(Hey, it's Mello! How are you guys? I am truly sorry for the long wait; my inspiration got up and left. She, my Matt, got up and moved like 300 miles away from me and this story was our thing, so I waited to end it until she came to visit. So, now, without further adieu, here is the final chapter of Things Change…)

Two years later, after many arguments with a certain white-haired male over what Mello should be doing and what Matt would say if he could see Mello at that moment, the blonde stumbled into an emergency room. It was obvious that he was in critical condition. He saw the white tile floor going toward his face, but it never hit him. Nurses caught the male before he hit the ground.

"We need to contact someone, do you have any family members?" the nurse's voice was frantic as they got him on a gurney and began taking him to a room to hook him to machines.

The blonde could barely open his dark blue eyes, one was swollen shut and the other had a burn scar going across his face from a year and a half before. "Mail… Jeevas… If you can find him…" He knew that it wouldn't happen; the man was dead to his knowledge.

One of the nurses ran off as two more hooked up to a breathing machine and an IV. The nurse went to one of the phones and dialed the number one genius man of the city, Near. She got through the first time she tried.

"Hello," Near said through the phone.

"Good evening sir, this is the General Hospital ER and we have a patient who came in here. He's not in a very stable condition and he says his only relation is a man named Mail Jeevas," before she could continue, Near spoke up.

"Give me two minutes. Stabilize him and I will call back," with that, the phone line went dead.

Mello opened his dark blue eyes. His vision was a bit hazy. He could vaguely hear voices, but a few words caught his attention and kept him from slipping back into the deep sleep he knew he would not wake from.

"Hey! Sir, cigarettes are not allowed in the hospital! Sir-" the nurse was cut off as the red head she was yelling at turned back to her with narrowed green eyes, hidden behind yellow-tinted goggles.

Aforementioned red head removed the cigarette briefly from the corner of his mouth and growled. "Shut the fuck up and leave me be, bitch." He glared as he placed the source of his addiction back into his mouth and continued walking, or rather, marching, down the hall. He burst through the door and his eyes fell on the crippled form of Mello.

The blonde man shot up in the hospital bed, his navy blue eyes wide, tears spilling over. "Mail fucking Jeevas! But… I thought… I don't… How?" He jumped from the bed and stumbled, Matt caught him before he hit the ground. He looked up into the dark green eyes of the man he believed to be dead.

Matt should his head. "Mells… What did you do to yourself? How did this happen?"

Mello shook his head, weakly wiping away the tears that still fell down his cheeks. "Nothing," he murmured.

"Yeah, Mells, and I'm the fucking tooth fairy," Matt grinned before pressing his lips to Mello's.

(Yeah, there's the end, I swear I am about to cry… Not because of the ending… But because of how much my friend and I put into this. Again, I am truly sorry for the wait, I hope you enjoyed it…)