Summary: Jacob and Embry are the only ones in the pack left single while Jake's trying to get over lost love and embry's trying to get over losing his mom. What happens two sisters come to forks and turn their lives upside down?And they somehow are involved with the Cullen's? JxOC and ExOC EdxB JasperxAlice EmmxRose I do not own twilight, to my disappointment .

(This is just what make them come to forks, not entirely necessary to read just answers a lot of questions that might cone up later)

Part 1:Losing everything

EPOV (Emelia)

It was a regular day. People tried to teach me stuff I already knew, I read, the bell rings and me and Anna go get coffee. To clarify Anna is my twin even though we look nothing alike, I have brown hair and brown eyes and she has blonde hair and blue eyes and she is much prettier. The only thing that allows us to even resemble each other was our extremely pale skin. But at least people can tell us apart.

I ordered our usual drinks and brought them back to our table.

"What's wrong?"

I inquired she looked like she'd seen a ghost.

"I don't know," she murmured

"I just had the weirdest feeling…"

Then she waved her hand

"Never mind it was probably nothing"

I raised an eyebrow but didn't press the matter.

It was mid November and in D.C. they already had Christmas lights out. Which I had to admit were very pretty, they twinkled in a way that really showed that some parts of the world withheld some innocence.

Interrupting my train of thought came two men in black with grim expressions that made my stomach sink. Anna and I glanced at each other…this couldn't be good. I tried to give her a reassuring smile but my mouth wouldn't work.

"Excuse me ladies,"

The taller of the two said quietly, our heads snapped up, (we'd been pretending we hadn't seen them, in hopes that they would go away)

"We have some bad news"

The younger one said in the same tone as the other.

I heard Anna murmur, "Please make me wrong"

Wait, what am I missing? What's wrong?

"There was another terrorist attack, your parents were killed while getting the children out of the building."

Then I felt my whole world crumble.

EPOV (Emelia)

The words kept repeating over in my head your parents were killed, your parents were killed… The words rang with an awful finality. My dad would never walk me down the isle. My mom would never again smile gently and wipe away my tears; this knowledge ripped me apart and burned the pieces.I felt as though my heart wasn't there anymore, and my parents had taken it with them where ever they had gone. They had given their lives to help those people, it sounded just like something they would do. But it some how felt like the space around me had huge hole in it, right where they should be. And no matter how hard I tried I would never be able to fill it.

APOV (Anna)

I couldn't wrap my mind around the idea that they were gone forever. Their bodies hard and cold, I couldn't bear the thought. The worst thing was I almost knew this was going to happen, I didn't know what it was. But I had the most terrible feeling…. almost like I knew what was going to happen, how is that possible? I'll have to talk to Emma (Anna's nick name for Emelia) later. I knew how she felt, even though I couldn't read minds (haha!) I knew she was feeling the same heart breaking sadness as I was. But she was going to be strong. My whole world was in shreds, how could mom dad leave us here? we need them! Why didn't they just get themselves out? Why didn't we just sop them from going to work?

My mom and dad were wonderful people, but it seemed like they spent so much time trying to help people that they never thought that their own children needed them just as much. So Emma being 4 minutes older was the one who helped me, held me when I cried, and even raised me. She was very selfless in that way. But whenever I tried to thank her she would just blush (which she does all the time) and say that she should be thanking me, I didn't know what I did to deserve it but she seemed sincere. Some how it was almost as though we were linked mentally and if one of us was hurting so was the other. And if that is true then she must be in a lot of pain to.


I tried to hold myself together until we could at least get out of the shop. I turned to see that Anna's eyes were brimmed with tears just like mine. I leaned forward and whispered

"Lets try to get out of the store first"

In my softest voice. She just nodded and allowed me to help her out of her chair.

As we walked to the car I threw up every mental barrier in the bag to keep me from crying. Even though it was cloudy I pulled out some old sunglasses out of my purse and handed them to her, so at least if she was crying the others wouldn't know it.

"Thank you"

She breathed throwing them on after giving me a grateful look. We managed to make it to the car before the sobs began. But when I let down the mental barriers I found that I was feeling the pain, but my eyes wouldn't become wet. I couldn't cry, or betray any emotion. What was wrong with me? What had I become?

--EPOV/APOV (They pretty much feel the same way)

Time had seemed to pass as though it wasn't even there, and merely just an illusion. Weeks had passed, funerals had been attended, and no one had attempted to comfort us. We were merely children to them and didn't have the mental capacity to feel grief.

As the days went on the roaring grief slowed to a dull throb, a wince at watching a dad pushing his daughter on a swing in the park. And after a month we were able to smile and laugh again.

Now it had been settled we were going to forks,


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