50 Ways to Piss Off Ike

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Summary: Nothing good has happened in Smash Brothers Mansion in a while and it's pissing Sonic off greatly. He finally finds a way to kill of time. It's called Operation: Piss Off Ike. While clearly entertaining, Sonic is risking his life for a good laugh. The game will quickly attract attention from the other Smashers, assist trophies and SEGA Superstars alike. For Ike, it will be 50 days of hell as he tries to confess his feelings for Pit.

Pairing: Ike/Sonic, Ike/Pit, Fox/Sonic, Fox/Falco, Snake/Link, Wolf/Lucario, Isaac/Saki, Shadow/Lyn, Marth/Roy and others that will be added or changed as the story goes on

Genre: Humor, Friendship, Romance, Family and Drama

Rated: T that changes to M

Warning: Yaoi, yuri, swearing, violence, Ike being crazy, fluff and unintentional OOC with some lemon references

Chapter 1: Sonic's Prank

"I'm so bored!" Sonic cried out for the fifteenth time that hour.

It had been weeks nearly months since anything interesting happened in Smash Brothers Mansion. Sonic the hedgehog was not too pleased by it. Sure there were battles everyday and going out with Pit to shop for supplies for his friends in Angel Land, but most of the time he was in his room staring at the window with nothing to do. Master Hand forbid him from leaving the mansion unless he was with someone because the right hand was afraid of Sonic running off to God knows where and never return. It happened once when he ran out of the mansion and someone called Master Hand telling him that Sonic was in Canada and needed someone to pick him up.

You might say that Sonic was at his limits. He wasn't the type of hedgehog to sit still for long. If he didn't come up with something fast, he would run away again and would never return.

As he continued to talk to his best friend Ulala on MSN (all the Smashers have a computer in their room), she finally suggested something worth doing.

DancingStar23: Why don't you try annoying someone for a certain amount of days and see how long it will take before that person snaps.

Sonic grinned as he typed in his reply.

BlueWonder01: That's not a bad idea girl. I think I'll give it a shot.

DancingStar23: Whose going to be the unlucky victim?

BlueWonder01: The only guy here with a temper of a ticking timebomb.

DancingStar23: Wolf?

BlueWonder01: Not him. Ike.

There was a short pause before Ulala started typing again.

DancingStar23: Don't die on me, Sonic.

BlueWonder01: Believe me. I won't. I'm logging off now. TTYL.

DancingStar23: Bye.

Sonic logs off of the computer and grins evilly. He loved Ulala so much because she always had the good ideas.

"It's time to get my plan into action!" Sonic declared. He knew what he wanted to do with Ike and it wasn't going to be pretty.

Ike sneezed twice. Someone was talking about him and it wasn't good. He didn't think about it at the time. All he knew was that he was hungry after his match with Diddy Kong. Chasing the little imp around made him tired and his stomach was grumbling. He asked Pit to go with him to the dining room but the angel nicely refused telling him that he had to buy pet food for one of his friend's pet Chocobo. Ike didn't bother questioning about the pet. From what he knew about those giant birds were that they would give you a never ending headache.

As Ike proceeded to the dining room, he saw Peach and Kirby cooking in the kitchen. It smelled like egg flower soup. Something that was actually good.

The princess of the Mushroom Kingdom noticed his presence and attempted to greet him. She told Kirby to watch over the food as she walked over to the mercenary. As the two spoke, Sonic quickly zoomed into the kitchen with red pepper in hand. Kirby looked at him with a confused look when Sonic threw the whole thing into the soup. Kirby let out a cute "Poyo" when Sonic snickered to himself and sped off before Peach or Ike saw him. Peach thought that Kirby's cries meant that the food was done.

"Good job Kirby," she told him, "I can finally serve someone my cooking."

Kirby gave a worried glance as she got a bowl and a huge spoon. She used the spoon to scoop up the spicy soup. She then proceeded to give it to Ike.

"Enjoy your meal." She said with a smile.

"Thanks. I owe you one."

Sonic was watching from a distance with a video camera in hand as he watched take his spoon. Ike took a sip of his soup and…

The blue hedgehog saw the whole kitchen catch on fire.


Peach and Kirby panicked as Ike shot flames from his mouth. Both were telling each other to get Ike a glass a water but with both of them in distress, it wasn't going to happen.

Sonic laughed as he caught the whole thing on tape. Eventually the fire alarm went off and Mario came with his water pump F.L.U.D.D. on his back and hosed off Ike before scolding him. Thinking he got enough of the scene, he zoomed off back to his room.

"Day one complete," Sonic told himself, "Now it gets interesting."

And so did hell began for Ike.

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