By: MyVampireEyes

Rating: M for Mature for implied sexual acts, rape, and some language.

Summary: After capturing Yuki, Rido decides to pay a visit to his little princess. RidoXYuki.

Disclaimer: I do not own Vampire Knight!

Author's Note: :Face palm: Okay, this must be the dirtiest fan fiction I've ever written, but after seeing the chapter 42 scans of Vampire Knight, and Rido's sudden change of tactics on Yuki, it more or less freaked me out than from anything else Rido's done. That guy is a total creep. But that confession had to have inspired many RidoXYuki fanfictions, right? Apparently not.. I've looked all over for some, but found none. So I suppose I'm the first one to ever submit a RidoXYuki story onto . XD (Or at least I think.) Er.. hope you enjoy.. or not.. I'm embarrassed I wrote such a thing! XD


She had no idea how long she'd been here, or how long she'd been out of it. She didn't even remember what had happened until she saw the shackles bounding her wrists to the wall, where she hung limp. The room - or whereever it was she was at - was dark and cold. The only light came from beyond the door, where a single glass window was at the top. She could see the light on from beyond it. But even the light could not make her nerves calm. She was afraid, scared of what would happen to her now. And also, scared for Zero; He had done his best to protect her, but Rido had overpowered him, and taken her, Yuki, before Zero could get up. She hoped he was all right, and, by some miracle, he'd come to find her.

But she knew in the real world, where miracles were just a way for people to hope things got better, Zero would not be coming soon. This place, whatever it was, seemed as if it were in the bowels of the earth, far beyond civilization.

Then she heard the footsteps, and stiffened dramatically as she broke out of her thoughts. She could hear them stop at her door, saw the shadow of the man who so resembled Kaname through the window. She heard the key unlock, and the door slowly opened, creaking loudly, as the light lit her face like moonlight and she saw Rido Kuran in all his evil glory standing in the doorway. She barely managed not to scream in fright.

He slowly began to enter, shutting the door swiftly behind him, and Yuki heard the click, locking them inside. Shit. She attempted, in vain, to break out of the shackles to defend herself from the onslaught Rido was definately about to do, but they would not budge. And the ropes that were tied around her wouldn't come off, either. Rido laughed at her attempts.

"My, Yuki, you sure are expecting the worst, aren't you?" His voice was filled with mirth.

Yuki snarled. "Why? Should I not be? Aren't you planning to eat me alive?"

Rido smirked. "So many questions! You sure are a curious little girl, aren't you?"

Yuki blanched. This freak was treating her as if she were five years old again!

"But you always were curious, Yuki." Rido began to leisurely come closer, and Yuki sucked in her stomach and pressed herself as far back against the wall as she could manage. She wasn't getting any closer to this lunatic than she had to. Or rather, any closer than Rido tried to get to her.

He towered over her, so that she came up to his chest. He may look like Kaname, but one thing Yuki knew for sure was he sure as hell was taller than him. Rido extended a finger and ran it across Yuki's face, who immediately twitched at his touch.

"Don't touch me, Rido."

Rido pretended to be surprised. "Oh, Yuki! Such a demanding little girl you are!"

Yuki glared daggers at him, attempting to look unafraid. Truthfully, his mocking attitude was getting her pissed off. As was his "I'mGoingToTreatYukiLikeALittleGirl!" act.

But as she knew he would, Rido did not give in to her demands. He began to play with her bangs, moving them behind her ear and stroking her earlobe. Yuki felt as if a bug had crawled in there his touch left her so creepy-crawly. Rido lowered himself to her height so that they were face to face.

"You know.. you really look like your mother.. so beautiful.."

Yuki shrinked further back against the wall, if it was possible. He was really beginning to freak her out.

Rido's long fingers carassed her face, running down to the centre of her chin and stopping near her throat. Yuki could feel the lump in her throat as the man touched her, and knew she couldn't very well defend herself. Her hands were useless..

"I think.. I'm not going to eat you, after all..." Yuki gazed up into Rido's eyes and for the first time, overwhelming fear took her over; his eyes were leerinng, filled with a perverted glint that was erotic and needing. She swallowed the lump in her throat, and whimpered as he lowered his lips to her neck, where he began to run his tounge across it. "Though.. your blood is deliciously tempting.. I think... I'll make you my lover instead.."

"No.." Yuki whispered, as her uncle's hands started to run further down as he continued to lick at her neck. He stopped short at the top of her nightgown, and a truly evil smile twisted his face and the erotic expression became even more evident in his eyes.

"Yes.. you're mine, now, Yuki.. you can never escape me... and you really are such a big girl, now.."

His fingers began to fumble on the cloth protecting her upper body, and then, quite violently, he ripped at it. Yuki screamed, and knowing what he was going to do, struggled harder than she'd ever struggled in her life. Zero! She needed Zero right now! And Kaname! She didn't care who it was who saved her, she just wanted out of here before --!

The bra covering her breasts didn't make Yuki any more consoled. She already felt as if she were standing before Rido nude, and she knew, in a matter of minutes, she would be. The tears of fear began to rim at her eyes and fell down her face at a rapid pace. She was so scared..

Rido licked his lips as he looked at her figure, and the fingers began to move again, placed directly over her heart, and for a moment, he didn't do anything. Then he pulled at her straps, wanting more, and Yuki tried to cover herself by swinging her long hair in front of her, but Rido was not having that and and began stroking her breasts pervertedly.

He gave a heavy pant and instead unbottoned his own shirt, and once completed, unzipped his fly, removing his pants, leaving him in his underwear. Yuki struggled with the ropes binding her legs, knowing if she got them free, she'd be able to buy some time, but Rido was one step ahead of her and seized her around the waist, tearing off the rest of her nightgown and half of her underwear in one swift movement.

The man pressed into her, smothering her with his body weight, and she felt him rip off the last piece of protective clothing she had, leaving her fully exposed at the same time as she realized he, too, was now completely naked. And now all that was left.. was what was coming.

She closed her eyes tightly, letting the tears flow down her face. Rido kicked her legs apart as he attempted to enter. Yuki opened her eyes in shock. She now noticed, having been too distracted before, that the ropes that had been tied around her legs had come undone from her constant moving. Knowing she had to do it now before Rido could do anything more, she swung her right leg up and kicked Rido right in his advancing member, making him fall to his knees in a groan.

But she didn't know what that would do; her hands were still bound to the wall. Hysteria beginning to overcome her, she struggled again against the metallic bonds, but all she was doing was making her wrists hurt more. And Rido was on his feet, now, and with a sharp growl, wrapped his hands around Yuki's neck, throwing her head back onto the concrete wall. She saw stars.

"You want to play rough, then?" Rido's voice was high and sharp, and he reached into his shirt pocket and pulled out a key, then began to undo the shackles prisioning Yuki. This made Yuki slightly less scared and at the same time more afraid; without her hands bound, she could run and escape, but with Rido now having been made this angry, she doubted she would have the stregnth to run once he was done with her.

He swung her side ways as the shackles were relieved from her flesh, and she yelped as she fell to the floor with a crash, and made to crawl away. But Rido reached down and grabbed a hand ful of her hair, preventing her from going anywhere. He effortlessly tossed her over onto her back and forced himself on top of her, pinning her wrists above her head.

"Where are my manners? I should have warmed you up first before I started." His mouth was curved into that sadistic smile again.

"No... please.." Yuki found herself begging. "Please.."

Rido gave a throaty chuckle. "Please what, Yuki? 'Please fuck me, uncle Rido'?"

Yuki thrashed as his fingers found their way between her legs and inserted themselves inside of her. "No.. please.. don't.."

He went in deeper, making Yuki scream in agony. Rido laughed.

"Yes.. keep screaming, Yuki. I like to hear you scream.."

And then the pain was too much; Something bigger and rougher entered her, then, and she screamed so hard and loud she thought her throat had torn. She'd never in her life felt such pain like this. She could feel the sticky wetness erupt from between her legs as Rido made use of her, and all she could focus on was the wave after wave of pain. She grit her teeth through the tears as he slid himself in and out and whispered in pure hatred, "Kaname and Zero.. they'll make you pay for this.. they'll kill you.. they're going to make you suffer for what you've done to me.."

Rido just smirked down at her, his uncaring eyes meeting her hate-filled ones. "Oh, I know.."

And then the pain was gone. He pulled out, and rose away from her. She was much too weak to move. With his exit came a new pain, and she pressed her legs together and sobbed as the blood flowed onto the concrete. Rido, who was now dressed, didn't spare her a glance as he exited the room, shutting the door behind him, leaving her bleeding, cold and dirty in the room alone. All she had left was her tears now, and the pain, and the single hope that Zero or Kaname would find her flickered like a flame and died.


I am NEVER writing anything like this again.. XD I just hope it's not too explicit...