both Jiraiya and Aoi managed to beat them. "Jiraiya-sama and Aoi-sama managed to beat one of them, but five still remain, so it's too early to tell."

"Okay what about Kakashi's fight?"

"Their skills are equally matched so far as this is a battle of doujutsus. However, Itachi still has an advantage, which is the Mangenkyou Sharingan. So far, he hasn't use it, but once he does, Kakashi will have to find a way to beat it and fast, otherwise this fight will have the same fate as their last one here in Konoha."

Tsunade nodded at the Anbu analyst. She remembered the results of the Mangenkyou's effects on Kakashi's mind as this happened to be the first person she cured after returning to Konoha a long time ago. That time, she could see the mental breakdown of a seasoned jounin. If Gai didn't step in at that time, Tsunade was sure Kakashi would have been brain-dead, probably even worse. She just hoped Kakashi had something up his sleeve or else…Konoha would lose one of its elites.

"Taki…." Tsunade shouted as another Anbu appeared next to the analyst.

"How far are we on the barrier outside the village perimeter?" Tsunade created a simple, yet ingenious plan, in case Akatsuki decideed to make a break for it. The fuuinjutsu barrier that surrounded the village perimeter only managed to pinpoint intruder's position. However, by altering a single kanji on the jutsu specifics, she could create an impenetrable barrier, therefore trapping everyone inside. Akatsuki made a mistake thinking they could invade the strongest hidden village in all the elemental nations.

"The barrier is already at full force, Tsunade-sama. The team responsible for it has just informed me."

"Excellent. As of tomorrow, Akatsuki will no longer exist. Send word to everyone about the fight development as well as the barrier" Tsunade ordered, before the two Anbus vanished within a shunshin, leaving Tsunade alone in the room as she witnessed a typhoon being generated near Naruto's location. She smiled, upon thinking that Kisame may be an S-ranked criminal, but Naruto's near endless chakra capacity gave him a greater edge in battle.

===Naruto x Kisame===

Despite the force of the typhoon, Naruto narrowed his eyes at the still smirking Kisame. Immediately, he dispelled the technique and wondered why the hell the shark man was smiling, until he heard a strange noise, apparently coming from Kisame. Before he could even ask where it came from, Kisame beat him to it.

"Well, well, it's been a while since Samehada behaved this way. Your chakra must be very tasty Naruto-kun…"

Naruto was surprised when his opponent removed the bandages from the sword. Several spikes appeared out of nowhere and what appeared to be a mouth snickering in excitement.

Thinking over Kisame's explanation, Naruto suddenly remembered the first time he encountered the ex-mist ninja with Itachi when he was with Jiraiya searching for the Godaime Hokage's location. He remembered when he tried to summon some chakra only for it to be sucked by Kisame's sword Samehada. At the time, he thought nothing of it, but now he was considering his strategy, since he would only be wasting chakra by using techniques on his opponent, despite the fact that his chakra capacity now surpassed the equivalent of a tailed beast.

"I kind of forgot about that irritant sword of yours, Kisame. I guess that heavy chakra techniques would only make it grow even more huh?"

Quickly taking both his katana and kodashi, Naruto charged at Kisame, who for his part, smirked at the choice of fighting. As the blond approached, he could feel his chakra getting sucked as well, but this time at a much smaller rate than when he was using ninjutsu. Attacking first with the katana, Kisame was fast enough in dodging, before he positioned the still growing Samehada in front of Naruto. The blond seeing no move to attack his opponent, performed a side flip and quickly attacked the man using the kodashi. However, when the attack was about to pierce Kisame's chest, once again Samehada appeared and blocked the attack.

Naruto jumped away for a bit, creating some distance between them. He had to think of something and fast.

Suddenly, the blond was surprised at the fast rate in which Kisame was making hand seals.

Suiton Baku Suishouha (Water Release: Bursting Water Collision Waves Technique)

Kisame started gathering water up his throat, until he released everything. Quickly the arena was transformed into a small river, making Naruto curse at allowing him time to make that jutsu. Now, Naruto was fighting in his turf, not the other way around. He saw Kisame charging at him as if he was skiing on water, forcing some quick thinking on his part. Suddenly as Kisame approached his position, Naruto smirked, before forming a quick series of hand seals.

Doton Doryuu Taiga (Earth Release: Mud River Technique)

Kisame lost his smile as soon as he saw Naruto making hand seals. As soon as the blond finished it, gallons and gallons of mud quickly mixed with the water, hardening the path to Kisame. But the blond wasn't through as his plan was more than just neutralizing the field. Seeing that Kisame was stuck in the mud, Naruto followed suit with another jutsu, this time one which required a longer series of hand seals.

Doton Tetsu no Yari (Earth Release: Iron Spear Technique)

The speed of the jutsu was too fast for the shark missing-nin and he was caught unprepared for the iron lance which erupted from the mud river. Kisame was sent flying, while spitting out blood from his mouth. By nature, earth techniques were stronger than water techniques and the fact that his body had a bigger percentage of water than normal humans; the technique did quite a number on him.

Naruto smirked at his quick wits, but frowned once he saw the deep cut caused by his technique simply vanish like it was never there in the first place. The blond also noticed that whereas before, the sword was growing non-stop, it receded to its normal length now. He wondered if perhaps the sword was sending the gathered chakra to Kisame, in order to close the wound generated by the earth technique. Kisame was sent skidding a couple meters because of his attack, but otherwise he was okay now thanks to the sword. Nevertheless, he now knew that the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki wasn't to be underestimated.

Silently wondering the boy in front of him as well as the fact that Samehada now reverted to its usual growth, Kisame wondered about his next course of action.

However, Naruto wasn't going to allow him more time, as he managed a new sequence of hand seals, before focusing on the river of mud in front of him.

Doton Doryuu Nami (Earth Release: Mud Wave Technique)

From Naruto's position, an enormous wave soon charged at Kisame, all intent on drowning the mist ninja under gallons and gallons of mud. However, Kisame just jumped high up the wave and threw a great barrage of shurikens and kunais at Naruto. The blond, for his turn, dodged all of the incoming projectiles and, taking a move out of Kakashi's book, threw a couple of his projectiles, knowing that Kisame was in the air and wouldn't be able to dodge.

Still in the air, Kisame placed his sword on his back while molding a quick series of three hand seals.

Suiton Mizu Chuuseki (Water Release: Water Pillar Technique)

Naruto saw his shurikens being carried away by a strong jet of water, which was approaching quickly at his location. By sheer agility, he managed to evade the technique, before falling on the now clean river, because of his technique. He stared at Kisame from a distance with severe scrutiny as he knew the fish ninja would do the same. Somehow, Naruto knew he was being underestimated in the beginning of the battle and after the damage he did to Kisame, he knew that his opponent would now take him seriously.

"I suppose you warrant some credit, Jinchuuriki. I sort of came here expecting an easy fight and an even easier capture…"

The blond always hated such terminology. He never said anything about it in the past, because he was in fact one. However, revealing said information right now would do nothing but earn a few laughs from his opponent, before he attacked once more. For now, he would keep the secret. It would be amusing to tell the organization that their entire path was for nothing in the end.

"I'll take that as a compliment, thank you. But let's cut the shit shat, shall we? It's time we get serious here…" Naruto said, before he saw that Kisame smirked at his proclamation.

"By all means…Suiton Daibaku Suishouha (Water Release: Great Exploding Water Collision Waves Technique)"

===Itachi x Kakashi===

Kakashi and Itachi so far were equally matched, much to Itachi's dismay. He couldn't say he was underestimating the opponent, since he pretty much loathed the word. He underestimated no one, simply because he knew the harsh reality of the ninja world. You can be the elite of the elite and still be killed with but a single lost kunai aimed to the chest. Kakashi's skills had pretty much doubled since last time and Itachi was having difficulty dealing with him.

Right now, only their blurs could be seen as both exchanged kunai blows one after another.

Kakashi, for his part, considered himself lucky so far. However, he knew that once Itachi used one of the Mangenkyou Sharingan's techniques, than his luck would end. To this point though, the silver haired jounin wondered why the hesitation. As he dodged the incoming fireball, Kakashi could see his opponent's future moves with his lone Sharingan eye. Therefore, he was able to parry Itachi's strong blow with his right arm, before aiming a roundhouse kick at the Uchiha. Itachi, though, not only defended but also grabbed Kakashi's leg and dragged him to the ground, before looking directly at his eyes for a moment.

One second was enough for him as Kakashi saw the Mangenkyou materializing in front of him.

Tsukyomi (God of the Moon Technique)

Instantly, Kakashi was pulled to the red world of Itachi's creation as he was trapped in the same wooden cross. He could see the same illusion of various Itachis holding swords, all of them ready to torture him into submission and eventually break his mind to the point of no return.

"I must say Kakashi-senpai, you fought bravely thus far, but I'm afraid this fight is over. In here, I'm in complete control. I'll now torture you for seventy two hours straight"

Kakashi heard all of the Itachis speaking in unison, but this time it would be different.

"Not this time Itachi. I trained my eyes until exhaustion in preparation for this day. Your genjutsu won't work on me anymore…" Kakashi said, as he closed his eyes in preparation for a little ace up his sleeve that he has been saving for this fight exclusively. When he opened his eyes, Itachi was startled to see a new form of Sharingan, but what surprised him was that instead of a black figure, Kakashi's was white.

Kamui (God's Majesty Technique)

Itachi only had time to see a kind of portal opening in front of him, before they returned to the outside world. Because of the sudden power displayed, Itachi's eyes started burning, before a great deal of blood came out of them. The Uchiha was clueless regarding this skill that Kakashi had displayed. He knew that the man carried Uchiha Obito's eyes, but by all means, he never saw a white Sharingan before. His vision was blurry, but he could see that his opponent was feeling the same backlash from his doujutsu. This was Itachi's salvation, though, as he had time to recuperate. His eyes stopped burning and Itachi followed with a great sequence of hand seals, alerting Kakashi.

Katon Housenka no Jutsu (Fire Release: Mythical Phoenix Flower Technique)

Despite the burning sensation, Kakashi forced down the pain and managed to dodge the incoming fireballs, as he threw a couple of shuriken at Itachi. Quickly focusing on a single hand seal, Kakashi turned the two shurikens into forty as all of them charged at Itachi with great danger. The Uchiha, though, managed to dodge them all by jumping towards a rather huge tree nearby. He looked down at his opponent and noticed that despite the previous feeling of pain, Kakashi's new Sharingan was still activated.

Kakashi, though, wouldn't allow Itachi the time to do anything and he managed a fast sequence of hand seals, until he finished with the Taki (bird) hand seal.

Suiton Suiryuudan no Jutsu (Water Release: Water Dragon Projectile Technique)

Behind Itachi, a gigantic dragon started to take shape, until it struck at the Uchiha's old location, pretty much destroying the tree he was standing on. Itachi decided that some close combat was in order. He charged Kakashi, before throwing the Akatsuki robe in front of him so that Kakashi wouldn't see his position. True to his plan, the Uchiha landed a fierce kick on Kakashi, sending him skidding a couple meters. Itachi, then, connected another series of punches and kicks, before the silver haired jounin managed to block the strikes and land some quick moves of his own. Overall, the fight was equally matched in all three areas of the ninja arts.

Kakashi could see with his new improved Sharingan that Itachi was channeling more chakra to his eyes, which meant that the man was about to use his Mangenkyou once more. Not waiting to see what it was, Kakashi jumped just in time, avoiding the black fames of Amaterasu (Goddess of the Sun Technique). Kakashi managed to stand on another tree located behind him as he saw the terrible black flames burning everything it touched.

He knew about these flames and the fact that no amount of water would be able to extinguish them. He feared that not him but all of Konoha would succumb to this powerful and deadly technique. Looking at Itachi, he was startled to see the man doubling in pain on the ground, spitting blood from his mouth. A sudden realization hit him like a ton of bricks. He thought this fight was equally matched, but from the looks of things, Itachi wasn't fighting one hundred percent. From the looks of things, the man was sick, no strike that, he looked like death would come to him any minute now.

As Kakashi landed in front of Itachi, the Uchiha looked up.

"It's somewhat strange to see you coming to a fight as sick as you are Itachi. I heard stories in Anbu that you were never caught unprepared while on a mission."

After cleaning the amount of blood that came out of his mouth and eyes, Itachi got up and looked at his brother in the Anbu forces. Hatake Kakashi was a man he greatly respected a long time ago. Itachi followed in his footsteps, graduating the academy at an early age, becoming chunnin before the age of ten and Anbu captain by their 13th birthday.

"There is no return for me Kakashi-senpai. This sickness appeared once I awakened the Mangenkyou Sharingan. Since then, it's only gotten worse. I actually came here to Konoha wanting to engage my little brother in combat and…die by his hands. However, I'm afraid Sasuke was too driven by hatred and ended up betraying this very village. It's a shame really…I hoped to salvage the clan by letting him live, but in the end…everything was for nothing."

Kakashi could see the level of shame in Itachi's visage and he understood it completely. Uchiha Sasuke was not only Itachi's responsibility but Kakashi's also, not only because of Uchiha Obito, but the fact that he was Sasuke's Jounin-sensei, therefore responsible for his well-being. Kakashi feared that he would take Sasuke's place as Itachi's executioner.

"Senpai…I'm afraid it's going to be you that will be the one to end my life and avenge all those that fell victim to my blade. However, don't simply expect me to kneel and surrender. You're still due to beat me and if you can't, then Naruto will be next."


Kakashi jumped immediately as a strange creature emerged from behind Itachi. Despite the fact that his opponent was almost on the verge of collapsing right in front of him, Kakashi couldn't help but respect the former Anbu captain as even in such a shape, he had the strength to perform such a technique. Nevertheless, the silver haired jounin wasn't intimidated. Itachi wasn't the only one with secret Sharingan techniques to use.

===Naruto x Kisame===

Naruto was considered quite fast for his age, now even doubled because of his chakra being fused with the Kyuubi's. So, why the hell didn't he stop the shark shinobi when Naruto saw him gathering a strong amount of chakra inside his lungs? Now, trapped within a large dome of water, Naruto was cursing his stupidity for once more letting the man finish his god damn techniques. The problem was that now Naruto's chakra was being sucked in a quicker pace, meaning that he had to end this quickly or else…

He tried swimming to the end of the dome, confident that he would be able to escape.

However, Naruto stopped short once he felt immeasurable pain on his left arm. Reaching the wound with his left hand, he felt it burning intensely. Suddenly, a creature appeared in front of him with a much familiar smirk that was beginning to get on Naruto's usually calm nerves. Somehow he knew it was Kisame, despite the now different and much more grotesque form. Naruto right now couldn't ascertain that the man in front of him was even human based on what his eyes were showing. Kisame's mouths elongated and its teeth got bigger. Also three flippers appeared, two behind his two arms and one on the back.

He must have some sort of personal attachment to the animal or something.

Naruto knew now wasn't the time for jokes, though. Analyzing the situation, despite the fact that he couldn't hold much his breath for much longer, Naruto figured that it would be useless to try swimming away from his opponent. Obviously, he wasn't on his turf (dry land) and the opponent had flippers that would allow him to move within seconds and reach Naruto's position. Now, the only alternative left was to focus all his energy into one attack and hope for the best. It was his strongest fuuton technique ever and he only used once in order to impress his judges for the Jounin promotion.

He couldn't find another alternative unless he had a death wish.

Focusing, immediately, on the ram seal, Naruto gathered as much chakra as he could muster, until a strong blue aura surrounded him, surprising Kisame. The man knew about Naruto's huge chakra capacity, however he was intelligent enough to realize that it was impossible for the blond to have this much chakra and not even once did he feel any demonic chakra rising. Naruto looked at Kisame and smiled upon seeing the shark charging at him fast.

He only had one choice and that was it. Closing his eyes, Naruto started concentrating on his strongest fuuton technique ever. This technique required his complete concentration in order to be successful. Just one mere slip in concentration was enough to ruin the entire procedure and for Naruto it would mean certain death. He could already count the remaining seconds before he would be forced to open his mouth and let the water in his lungs. Going through the hand seals in a rather fast succession, despite his movements being restricted by the pond of water, Naruto suddenly opened his eyes and Kisame could see chakra leaking out of the blond nonstop.

The shark shinobi was now at mere inches away from landing a severe blow on Naruto when the blond finished the hand seal sequence.

Fuuton Kamikaze (Wind Release: Divine Wind Technique)

To the fighters, it seemed as time stopped when Kisame's claws were almost scratching Naruto's chest. One second later, though, the shark like shinobi felt the incredible wind force gathering around the blond as it started growing nonstop. He was sent flying from the blond as he watched the blond's technique become a tremendous whirlpool with Naruto on the center, controlling the technique. The man tried fleeing away from the dangerous technique, but he was instead being pushed back, until the whirlpool hit him dead on. Because of fuuton's piercing and slashing capabilities, Kisame received every bit of the technique's power that not even Samehada managed to fix this time.

His body was incredibly battered and bruised, up to the point that he couldn't withhold his technique any longer and the dome of water simply vanished.

Both opponents were sent flying, but Naruto was just happy to allow fresh air to fill his lungs once more, before he managed to use the flying momentum and maneuver his body in order to land safely on a treetop. Kisame, though, wasn't such lucky. His sword was sent in a different direction and his body was pretty much destroyed from Naruto's powerful technique. Despite the feeling of everything broken inside, he looked at the approaching blond and saw that Naruto was still trying to recover his breathing and a long list of cuts was evident on Naruto's arm.

After all this time…after all the time Kisame was in active duty, he admitted to being beaten by a mere brat who just now earned his position as a Jounin. He saw Naruto taking his katana out of its scabbard, holding it with his two hands. Merely smiling at his imminent death, he didn't even have time before Naruto's blade drove deep into Kisame's throat killing the man instantly.

Naruto, for his part, looked at the dead body of Hoshigaki Kisame, former member of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist. Even though the man was the enemy, this man was maybe Naruto's toughest enemy so far in his career. The last technique he pulled was his last resort and if somehow Kisame managed to come out unscathed, then the blond would have either drown or be killed by Kisame's sharpened claws.

I can't waste time here…I need to help the others.

Breathing a little about, Naruto focused on the closest battle to his position and went there. He knew that Konoha would take care of Kisame's body that's why he never bothered to look back.

===Jiraiya and Aoi x Pein===

If the other fights were considered S-ranked, this one was considered a battle between gods.

Jiraiya and Aoi stood against now four members of the Organization. The Animal Realm was beaten by Aoi and Jiraiya managed to land a precise suiton technique that managed to slice Ningendou (Pein Human Realm)'s head off. Both were surprised when instead of bones or body parts, scrap metal could be seen inside. Akatsuki was indeed full of mysteries, ones that neither one of the S-ranked ninja were managing to solve.

However, now was not the time to study their opponent's physiology, rather how to deal with them and those eyes.

Possessing a great deal of experience, both Jiraiya and Aoi began to have a breakthrough regarding their opponent's movements. The girl Aoi managed to beat had the ability to summon a different range of animals. The fat member Gakidou (Hungry Ghost Realm) had the ability to absorb ninjutsu techniques. He was about to absorb Jiraiya's suiton technique, when Aoi came from under the ground and trapped him, allowing Jiraiya to finish the other guy.

Looking at the rest, they could see that both the fat member and the weird smiling individual Shuradou (Asura Realm) was in front while the person that looked like Yahiko and the other was on the back. To the untrained shinobi, it meant nothing, however to both S-ranked shinobi, it was rather obvious. In a war, it was customary to place the pawns up front and the leaders in the back, protected.

Aoi suddenly started a long series of hand seals, before he slammed both hands on the ground.

Doton Kyoumou Jishin (Earth Release: Fierce Earthquake Technique)

The entire ground started shaking to unseen proportions lifting up a few rocks near the enemy's location, blocking their vision for a couple seconds. This allowed Jiraiya to pick up a target and eliminate quickly, decreasing their disadvantage to only three. Moving quickly, he maneuvered behind the fat member, recognizing him as the most potential threat to Konoha's victory. Jiraiya was sure to deliver a solid hit to the man's neck, surely breaking. However and much to his surprise, the man simply lifted his arm and blocked it. However, Jiraiya knew he was facing the other way. Jumping back, he looked back to see that the man looking like Yahiko was looking at the scene.

Not a single move wasted…I'm not one to brag much, but my speed is considered S-ranked. There is no way in hell he would be able to lift his arm to block like he did.

As he landed next to Aoi, he heard a clearing of throat and looked to his partner in crime. Probably, he managed to figure out Jiraiya's questions.

"Have you noticed, Jiraiya? When you attacked him just now, you managed to get into his blind side and attacked, correct? During that time, one of the other guys was watching you the whole time"

"I noticed that as well, so what?" Jiraiya asked, as he was rather intrigued with this new set of eyes before him.

"It would be impossible for him to know the exact point of impact without looking, which mean that they are communicating with each other, somehow." A dead silence soon followed, as Aoi now looked at the rest of them in order to find out some common characteristic. It didn't take three seconds before he wanted to punch himself from not noticing sooner. "That's it! It's their eyes…All of them had the same eyes. Suppose that all of them could share what they see with each other…"

"Enabling their eyes to share images with one another…is that it? That's the power of the Rinnegan…" Jiraiya completed, shocked by such coordination.

"That's what I suspect anyways…At least now we know who or rather what we are dealing with. Any thoughts?"

"One, but you'd have to hold them off for a bit, while I complete the transaction. It's a complex procedure, after all…Kuchiyose no Jutsu (Summoning Technique)

Aoi only nodded, before he summoned a great ordeal of earth clones to distract the enemies so that Jiraiya could complete whatever he had in mind. The pervert, for his chance, was seemingly talking with what appeared to be two little toads. Because of the small chakra necessary to produce the earth bunshins, Aoi managed to create a small army, while checking his partner. He, then, saw the toads jumping on the pervert's shoulders, before all three of them joined hands in a praying position.

As a proud member of the Sannin, Jiraiya was a man of secrets. He and Orochimaru shared that much. Every time Aoi saw the man in action, he would just pull something off that was unheard of. While creating army after army of earth clones and attack the enemies, the man just knew that whatever Jiraiya intended in doing would be incredible. Suddenly, though, as Aoi was about to summon his forth army of clones, one of the enemies just showed his right palm and muttered something that Aoi couldn't hear, because of the distance.

Shinra Tensei (Divine Judgment Technique)

The ex Iwa-nin was sent flying together with his clones as he crashed inside a nearby store, shocking Jiraiya enough to drive away his concentration of the technique. Problem was that he still had a long way to go before it was finished and he saw the enemies looking at him. However and much to his relief, Aoi charged from the debris straight towards one of the closest ones that looked like Yahiko. The opponent, though, saw the movement from the corner of his Rinnegan Eyes. Quickly lifting his right hand, Pein used the same technique once more, only for Aoi to melt into mud, surprising the Akatsuki.

A quick flare of chakra alerted the enemy, but Aoi was on the last hand seal.

Doton Tetsusou (Earth Release: Rising Iron Spikes Technique)

The pein bodies immediately scattered away from the hundreds of iron spikes that now filled the area. Aoi, immediately, appeared in front of Jiraiya while protecting him.

"How much longer…? I can't hold them." Aoi asked, now losing his cool over Jiraiya's mysterious technique. The man wasn't averse to flashy ninjutsu, but he always loathed how some shinobi, especially in Konoha, who are only interested in techniques that would make the creator famous. A ninja's reputation is his experience in the battle field, not some flashy jutsu here or there. Jiraiya, for his part, snorted at being pressured but simply nodded.

"A couple more minutes, Aoi…"

Aoi and Jiraiya were surprised when a great load of strange looking projectiles flew at them with extreme speed, like they were on fire.

To Aoi, there was time for only one quick technique as he finished a four hand seal, before smashing both hands on the ground.

Doton Tetsuheki (Earth Release: Iron Wall Technique)

As the missiles approached, a sudden iron wall lifted from the ground in front of Aoi. Upon impact, a huge explosion occurred and the noise echoed throughout the entire village. Aoi smiled, though, seeing that the wall was able to resist the blast. However, his eyes widened in surprise as he heard the first crack. Looking towards the middle of the wall, Aoi could just watch as it started to crumble under the pressure. Granted that this wasn't his absolute defense, but so far no one was able to penetrate the iron wall technique. As the wall was destroyed, Aoi was caught by surprise as the weird looking one of the bunch appeared in front of him with what looked like a drill on his head.

It went past Aoi's stomach, as he was sent flying with a closes fist size hole in his stomach. While flying, he spilled a lot of blood, until his back hit the ground, spilling more blood. The Pein body that attacked was now transformed like a battle puppet. He stood in front of the still bleeding and agonizing Aoi on the ground, all but ready to deliver the killing blow. Jiraiya snarled at the situation, but he couldn't just stop his technique now and help Aoi.

Suddenly, as the drill once again approached Aoi's chest, something happened that surprised everyone in the field, including the ex-iwa ninja who believed that his time was up and he would finally meet his loved ones.


Naruto came to the rescue as he landed a fierce spiraling ball on the Pein body's chest, saving Aoi from imminent death. The spiraling ball of energy suddenly expanded, enveloping the enemy-nin entirely, before his body exploded, sending spare parts and blood all over the place. Naruto looked at the situation in front of him. Jiraiya was doing something strange and Aoi was agonizing on the ground. Upon seeing his mentor there on the verge of dying, Naruto realized he couldn't let that happen.

The man was like a mentor to him in more ways than even Kakashi or Jiraiya. Quickly summoning a kage bunshin, it grabbed Aoi's bleeding body and took him to be treated by the best medic-nin and Godaime Hokage of Konohagakure.

"Finally we meet each other…Uzumaki Naruto, Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi no Yoko"

The blond turned to the source of the voice, before checking the dreaded black robe with red clouds. There were four of them all staring at him and the blond wondered if any of them could even feel demonic chakra. For a group who was willing to hunt down bijuus, it would be expected of them to be able to sense the presence of demonic energy. So why the hell did they keep referring to him as the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki. He looked around and witnessed the level of destruction caused by their fight, before cursing as all this was because of him.

"Naruto…" Jiraiya called the blond, earning his attention.

The blond was surprised to see a totally different Jiraiya. Somehow, the two toads standing on each of his shoulders didn't bother Naruto. What bothered him was why the man's appearance changed so much. Jiraiya was grotesque. His eyes were strangely similar to the toads, just as his hands and feet. However, he knew better than supposing that the only thing that changed in the sannin was his appearance.

"From your appearance, it seems that you encountered one of them as well, right?"

"Yeah, Hoshigaki Kisame is dead. Though I was lucky that my chakra capacity is near endless or else he would have beat me and capture me"

Jiraiya was impressed, but nonetheless not surprised at the fact that Uzumaki Naruto fought Hoshigaki Kisame at full force and won. Aoi did say that Naruto would become a legend in the future and he was right. The blond was officially considered an A-ranked shinobi, based on his skills and chakra capacity. However, upon beating an S-ranked criminal, Jiraiya could easily update the boy's level right now.

"Glad to hear it…now this enemy is different. Since Aoi is now being treated by Tsunade, I'll need your help. A great mystery surrounds this opponent and I haven't been able to solve it yet. Nonetheless, to this point, we have to separate them. Somehow they are communicating with each other and I suspect it's those eyes. Each one of them has different skills that complement each other up to the point that would be impossible to beat them together. Separated, though, we have a chance. Now, follow me and attack when I say to…use your strongest offensive technique."

Naruto nodded just as Jiraiya focused on the hand seals as both him and the toads started gathering some air inside their lungs.

Senpou Goemon (Hermit Art: Boiling Oil Technique)

Jiraiya spat an oil beam, while the toads gathered fire and wind beams, creating an incredibly powerful technique, surprising Naruto. He saw the giant wave of burning oil charging at the enemy. He, then, saw one of them appearing in front of the incoming technique, before his hands started flowing. In seconds, Naruto saw something he never seen before. The man was absorbing the technique like it was nothing.

"Naruto, do it now…while he's busy."

The blond didn't need to be told once more as he went through a large series of hand seals for a fuuton technique. It wasn't the strongest technique on his arsenal, but he was sure it would get the job done. It's been some time since he last used it and he was sure that because of the fox's chakra fusing with his own, the technique would be much stronger now. As soon as he finished the hand seal sequence with the bird seal, wind started swirling around him like it was out of control.

Fuuton Suidou no Tatsumaki (Wind Release: Tornado Tunnel Technique)

Immediately, the generated wind charged at the man who was still busy absorbing Jiraiya's technique, until his eyes landed on the powerful swirl of wind coming towards him, lifting debris along its patch. Its speed, as expected, had improved so was its power. Naruto could feel it as the horizontal tornado managed to send the fat guy flying towards the sky. The power of the wind was so grand that the man's head was sliced instantly.

===At Kumogakure===

Far away from the three fights, four black robed criminals were jumping amongst the hills that make up the entrance to the hidden village in the clouds. Kakuzu, Hidan and Deidara were searching for their mission, while the rest of the organization was busy with the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki. However, if the hunt took one more minute, Kakuzu was sure he would feel like killing at least one of his so called comrades.

"Oh Deidara, get the fuck down here and help us find the Hachibi Jinchuuriki" Shouted Hidan to the shadow a few meters up high.

"Shut it Hidan…"

"You shut it asshole, get down here and I'll kick your ass…"

Hearing the altercation, Kakuzu tried very hard to calm down while massaging his temples. He tried not to, but every damn curse word he heard, his mind went through every damn technique he could use to yank their heads off. Trying to focus on the task at hand, the shinobi they tortured a few minutes prior told that the Hachibi Jinchuuriki trained every day near a place called Unraiko (Storm Cloud Ravine).

After a set of mountains, the group stopped in front of a large set of stairs that led to a cavern entrance. And quite to the ninja's information, a dark skinned and quite bulky shinobi left the cave, carrying eight swords on his back. Problem was that the man wasn't alone as another bulky individual left right behind him. He had gray hair and his muscles were easily bigger than anyone the Akatsuki has ever seen. It was Kakuzu that managed to identify the man as the Yondaime Raikage of Kumogakure and brother of the Hachibi Jinchuuriki. It was really uncalled for as they expected the Jinchuuriki to be alone as per Zetsu's Intel.

The two Kumo shinobi looked down the steps and spotted the four Akatsuki members. 'A' just snorted at the presence of the so called Akatsuki group and looked at his brother, who just happened to be the group's target. The man remembered the Sannin Jiraiya's warning a long time ago and how he almost didn't accept his brother's invitation to a 'friendly' spar at the Unraiko caves.

He would have missed one hell of a party.

"Three against two huh? It seems we're in a bit of a disadvantage huh brother" Said the Raikage to his brother, before smiling upon sensing the energy radiating from Killer Bee.

"It appears so…I am not complaining though. Fighting in disadvantage is what we always carve for"

(AN: I can't rap…so I won't write a rapping Killer Bee, sorry!)

===With Kakashi===

As Kakashi used his Sharingan technique on Itachi's Susanoo, he watched the creature being sucked to another dimension, before Itachi kneeled on the ground, spitting a lot of blood. The Uchiha genius didn't know that Kakashi's Sharingan was so advanced, despite not being surprised. His Sharingan wasn't the same as Uchiha Obito's. It was different somehow, in power. Susanoo was, so far, the Clan's strongest defense technique and the shield was responsible for blocking all types of offensive techniques.

He just didn't realize that Kakashi would be able to beat it so easily.

"Indeed you're proven your skills and reputation Kakashi-sempai."

Itachi said as he started coughing uncontrollably. The man knew it was his time to perish. The disease reached its peak and his vision was completely blurred. Despite it all, he got up and approached Kakashi with his two fingers starched. Kakashi was suffering because of his eyes as well and couldn't stop Itachi from placing his fingers in between Kakashi's eyes. The scarecrow shinobi flinched upon contact, wondering what else Itachi could do at this point.

"Dangerous path awaits Konoha in the future Kakashi." Itachi muttered as he maintained both fingers in between Kakashi's eyes. "There is a man far powerful than me and every Akatsuki combined. And in order to ... beat him, you'll need every help you can get. Please protect Konoha in my stead…and somehow try to breat some sense into my kid brother's thick skull."

As soon after Itachi said his parting words, he started falling on the ground slowly, before Kakashi grabbed him.

His eyes were completely devoted of any life. Kakashi just closed them, before doing a small doton jutsu, digging a hole on the ground big enough to create a funeral for the Uchiha genius. It was the least he could do in respect for a man who, above all, loved his village and sacrificed his blood thirsty family. As he whispered a silent prayer to the gods, Kakashi was still blissfully unaware of Itachi's parting gift as he now possesses a set of full-fledged Sharingan eyes, instead of just one.

===With Naruto===

Shinra Tensei

The strong technique managed to send both Jiraiya and Naruto flying, while Jiraiya managed to recover himself, by flipping his body. Landing between a couple rocks, the perverted sannin launched a gigantic fireball at the Peins, but the technique was repelled by the man who looked like Yahiko. Only three enemies left, but Jiraiya knew that Yahiko was the strongest as well as the most protected of them.

Jiraiya paled once he saw the man lifting his hands once more and stood for one more repelling technique, however he was surprised when instead of being thrown backwards, he flew towards the enemy's grasp. His body was totally controlled as his body approached the enemy. Suddenly, he saw some kind of chain saw come out of the other enemy's back. He calculated his trajectory and realized that the chain saw would pierce his stomach. The man cursed as a jutsu would take too long to perform. Quickly reverting to a simple Kawarimi, Jiraiya shot another powerful fireball at the one with the chain saw, only for Yahiko to repel it once more.

It was starting to get on his nerves. He saw Naruto on the corner of his eyes and saw the boy biting his thumb.

Kuchiyose no Jutsu (Summoning Technique)

Instantly, three considerable size toads appeared in front of him as they fallen into battle positions.

"Oi Naruto, it's been a while since you called any of us, what is it that you need?" Gamabuki asked as the toad took both his swords off its scabbards.

"We need help dealing with these three individuals Gamabuki (Sword), Gamariki (Strength) and Gamamizu (Water). The one with the orange hair is the most important of them, so he's being guarded. Taking the other two is our top priority right now. Without them, Jiraiya will be free to deal with the rest" Naruto said, before he was interrupted by the enemy.

"It appears that Jiraiya-sensei taught you well, Jinchuuriki. Our Intel was falsified, I'm afraid. Nonetheless, it's useless to resist. Your capture is imminent."

As soon as those words left Pein's mouth, Naruto froze. The one who trained the enemy was none other than one of the Sannin of Konohagakure Jiraiya. Despite not receiving adequate training from the pervert in the past, Naruto enjoyed every second of the three years he spent with the pervert. He enjoyed even more upon hearing that Jiraiya was his godfather. Looking at his face, he wanted to confront him about the truth of this entire thing. It wasn't like him to align with the enemy, nor was Konoha's. Closing his eyes, the blond started controlling his emotions. Right now, the objective was to take care of Akatsuki.

"Hoshigaki Kisame said the same thing and he's dead now. Why should you be any different? Gamamizu, give me your best suiton jutsu…now"

The toad didn't need to be told twice as he started some hands seals, the same time as Naruto.

Suiton Hahonryuu (Water Release: Destruction Torrent Technique)

Fuuton Kamikaze (Wind Release: Divine Wind Technique)

The techniques soon merged to become one gigantic typhoon, before charging at the enemies, forcing all three to scatter in different directions. Because of this, Pein was ill prepared to see two battle toads charging at the Shuradou (Asura Realm). This particular Pein spotted Gamariki coming from his left, aiming for a strong blow to his neck. The toad was too quick, but he managed to dodge just in time. However, Gamabuki soon appeared behind him and used his two swords, slicing Shuradou (Asura Realm)'s head off.

All of this took no more than two seconds.

Jiraiya looked at the scene dumbfounded together with Fugasaku and Shima as he wondered what the hell happened. Fugasaku, though, only smiled as he knew about this specific strategy. The strong fuuton and suiton technique would serve as nothing more than a distraction, separating the enemy group allowing Gamariki and Gamabuki to strike one of them, in the midst of the fuss created by the ninjutsu. The pervert, though, looked at the enemy's severed head on the ground and frowned in dismay at the sudden conclusion.

At first, I thought I was seeing things, so I didn't worry. So far, the enemies we killed weren't humans, but mere creations. That explains why all of them possess the Rinnegan eyes and are able to communicate the image with each other. There is still two of them, but I believe they won't be different than the others killed. So, if the enemy isn't among them, then where is he? Where is Nagato hiding?

Deciding to end the two last bodies in front of him, Jiraiya charged at the Yahiko body. Confident that he would use his repelling technique at him, Jiraiya waited at the very last moment, evading the technique, while landing a fierce kick on his eyes region. Because of the power behind the kick, the Yahiko body went blind, allowing Jiraiya to focus on the last one standing. So far, that specific enemy didn't show any battle skills.

Chou Oodama Rasengan

The gigantic spiraling ball of energy engulfed the last member, before his body exploded because of the impact.

The Yahiko body was hopeless against Jiraiya's onslaught as he was hit with a normal but strong Rasengan on his chest, killing the end of the Pein bodies, quite to Naruto's surprise. The blond only saw the pervert's blur as he dealt with two enemies at once.

(AN: Okay, who is with me? Pein wasn't all that special. Jiraiya managed to beat three of them in canon. If he had help – S ranked help - Pein would be killed in Amegakure)

Jiraiya, though, was surprised when he felt flesh instead of metal, upon touching Yahiko's body. In spite the difference, Jiraiya recognized a couple of similarities between all the bodies. One of them was, of course, was the Rinnegan eyes and the other was the black metallic rods on their faces. Passing his hands on one of them, the Sannin suddenly felt a different source of chakra coming from maybe the tallest tree behind some mountains.

I bet that there is where I'll find Nagato…

"Naruto..." Jiraiya shouted, calling his student's attention. "Follow me; there is someone we still need to deal with. Fugasaku-sama, Shima-sama, thank you both for your assistance…"

===At Kumogakure===

Meanwhile, in Kumogakure, the area would be better described as a full-out battle zone. Gigantic holes were everywhere as the two giants from Kumo battled three S-ranked missing-nins. Better yet, two as Deidara fell victim to Killer Bee's eight-tailed form. It's incredible how a simple well-placed punch could dislocate a man's neck like that. The fight barely begun and the Jinchuuriki appeared in front of the blond ex-Iwa Nin, landing a few first hits, sending him flying.

The punch disorientated his senses, not allowing him to do anything as Killer Bee pounded at him like dirt.

Also when Kakuzu or Hidan dared helping their comrade, the Raikage managed to hold them in tow with his Raiton no Yoroi (Lightning Armor) Jutsu. In the end, both of them just watched as Deidara was crushed senseless by yet another Jinchuuriki. Deidara even attempted to initiate his C4 techniques, but he didn't have the time even to mold a little spider as his neck received the end of a demonic enhanced punch.

Hidan was next as the one whom took care of him was the Raikage. He was constantly punched, elbowed, kicked by A's powerful lightning strikes. Eventually, his head was cut off, even though he didn't die, much too both Kumo shinobi's shock. Nevertheless, right now he was incapacitated. Everything took no more than ten minutes and Kakuzu snarled at his current predicament. He just couldn't deal with the Hachibi Jinchuuriki and the Yondaime Raikage alone. One thing that the ex-Waterfall shinobi knew about was to survive. Anyone who saw him didn't give him more than forty or fifty years old.

However, what no one knew was that the man was alive at the time of the Shodaime Hokage.

Leveling his two options right now (fight or flee), Kakuzu chose the latter. Of course, he could be charged of treason by the other members, but right now getting out alive was his top priority. Not to mention the fact that he would acquire more by fleeing, than by staying and fighting a lost battle. After all, there would be others in the future. Suddenly, he saw the Raikage about to punch him, thus he used a simple kawarimi with a rock that was about to fall from the cliff towards the ocean. Kakuzu just fell on the water and used a simple suiton technique he stole from a chunnin in Kirigakure, allowing him to breathe below water.

Now alone, Killer Bee and Raikage snarled at the damn organization for fleeing from their grasp. At least, they managed to kill two of them. Well, apparently Hidan was impossible to kill, however it didn't stop the Jinchuuriki from baring his battered body in a separate place from his head. As soon as he did so, a team of Anbu approached their location.

"It seems this fight was quicker than anticipated. Either that or I'm afraid I'll have to improve our Anbu's training regimen if it took this much time for them to arrive to our location." The Raikage said, earning a smile from his brother. He could hear every single Anbu gulp in fear upon hearing the possibility of training in hell, courtesy of their loving yet demanding Yondaime Raikage.

===With Jiraiya===

Travelling quickly between the debris, it didn't take long before Jiraiya and Naruto entered the great number of trees that surrounded the great village of Konohagakure. Naruto had many words to describe the Sannin in front of him. Despite neglecting his training for three years, the blond could say that Jiraiya was more family to him than everyone in the past, even old Sandaime Hokage. He always laughed and played with Naruto.

And up to this point, he never saw him as serious as he was now.

Still the last phrase he heard from the enemy had him thinking. The fact that it was Jiraiya who taught the man responsible for hunting all the bijuus at first confused the blond. Jiraiya wasn't the type of person who would do something like this, even if ordered by his Hokage. The man was powerful but equally kind. The only reason why he would consider training someone would be to better prepare him or her against some threat.

A couple minutes afterward, both stood in front of a weird looking tree that stood in the middle of a clearing. Quickly passing their hands over it, they could feel the tree's fabric, but only Jiraiya wasn't surprised to feel paper instead of regular wood. It didn't take two seconds before Jiraiya tore a hole inside the tree, before gasping at the sight of the boy he once thought would change the World into a better place with the power he had at his disposal.

Instead, he goes on and does the opposite. Jiraiya came in here to get answers…he wanted to know what happened to those three he cared for immensely.

"It's been a while Jiraiya-sensei." Nagato greeted as he took a moment to see his sensei's shocked look at his appearance.

Merging from the shadows, Konan's body suddenly transformed into paper as she charged at Jiraiya and Naruto, hoping to protect Nagato. However, she was bombarded with two jet of oil fired by both enemies, forbidding her from using her kekkei genkai at all. Jiraiya, for his chance, looked at his other two students despite wondering how Naruto managed to learn the Gamayudan no Jutsu (Toad Oil Projectile Technique).

"Indeed it's been a while, though I didn't wish to see you two in such a situation. When I taught you three, it was for protection. You took that knowledge and became the enemy instead. I still remembered that kind kid whose only drive was to better protect his two friends. What happened to him?" Jiraiya asked with a tone of voice that indicated both anger and a slightest tint of regret in believing at them.

He was surprised upon seeing Nagato's Rinnegan eyes. They were different than before, that much he was sure of it. He knew that look. It belonged to someone who had his fare share of pain in his life. After witnessing great deals of pain, a man could only make two choices. Either swallow everything and uphold his position or do something to remedy everything…the past sins. Ninety percent of the shinobi that have been through this kind of thing chose the first option. The rest tend to choose the second and most of the time, they tend to become enemies in the future.

It was quite obvious what happened, despite not knowing much about their life after he left. He wished to know what happened since.

"You have no right to judge us Jiraiya-sensei. It was your village that caused everything." Nagato said, surprising Jiraiya since he never once knew anything about an official mission sponsored by the Hokage regarding his three students and Hanzou of the Salamander.

"After you left, Hanzou of the Salamander increased his incursions over Amegakure. He came to us one day and offered a deal. Naïve and innocent we were, we believed in him. After you left, we decided to save Amegakure from certain downfall. We searched a way to end all the wars. Yahiko and I managed to convince a great number of followers. Hanzou sensed a threat in our group. When we arrived at a specific location, we were betrayed by Hanzou and his men. In the beginning, we managed to beat his men, but then he had help from Konoha. Danzou and his minions killed every one of our followers."

Narrowing his eyes at the sudden information, Jiraiya knew that Nagato wasn't lying, for Nagato to know Danzou pretty much proved that.

"After capturing Konan, Hanzou backed me and Yahiko into a corner." Jiraiya could see Konan's downed face as Nagato started explaining. "He threatened to kill Konan, unless I'd kill our organization leader Yahiko. Both Konan and I didn't know what to do, but Yahiko's mind was clear on this manner…I only held the kunai in hand and he jumped in front of it."

'I just wanted to protect those two…no matter what kind of pain I have to endure' Nagato said to Jiraiya when he was just a kid.

"After that, my only wish was to avenge his death so I…killed them all using the Rinnegan power. Because of Yahiko's death, I took over as the leader of our organization. I thought I had grown up, I thought I could change things…I was wrong. It was the same time my parents were killed by two chunins of Konohagakure. Yahiko's death changed everything in my life. Since that day, countless comrades died in front of us. The peace-addled citizens of the Land of Fire….all of them were fully aware of having taken part in war, yet they proclaim peace. That only exists in great nations because of the sacrifice of us small nations."

That speech wasn't alien to Jiraiya. He knew a lot about history to realize that beneath the five big nations' pact of neutrality, was the suffering of the smaller nations.

"Everything you believe in, Jiraiya-sensei, is just wishful thinking. As long as human beings exist, there will always be hatred."

As Naruto heard the conversation, he remembered Jiraiya's speech about coming up with a way to get rid of the hatred. However, he concurred with Nagato that it was wishful thinking, even though he wished it differently. Killing was a ninja's job. Some did it to satisfy some unknown vice for blood, but others did so to protect. That was Konohagakure's way of the ninja taught to him by the Sandaime Hokage.

"Nagato, it saddens me that you took on this path. However, after hearing your story, I suppose you had your reasons to do so. However, Akatsuki is considered a top criminal organization that managed to threaten not only Konoha, but all of the other major villages, including the minor ones as I believe Kakuzu, a Takigakure missing ninja, is a part of the organization. Both of you is now under arrest, I'm sorry…"

As soon as he said those words, he stroke both with restriction seals that quickly send them to unconsciousness, while three teams of Anbus appeared at the location, in order to capture them and take both into custody. While accompanying the Anbus, Jiraiya looked downside as he passed by Naruto.

"Are you okay?" The blond asked as he turned to his godfather. The pervert, for his part, didn't turn to see his godson. Instead, he only nodded and left the room via shunshin just as Kakashi arrived at the location. Naruto didn't even ask about Itachi. The fact that he was there, proved that Kakashi was victorious. He chose instead to consider what he'd learned thus far. He considered Akatsuki to be filled with no good criminals. However, Nagato and Konan were different. They were just one of the many victims of history.

Just like him.

Nevertheless, they managed to defeat Akatsuki's Leader and quite certainly, the organization would cease to exist.

===At Konoha's Holding Cells===

With his eyes closed, Uchiha Sasuke was seating in his dark cell alone. He lost count of the amount of time he'd spent there already.

At first, he tried screaming his way out of this hell hole. Because of the restriction seal, he couldn't use chakra and he didn't have anything to cut the strong metal bars that kept him inside. Running his hand over the scar left by Asuma's attack, Sasuke wondered what would become of his life now. Would anyone come for him eventually and free him? He'd like to think so…after all, his hatred for Itachi knew no boundaries and it kept him going, where others would commit suicide.


The whisper surprised the Uchiha as he looked around the empty hallway for someone. No one was there, but somehow the voice was familiar to him.

Sasuke-kun…you still wish for revenge don't you?

"Yes, I do with every fiber of my being." Sasuke answered, with a silent pleading that whoever it was helped him get away for him to finally deal with his brother.

Patience then. In time, you'll be free and together, we'll kill Itachi and make him pay for what he did to you and your family.

The voice not only awakened Sasuke, but also his madness for dealing with Itachi for good. He wanted revenge; no he needed to avenge his family.

==Author Note===

And finally, we reached the final chapter of my first story. Funny, I still remember when I started the first chapter. It was by accident that I discovered the world of fan fiction and decided to write a story, this one. I created a fed up Naruto who wanted more than just learning how to use the fox's chakra. He managed to teach himself pretty much four elemental ninjutsu and earned a nice reputation as a kenjutsu user.

After that, he managed to pass the Chunnin Exams and met Mitarashi Anko, who later became his girlfriend and future wife (there is no use hiding anymore, right?). He managed to beat tough opponents out there, earning the right to perform the Jounin Exams, which he passed. After he received his promotion, he managed quite a list of accomplishments. He convinced an S-ranked Iwa-nin to join Konoha's forces as well as teach him the art of Iron Manipulation. He managed to secure one of the seven swordsmen of the Mist against the Yondaime Mizukage's forces and he even managed to beat Hoshigaki Kisame, a man who was once considered the strongest of the Seven Swordsmen, thus attaining S-ranked status.

What else awaits our hero in the future, you may ask? Well, Madara for once still has to show his face and Orochimaru still has plans of his own.

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