Author's Note: Because some of you wanted a sequel, I decided to add an extra chapter. :) This is officially the end; you can infer what happens from here, and I'm sure it'll be quite obvious. XD Hope you enjoy! Chapter title taken from the song "Reclusion" by Anberlin. I own nothing!


2. Sins, like Skeletons.. are so very hard to hide..

Zero Kiryuu walked quickly through the dark, narrow alley, his Bloody Rose drawn to chest height, his eyes opened and alerted to any little sound around him. He knew he was getting close. Closer to finding Yuuki. He knew her scent fairly well, and the stench from the Pureblood's would certainly help in him finding her. Yuuki was a Pureblood, but quite honestly, she was the only Pureblood he knew that he actually liked. No, back-track that; loved. He loved Yuuki, and he wasn't ashamed in admitting it. Right now, all that mattered was that he found her alive. He didn't want to think of what he knew could have potentially happened to her. His fists clenched as he remembered what had happened nearly twenty-four hours ago, how Rido had snuck up upon them, knocked him to the ground and taken off with the girl he loved. Yuuki's screams and cries echoed through his ears, and her frightened face was all he could see in his mind's eye. He hoped that Rido hadn't...

No. He could not afford to think like this. As long as he got there quickly, she'd be okay. She HAD to be okay. For him, for Kaname, for the Chairman. If she was dead.. he knew he would not be able to live on, and he was sure Kuran and the Chairman felt exactly the same way. If those chocolate-brown eyes were lidded closed forever, and he would never be able to look into their depths again.. he would surely break.

Something caught his attention; a new addition to the foul stench that lay just ahead of him in Rido's hide out. His eyes widened as he realized the scent of Yuuki's blood. Blood. Then she was...

"No!" Zero growled. "No, damn it. She's fine. She has to be fine!" He had to get in quickly. But he needed time to go in undetected; it would be problematique of him to just recklessly waltz inside and get himself caught. Even in his panicked state, he knew that much. He would need a distraction.

"So what does our master want us to do next?"

Turning his head, Zero caught a glimpse of distant figures on the steps of Rido's hide out. He quickly back-tracked into the alley behind a sturdy brick building, hardly breathing and his gun ready to fire should any of those Level E's sense him. The one who spoke was pacing the front landing, eyes bloodshot red. Zero glanced at the others and noticed they all had the same bloodlust colored eyes. He allowed himself a smirk as he used his nails to dig into his forearm, drawing a little bit of blood but enough to drive them into a frenzy. How ironic that he was using his own blood to draw them out here, becoming the bait. He let the red liquid spill to the ground, making a small splattering sound as it hit the concrete, the blood running down his arm.

The Level E's attention was diverted immediately, each looking around crazily for the source of the scent of blood.

"Do you smell that?" One asked the other.

"Yeah. Could it be a human?" The other responded.

"Let's go see. We haven't fed in quite awhile, so let's go feed off of it if it is indeed a human. And even if it isn't.. I'm sure we all could use a little snack." He gave a shrill laughter and jumped completely off the landing, landing almost near the alley Zero hid. Cursing, Zero walked rapidly backwards, spilling little drops of the blood as he exited onto another street, just as the Level E's entered the narrow alley and began to lick the blood off of the ground.

Disgusted, Zero ripped off his white long-sleeved shirt, whose tattered sleeve was covered in the blood he'd drawn and threw it to the ground, knowing the Level E's would find it. With them distracted, he had to get inside. It was now or never. Narrowing his eyes, gun raised yet again, he walked around the building, the scent of Yuuki's blood growing stronger the closer he got. He circled the building three full times, but he could not find any means to enter. He contemplated going through the front door, but if Rido caught him, he'd be fucked for sure. He also considered shooting a window out, but that might alert Rido as well. He'd have to play it safe and smart to get into Rido's quarters undetected; at least for awhile.

After circling for a fourth time, this time eying every little crevice, he found an entrace that looked promising. A piece of cardboard seemingly covering a hole in the side of the building. Zero kneeled down and slowly removed it, not knowing what would meet him on the other end. When he found nothing, he breathed a sigh of relief. This hole was just big enough to allow him entrance and a secure way to get into the building. He crawled inside, and realized, by the state of this place, that he was at least in a cellar or a basement. That sure was promising; Yuuki was bound to be locked up in a basement or something close to it. Wasn't that how it always worked? Unless, of course.. Rido had Yuuki with him, and Zero hoped to God that wasn't the case. He'd have a much, much harder time getting her away from here safely and avoiding a confrontation with Rido at the same time. Although, if that asshole had hurt her in any way... he'd think twice on his decision to just get Yuuki and go, even if both Kaname and the Chairman requested that was all he did. But they knew, as he himself knew, that he'd like nothing better than to just blow Rido's brains out.

His footsteps upon the floor produced a light echo, the padding of his feet against a steel floor vibrating softly through his ears. He walked slower, trying to make as little noise as possible, so his hearing could be free for any sound of Rido or Yuuki. He reached the only corner and turned into a very narrow and long hallway, with nothing but a wall at the end. Confused, Zero glanced around for any sign of a door, but the sound of a small cry made his eyes widen an infesitial amount, and he raised his gun to chest height, knowing whose cry that had been.

"Yuuki?" He whispered softly. "Yuuki, where are you?"

The cry came again, a small whimper, and it echoed around him as if he were in a tunnel. That must mean he was close. He darted down the hall, not caring any more if he was caught. "Yuuki?" He called, slightly louder. "Yuuki, it's Zero. Can you tell me where you are?" But he got no response besides a crackled sob and whimper and he knew there was something wrong with her. Rido had done something to her. Fury welled inside his core, and he reached the end of the hallway and pressed his head against the wall, trying to think through the blood thudding through his ear drums. Yuuki's scent was definately near him. It was nearly overpowering, but not quite as strong as when she was a human.

He opened his eyes, not knowing what to do, not knowing how to find Yuuki, and gazed around the hall once more. "Damn it!" He yelled, banging his fists on the wall, the blood he'd drawn before oozing onto the wall. The effect was immediate; as soon as his blood hit the concrete wall, it changed; in a matter of seconds, a door stood before him. Dumbstruck, but wasting no time, Zero pulled the handle roughly and his breath hitched in his throat at what he saw.

Yuuki was lying on the ground, directly under the moonlight from a windowpane far above her. It made her look etheral, like a Goddess, and to Zero she had never been more beautiful. And yet.. she was broken and damaged beyond human recognition, and as Zero laid eyes on her naked, bruised body, the realization of only one thing could have happened to her to leave her that way filled his mind, and the fury broke, replaced by a burning desire to kill. He would not leave here until Rido was dead a thousand times over, for what he'd done to Yuuki.

The girl raised her head slightly, her eyes swollen and red from the tears that still leaked down her face. Her voice came out in a cracked whisper, barely audible. "Z-Zero.."

"Yuuki," Zero said her name gently. "Yuuki, it's okay now. I'm going to take you back home." He dropped to his knees beside her, wanting to reach out and hold her comfortingly, but he didn't know if she would respond to a person's touch like she used to ever again after what happened to her.

"Z-Zero.." She choked on her tears, and before he knew what had happened, Zero found Yuuki in his arms, her arms wrapped around his neck as she broke down into sobs.

Not knowing what to do, he patted her head, and hugged her tightly, but not enough to hurt her. He didn't even care that her breasts were rubbing against his upper body, but he knew that he couldn't very well bring her outside like she was now. She'd get sick from the cold, whispy air. Zero gently released her, and he met her eyes as he told her, "I'm going to see if there's anything I can cover you up with. I'm going to take you home, and then I'm going to come back here and finish that bastard for what he did to you."

She said nothing, but nodded slowly, and Zero hesitantly exited the room, knowing that the door would remain open as long as he was still bleeding. He had to give it to Rido; not allowing entrace unless blood was given was a rather good way to keep people who didn't know about it out. He didn't get far from the hallway when he found a white bed sheet lying on the floor with a bunch of other junk he didn't care to look at it. He snatched the sheet and headed back to Yuuki, quickly wrapping it around her to cover her exposed body and lifted her bridal style into his arms. He quickly ran through the building, his mind set only on getting Yuuki out of here. Revenge could wait; Yuuki's safe return was all that mattered now.

But I promise you, Rido, you son of a bitch, Zero vowed angrily, as he and Yuuki finally exited the building, that revenge is coming. And when Kuran and the Chairman see what you've done to our precious girl, you will wish you'd never laid your hands on her. I can promise that.

Yuuki fell asleep in his arms, her frail and broken body feeling as light as though Zero were holding nothing. But she would not need to be strong right now; he would be strong for her, and he would not give up until Rido finally lay dead. And as he reached Cross Academy and entered the Chairman's office holding the sleeping, battered girl, and laid her on a cot near the Chairman's desk, and as Kaname met his eyes, he knew that for once, at this point in time, their heart's desires were the same thing, their minds both yelling the same words as they gazed down at the girl they loved.

Wordlessly, Zero turned and walked away, and neither Kaname nor the Chairman questioned where he was going.


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