(This is my first try at a multi-chapter DeathNote fan-fic... Okay, first try at a DeathNote fan-fic period...)

It was another day at Whammy's House. Three orphan boys, around five to seven years of age, sat in a room together. There was a white haired one off by himself with his toys. A red haired one in the middle of the room, his eyes locked on the TV, the game controller in his hands. He was intent on finishing his game, a toothpick hung halfway out of his mouth. Another, a blonde haired boy, was off in a corner, his face covered, but he could be heard sobbing.

The read head threw the controller down as the screen flashed with large red letters. It read 'GAME OVER'. The boy, known as Matt, spit out his toothpick and glared at the TV. He turned suddenly, the sound of sobbing reaching his ears. He looked over at the blonde known as Mello and raised an eyebrow, cocking his head to the side.

Mello soon uncovered his face to wipe away the tears, but when he moved his hands, he looked up to see the vibrant, yet dull green eyes of Matt covered by a pair of yellow-tinted goggles that were either around his neck or over his eyes.

"Why are you crying?" asked the video game-obsessed boy.

"I was not crying!" Mello snapped, quickly trying to wipe away the tears and the rest of the evidence that he had actually been crying.

"Right, and I'm the tooth fairy," Matt rolled his eyes. He pulled the goggles off of his eyes and let them hang on his neck. He knelt down and looked at Mello, taking in his appearance.

Mello sniffled slightly. "Roger said I can't have anymore chocolate..." he mumbled.

Matt raised an eyebrow. "Why?" he asked.

The blonde shook his head. "He said it's not..." he sniffled, "good for me..."

Matt rolled his eyes and grinned. "Here," he said, pulling a bar of chocolate from his vest pocket and handing it to Mello.

Mello's navy blue eyes slowly got huge, "R-really?" he asked incredulously.

Matt chuckled slightly and nodded, "Yup!" The red head said happily.

The blonde smiled and took the chocolate and practically tackled the other boy, "From now on, whenever I get chocolate, I shall share it with you and only you! You're my best friend!" he exclaimed.

Matt laughed. "Then you're my best friend too!" he smiled.

It was the start of a great friendship that would last for years to come. But what about the quiet white-haired boy in the corner?

(There ya go! First chapter! )