50 Ways to Piss Off Ike

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Summary: NiGHTS permanent spell does wonders to the Mobians. How will Sonic cope with the new changes? How will Shadow cope with his new changes? And could Sonic possibly change his opinion about Ike after a run in with infamous faces that he wish he would never see again?

Chapter 11: Shadow's Prank

There was one thing that Fox didn't like about Sonic. That one thing was that when Sonic screamed (which was very well unless Shadow threatened to throw him into the ocean) it would wake everyone in the mansion. Most Smashers weren't early birds so when they got disturbed from their slumber, they took it out on Fox and the door. Sonic usually got away with it because he avoided everyone for the entire day.

Today was no exception. Fox jolted from his sleep and glared at Sonic only to see that he was already out the door and rushing to the bathroom. Annoyed, Fox got out of bed and exited the room ready to yell at the blue hedgehog.

"What the hell was-"

He didn't finish because Sonic was screaming again. It sounded so masculine that Fox thought that Sonic was a girl for a moment.

"Unlock the bathroom door so I can knock some sense into you!" Fox shouted.

It was rather quiet on the other side. Fox started to get exasperated by the silence. He was about to use his secret move of unlocking locked doors with his tail when he heard sobbing on the other side. Now it was time to panic. He did his secret move to unlock the door and peaked inside. He gawked at the sight.

"How could he do this to me?"

Fox could have hugged Sonic if he wanted to but he was too busy staring below Sonic's stomach where his crotch was. He felt a smile escape his lips. Sonic had grown something that was absent from all the animals from his world. A penis and its family jewels.

It was strange that animals from Mobius didn't have any sexual organs on their body. If they did, you can guarantee that they would be a target of the pedobear at a very young age. Looking at Sonic now with his sexual organs, it not only made him realize that it made the hedgehog a little on the vulnerable side because he wasn't the type to wear clothes but it also made him want to jump him at that moment.

"Sonic what happened?" Fox asked. He wasn't looking directly at Sonic so it didn't get a right away response.

Sonic kicked the leader of Star Fox out of the bathroom because of where he was looking at and slammed the door. He sat down on the floor with his back to the door. Fox was still on the other side of the door kneeling down to hear the blue wonder speak.

"NiGHTS must have cast a spell on me...because I told him I wouldn't invite him to the mansion..."

"Isn't this too extreme?"


Fox sighed. The problem now was what was he going to tell Master Hand.

"What in blazes was that racket?"

Well speak of the devil.

Master Hand in human form came walking down the hall with Crazy Hand (in human form) skipping behind him.

Fox looked at Master and then back at the door. He backed away.

"I don't know what to think of this..." Fox told him.

Shadow's reaction when he woke up was quite different. In fact, it might be more embarrassing than what Sonic did. He woke up in Lyn's arms. The reason they slept together was not of a romantic relationship but of a brother-sister relationship. Shadow saw Lyn as a replacement as Maria and he always slept with her when she was still alive on Space Colony ARK. There was no tension then and there wasn't now until he woke up and looked what was weighing him down. Upon seeing him, he got out of the bed and sped out of the room before Lyn could wake up and notice that her pillow was gone.

Shadow went straight to Isaac's room knocking on the door until Isaac finally opened it. He didn't look happy. Shadow could tell that he and Saki probably had a good one last night. The Ultimate Lifeform saw that Isaac's cloths were wrinkled probably because he put it on so fast. His hair was also a mess. He glared at the black hedgehog until he saw why Shadow came to him.

"Give me some clothes, now!" Shadow ordered.

Isaac grinned, "How did you grow a cock overnight? Did sleeping with Lyn finally get you having wet dreams of her?"

"Just give me something to cover up dammit!"

There was a noticeable asperity in his voice so Isaac didn't say anymore. He closed the door and came back with some small boxers and a t-shirt. He handed them to Shadow.

"These are my old clothes," Isaac explained, "They don't fit me anymore, but I think they'll fit you."

Shadow accepted the largesse with no problem and didn't hesitate putting them on in front of the blonde. Isaac shook his head.

"Next time, don't change in front of me!"

Shadow refused to take Isaac's advice. The clothes seem to fit him perfectly. He just hoped that the boxers wouldn't fall down whenever he was running.

"You're styling bro!" Isaac said with a thumbs up. He was wide awake now.

"Thank you?"

"Now go back to your girlfriend before she asks you where you have gone."

"She'll know when she sees the clothes."

"Or your cock."

"We're not dating."

"Doesn't change the fact that she'll see it though."

Shadow cursed himself for showing Isaac the new change. Judging from the scream he heard a few minutes ago though, it seemed like he and Sonic were going through the same thing.

Sonic felt awkward waiting in Master Hand's room with Fox by his side having only a towel to cover his penis. He regretted not choosing NiGHTS to come to the mansion, but he really wanted to see his family more than anything this year. Still, was it worth it? He caught Fox giving him a perverted look. It made him feel really exposed.

"So you say that this NiGHTS character did this to you?" Master questioned.

Sonic nodded his head.

"And where is he?"

"In your dreams."

Sonic wasn't trying to sound sarcastic but it was true though. It didn't annoy Master but it got Crazy going because he didn't know what Sonic was talking about.

"I see," Master continued, "If I were to speak to him in my dreams, would he reverse this?"

Sonic shrugged his shoulders. NiGHTS was unpredictable. He started to understand why Reala didn't like him.

"That's not a good answer," Master said with a sigh.

"Well sorry if I don't know the full extent of NiGHTS powers! Try asking the Owl for some good information that I don't have."

"We can't leave you like this Sonic," Fox told the blue hedgehog who obviously lost hope, "I'm sure he has a way to fix this."

Sonic glared at Fox. The older male couldn't care less if it was removed or not. His body language proved it. It made Sonic want to hide in the assist trophy part of the mansion and not go back.

Master Hand thought for a moment not responding until three minutes later, "I think you should get use to it if there isn't a cure."


Fox could hear a voice in his head shouting "VICTORY!" but was stopped when he saw the distraught look on the younger males face.

"That can't be..."

"Wearing clothes can't be that bad," Fox stated. In his head though, he was cursing to himself.

"It is!" Sonic complained, "All the girls in my world wear it...except for Blaze but that's not the point! If I wear stuff like that, I'll be just like them!"

"And that is?"

"I'll become a girl!"

"You already are one...shi-"

Sonic kicked Fox where it hurt causing him to fall of the chair thriving in pain.

Master Hand sighed, "We'll try and find a doctor that can cure this, but don't get your hopes up."

Even though, Sonic and Shadow were in that weird situation, he still allowed the two to bring two people who appeared in five minutes. By then Sonic was handed clothes that fit him by Pit. These clothes were regular clothes that the angel refused to wear outside of the mansion. Ike couldn't help but laugh that the angel and the hedgehog wore the same size of clothing.

Of course, before Sonic and Shadow's friends arrived, the Smashers and assist trophies couldn't help but notice the clothes they were wearing. They were talking to one another hoping the two hedgehogs weren't listening to their conversations. That wasn't possible though. Hedgehogs had good hearing so they heard everything. It ticked Shadow off to the point where he asked Saki if he could borrow his cannon sword. Saki refused to give it to him fearing that he would be shot by his own gun.

As for Sonic, it made him more embarrassed to the point that he wouldn't dare prank Ike today. He used this opportunity to escape the mansion.

Sonic looked up and saw Rouge and Shade flying toward the mansion. He waved to them. The two ladies waved back at him. It was only then did Sonic notice that their bodies seemed more developed.

"So, you girls..."

"I got a growth spurt!" Rouge said with a laugh.

Shade rolled her eyes. Rouge' breast got bigger. Hers did too but not that much. It annoyed her because she was much older than the bat.

"Where's Shadow?" Shade questioned.

"Right here ready to hurt someone."

Sonic jumped back when he saw Shadow appear behind him. He looked dashing with simple black clothing. He looked like a kid compared to Shadow. That annoyed him.

"If you're going to take your anger on someone, take it on Ike," Sonic said. It was always Ike that had to suffer.

Shadow grinned, "That's a good idea."



Sonic turned around. His eyes widened seeing two hedgehogs at the entrance. One was a green male hedgehog with a unique hair style. It made him more unique to other hedgehogs. He wore a red jacket and blue shorts. He wore a medallion around his neck. The other hedgehog was pink. She looked like Amy but more noticeable differences included her wearing a medallion around her neck. Instead of a red dress that Amy wore, she had a sexy purple suit on. Her hair style was also different. This made her look even more beautiful than Amy.


Shadow was pushed out of the way by the blue hedgehog who sped over to his siblings. He opened his arms ready to hug them both. Of course, Sonia wanted to see her younger brother more pushed her older brother aside to get the whole hug while Manic had to force himself in the group hug.

"You've grown bro!" Manic exclaimed.

Sonic blushed thinking it was about his height but that was far from the case. Sonia glared at the green hedgehog, "Please, no more gay jokes. I'm sick of them."

Sonic frowned. His siblings had not changed a bit and that was good because he didn't change much either.

"I see that this curse affected everyone that's from our world," Shadow stated.

It was true. Sonic noted that Manic was wearing shorts to cover up his privates as Sonia's breast seem to increase in size slightly.

"Whoever did this needs to be taught a lesson," Sonia said as she changed her body language to support what she said.

Manic thought the opposite, "I like this curse sis," he said with a laugh pointing to his shorts, "These shorts sure know how to attract attention."

Sonia grunted in disgust. Sonic rolled his eyes. He didn't like attracting attention sexually.

At this point, Shadow left the siblings alone to show Rouge and Shade around the mansion as well as discuss of a plan to unleash his anger out on Ike.

The trio seemed to have a grand time just talking to each other outside until Manic asked if Sonic could give a tour around Tokyo. Sonic was reluctant. He didn't want to disobey Master Hand, but he didn't want to see Fox either, so he agreed to this.

"I bet there are many shopping malls in this area," Sonia squealed.

It was Manic's turn to roll his eyes, "Is shopping all girls think about these days?"

"Beside men?" Sonic added.

"Beside men..." Manic repeated.

Sonia glared at her siblings. They did not understand the fun in shopping.

Ike was probably the only one who didn't care about any of the Mobians reaching puberty. He was worried that someone would attack him when he least expected this. He looked out his window and saw Sonic reunite with his siblings as Shadow did with his friends Rouge and Shade. When the black hedgehog, bat and orange echidna went inside the mansion and the three siblings left to go out to Tokyo, something made the blue hair mercenary worry about them. It wasn't because he cared about Sonic. It's just that he felt that something bad would happen to him if he just let them go.

Ike made up his mind. He took Ragnell from his closest and jumped out the window. He was going to follow them...even if he gets in trouble my Master Hand.

Sonia was having a blast in Tokyo. Dragging Manic by the hand and having Sonic by her side, she started window shopping like there was no tomorrow. Manic would have been less annoyed if Sonic didn't join in with the pink hedgehog.

"I'm surprised you haven't showed us where the chili dog stand is," Sonia said with a laugh.

Sonic frowned. Of course chili dogs were his favorite food but because of Fox, he was forced to stop eating them three times a day in order to prevent the hedgehog from becoming obese. It made the hedgehog hate the leader of Star Fox because that was the first time an adult told him to stop stuffing his face silly and made him think about his weight. This has made Sonic go without long periods of chili dogs to the point where he wouldn't ask for one unless mentioned.

"I haven't been craving a chili dog recently..." Sonic admitted.

Manic glared at his brother, "Who are you and what have you done with our brother?"

"Nothing. Staying at Smash Brothers Mansion made me think about my weight. If I eat chili dogs all the time, I might slow down and hurl during a match and that would be embarrassing."

"He has a point," Sonia said.

Manic grumbled.

About the time they started talking about food did Sonic's stomach rumbled. The blue hedgehog's cheeks lit up as Sonia and Manic sighed.

"I guess I am kind of hungry..."

"Did you bring any money?" Sonia questioned.

"No, why?"

Sonia did a face palm, "You're a freakin' celebrity around here! How could you not bring your money?"

"To avoid being pickpocketed," Manic stated as he glanced at a women who had her purse dangling. If he acted fast, he could take her wallet from her purse, take the money from it and put it back and act like nothing happened.

Sonic eyed his older brother, "Don't even think about it Manic."

Manic sighed, "Hey. Her purse was a nice color!"

"Anyway," Sonic continued, "I usually don't bring money because us Smashers usually aren't allowed out unless we ask permission from Master Hand or if there is no matches and so on."

"Go on."

"And..." Sonic felt his cheeks turn pink again, "I'm usually with my friends...and they usually have money."

Manic grinned, "Good job Sonic. Having others pay for your stuff."

"And who are your friends exactly?" Sonia asked in a suspicious tone.

"Pit, Ash, Shadow, Ike most of the time and...Fox..." Sonic forced his name out. He and Fox went together this one time because Pit got sick and Ike had to nurse him back to help. The Pokémon Trainer used that opportunity to not go with him and Shadow was hanging out with Lyn, Saki, Isaac and Stafy. Fox had nothing better to do so he took him out. Not like it was a date or anything.

Sonia eyes her brother, "And who is this Fox?"

"My roommate."

"How old is he?"

"Do I have to answer that?"

"Yes. I want to make sure you don't have a pedophile for a roommate."

Sonic chuckled nervously as he answered, "Twenty-six."

Sonia gawked. Sonic knew what was coming next. Manic took this time to go and pickpocket from that woman with the nice purse.

"Sonic, he is too old for you!" Sonia announced, "When we get back, I'm going to talk to that Master Hand or whatever his name is and give him my opinion of your assigned roommate."

While Sonia was only trying to be the overprotective older sister, it wasn't going to help the situation at all. Not with Sonic's rebellious personality and the issue with Fox, Falco and Ash wasn't resolved.

"Don't you dare get into my business!" Sonic shouted, "I should be able to choose who I want to be roommates with!"

"What do you-"

"I chose to be Fox's roommate after Ash and I had a disagreement. Don't go reasoning with Master just because you think he's a creep! Not all adult men are-"

"Let me ask you this Sonic, has he ever tried hitting on you?"

Sonic's eyes widened in horror remembering the day when R.O.B. destroyed the elevator. Fox went as far as touching his lips. His face was lighting up.

Manic grinned as he made a big catch of the day. He loved how humans were oblivious to stuff like this. He stole two 100 dollar bills from this rich lady. Now they wouldn't have to worry about starving today.

The green hedgehog flinched when he thought that he was caught but it turned out that everyone's attention was on his younger siblings. As the oldest sibling, he had to do something about this.

"Sonic, that guy is a pedophile! You need to stay with those your age!" Sonia scolded.

"You know nothing about him!" Sonic argued.

"Did he ever kiss you?"

Sonic couldn't answer that question either. He knew it was an accident when Fox kissed him the day Marth pulled a prank on Ike. Fox was asleep, so of course he didn't know who he was kissing. For all he knew, Fox could have been kissing Krystal in his dreams.

"Did he ever try to take advantage of you?"



"Hey sibs, chill!" Manic said calmly as he walked in between them, "You are attracting unwanted attention."

It was too late. Both siblings didn't care who was listening to their bickering. Sonic wasn't going to stop defending Fox and Sonia was going to stop telling him that Fox was a pedophile.

"Just because father was a pedophile doesn't mean that every guy around is!"

Manic glared at Sonia. Talking about their father was forbidden. It was bad enough that the world now knew about their family.

"Stop it. Both of you," Manic finally said harshly.

Sonia avoided eye contact with Sonic. She hit a weak spot and that was not good in this world. People took advantage of one's weakness in Tokyo unlike Mobius where the Mobians did all they could to help out with ones problem.

Sonic couldn't take it anymore. In his mind, his father was a bad person but to compare father to every other guy didn't make him think straight. He took off sonic speed.

"Sonic wait!" Sonia shouted as she chased after him.

"Sis!" Manic shook his head in annoyance, "What am I going to do with you two?"

Manic would have chased after them if he wasn't stopped by someone. He was surprised at the person. This person would be able to help him out.

Sonic didn't get far in Tokyo. He went to a more deserted part of Tokyo mainly to calm his mind. While there were people there, they took no notice of him. It was better that way.

Why did Sonia have to get me to mention father? Sonic asked himself. He wasn't going to cry about something as stupid as this but this made his heart ache.

The blue wonder knew that his sister was being overprotective over him, but sometimes it gets on his nerves. He asked himself why she couldn't trust him like Manic could. That question was obvious. Manic was his older brother. He was the cool, collected brother he might add and he had faith in his younger brother. Sonia was hot tempered like his friend Knuckles. She loved her younger brother dearly but her emotions get the best of her judgement and it makes it seem like she's being selfish.


Sonic sighed. Like most of his friends, Sonia could catch up to Sonic easily because of the power past down to her. Manic was the only one who wasn't born with a special power like speed or wind.

"Sonic, if you're going to run off, at least tell me so I can I get my motorcycle out! You running off made me mess up my hair chasing after you!"

"I don't want to talk to you now."

"How rude!"

The two hedgehogs continued walking down the street. Sonia continued scolding the blue hedgehog but he kept ignoring her up until the point where he crashed into someone. The impact was so strong that it knocked the hedgehog back into pink hedgehog.

"Watch where you're going!" Sonia shouted.

"You should be the one that should be watching where you're going!" the other protested.

"Why you-"

"Oooh. It's my darling Sonia!" said the other voice.

Both hedgehog froze. They recognized the voices instantly. It was none other than Sleet and Dingo. Both were friends of their father and they were rather abusive just like him. Sleet is a slender wolf with a creepy smile while Dingo is a bulky orange dingo.


"And Dingo!"

Sleet grinned, "I'm glad you two still remember me, but where is your brother?"

The two hedgehogs backed up. The situation wasn't good. Sonia was getting creeped out by Dingo's perverted chuckles. She turned to Sonic. He wasn't suspecting to see them again. Maybe it was a bad idea to go into Tokyo after all.

"Sonic," Sonia began, "Get out of here."


"Go, I can handle these two buffoons by myself. "


"You're not wearing your medallion so I don't expect you to fight."

Sonic wanted to listen to her but he couldn't. No way in hell would he leave his sister to these scum. Even if he didn't have the medallion, he still had his speed and that usually got him out of these predicaments.

"Sis, you have no idea what I've been doing at Smash Brothers Mansion," Sonic said with a confident grin as he rushed toward them before Sonia had any saying whatsoever.

Sonic couldn't help but laugh when Dingo reacted the same way he always did when he ran around him. The stupid fool reached out trying to grab him but Sonic was too fast. Sleet ended up joining in two and pretty soon, Sonic was spinning circles around the two. The two got dizzy which was when Sonic stopped circling around them and kicked Dingo into Sleet knocking them both over. He grinned

"You're too slow!" Sonic taunted.

"You damn hedgehog! I will get you!" Sleet threatened.

Sonia sighed. She had nothing to worry about after her. Sonic had gotten stronger since the last time she saw him.

Sonic laughed as he turned his back on the enemy. Sonia's eyes widened in horror when Sleet brought out an orange remote and pointed it at Dingo. The dingo turned into a whip which Sleet grabbed as he stood up again.

"SONIC, LOOK OUT!" Sonia warned but it was too late.

When Sonic wasn't looking, he was whipped. The impact was so strong and so sudden that the hedgehog fell to the ground. Sleet couldn't help but snicker at the blue hedgehog.

"I see that he still fears whips," Sleet said in a mocking tone.

"You scum!" Sonia spat as she was ready to step in front of her younger brother ready to defend him.

"Not a scum Sonia dear," Dingo told her. His mouth was at the tip of the whip. This only disgusted the pink hedgehog.

"Sonia, spin!"

Sonia spun around multiple times until she turned into a tornado. Sleet however foresaw this and whipped the bottom of the tornado. This caused her to stop her attack and fall on her ass.


Sleet laughed again, "You hedgehogs are predictable as ever. Without that green hedgehog, you can't even withstand Dingo's transformations."

Sonia glared at the wolf before looking at her brother. He had his hands on his heads. She gasped. Sonic looked so vulnerable. She thought that she would never have to see the cowardly look on his face.

"Now, I think its time to bring you two back to your father," Sleet declared, "I'm sure he'll be happy to see you two."

Sonia's eyes widened in horror. Not him.


Sleet wasted no time transforming Dingo back to his original self. Dingo took the chance to seize Sonia in his arms.

"My Sonia..."

"Let me go you creep!" Sonia cried out. She glanced around hoping someone would help them. To her surprise people watched from the sidelines. The pink hedgehog heard everything they said.

"Those poor kids," one of the spectators said.

"I wish I could help but those animals look menacing..." mumbled another.

No. Someone...anyone...help us...or at lest help Sonic. Oh please help my brother at the very least.

Sleet laughed as he started to grab Sonic's wrist. Sonic reacted by activating his spikes. They jabbed his whole body. Sleet jumped back and howled.

"You insolent hedgehog!" he yelled as he urged himself to forget the pain from the spikes and grabbed both of his wrist, "People who mess with me get...PUNISHED!"

Sleet punched the blue hedgehog in the face. This only made the spikes come out more but did the wolf endure the pain. He wanted to see the brat cry in tears of pain. Sonic refused to do so however. Crying was not in his dictionary.


Sonic was prepared another fist in his jaw when he felt the claws that were sunk into his wrist loosen. He felt himself slipping from the older man's grip. What was happening?

"You know, because of people like you do these kids have terrible attitude."

Sonic recognized the voice.


The blue haired mercenary paid no heed to Sonic and focused on the villains. He slammed Ragnell into Sleet's arm almost cutting it off in the process.

"And who are you?" Sleet asked as he jumped back next to Dingo.

"Your worse nightmare come to life," Ike murmured as he was ready to Aether the opponent.

Sleet grunted, "Dingo make sure that girl doesn't get away from you."

"You got it Sleet."

Ike grinned as he saw the green hedgehog behind the two. Manic unleashed the power of his medallion and got out his drums. He tapped Dingo lightly on the shoulder. Dingo turned around and gasped.

"Uh oh..."

"Can you keep up with the beat?" Manic asked as he started drumming. The drumming caused an earthquake causing the two villains and bystanders to lose their balance. Sonia took this chance to get out of Dingo's grip. She bit Dingo on the arm hard. He screeched as he released her. Sonia then did a karate kick on his face knocking him into Sleet.

"You fool!" Sleet shouted at his partner.


They were sent into Ike's direction who was ready to drop his sword after a fully charged Smash attack. Sleet gave him a terrified look.

"Could we please talk about this?" Sleet asked trying to be circumvent about the situation.

Ike responded by letting his sword drop down. It hit both of them head on and they were both sent flying into the stratosphere. They came back down but Sonia and Manic were ready to attack them again. Sonia had gotten out her keyboard using her medallion powers. Together, the two siblings used their powers to blast the two out of Tokyo.

"And don't come back!" Manic yelled.

The two hedgehogs looked at Ike and gave him the thumbs up. Ike nodded his head as he bent down toward Sonic's height.

"Are you okay?" he asked in a solemn voice.

Sonic looked at his savior. He felt his cheeks become hot pink when he felt his body being picked up by strong arms.

"I think so..." he answered weakly.

Manic looked at his sister. He was disgusted when he saw that her usual blue eyes (3) turned into hearts.

"He's perfect for Sonic..." she mumbled.

"Oh boy. Here we go," Manic groaned as he walked over to the leader of the Greil Mercenaries, "Thanks for saving my sibs. Couldn't have done it without you."

"No problem. It's a mercenary's job," Ike stated, "Now I'll be taking that $200..."

Sonia snapped out of her fantasies and gave a death glare to her older brother. Sonic gave a weak stare at the green hedgehog.

"You stole money when we weren't looking?" they both asked. Sonia asked louder than the blue hedgehog.

Manic sweatdropped. It was best to avoid the topic. Ike on the other hand didn't care if the money was stolen or not. Money was money and he needed money if he wanted to take Pit out on a date.

Sleet and Dingo ironically landed in front of a warn down mansion on the tip of Japan. Sleet pushed Dingo off of him and slammed his wrist in the ground. He hated failing again after so many years. When the blue hedgehog disappeared from Mobius and became a well known hero, they were sent to put him in his place. They tried to get Dr. Eggman to hire them to kill him but Dr. Eggman wasn't the same. Dr. Eggman was obsessed over taking over the world but to do that he likes having his enemy alive and well to stop him. They couldn't understand why didn't try to kill him when he first became a dictator of Mobius. What changed the cruel doctor into a buffoon?

"I see you failed to even get my kids back," an ominous aura mumbled as it appeared from the door way.

Dingo was still recovering from the attack but Sleet took this opportunity to go on fours and beg for forgiveness.

"Please forgive us sir! We underestimated them because the blue hedgehog did not bring his medallion."

"Then what stopped you?"

"There was this human with this huge sword that weighed a ton. It nearly cut my arm off! He's a force not to mess with sir!"

The figure seemed unaffected by this warning, "If that is the case, then I will hire someone else to do the dirty work."

"No please don't fire us! Give us another chance! We won't fail!"

"I know you won't but these band of thieves have caught my eye for a while. I heard that one of them even met my youngest son on one of his journeys."

"Who is it?"

"A weasel named Nack. I heard he joined these band of thieves consist of a raccoon, turtle and a hippo."

"They can't be reliable sir if they have a hippo in the group!"

"Same goes for dingoes my good friend but I heard that they were planning on stealing an ancient ring from Smash Brothers Mansion that the so called angels brought in. They can kill two birds in one stone if they can bring my children back to me."

With that thought in mind, the mysterious figure began to laugh non stop making those in front of him tremble.

Pit glared at Ike when he came back. The angel was upset when the blue hair mercenary didn't tell him that he was going somewhere but to come back with friend in arms acting like a married couple didn't help. The angel understood that the Sonic siblings were attacked and Ike left the mansion to help them, but it didn't help that his heart was thumbing like crazy.

Fox wasn't happy either. Sonia saw the look on his face and glared at him. Manic just rolled his eyes. It was so awkward. He didn't know who liked who.

"I'm glad to see you are safe Sonic," Pit finally said calming his heart down and smiling angelically. Manic for a second thought he was faking it but that wasn't the case.

Sonic nodded his head slowly, "Ike, I can walk..."

Ike turned to Pit and asked, "Could you hold him for me? My arms are going numb."

Pit smiled as the blue haired mercenary handed him over to the angel. Why he didn't hand him over to Fox was obvious. He didn't trust the leader of Star Fox either despite him being very kind and caring. Fox didn't mind Pit carrying Sonic though. In fact, no one did.

Before anyone knew what happened, someone came whipping across the hallway at fast speed. Ike turned to see who it was but realized he couldn't move. The black wind sped off and that was when everyone saw that the black hedgehog stabled Ike's cape to the wall.

"DAMN YOU HEDGEHOG!" Ike cursed as he tried to get loose without ripping his cape.

Everyone couldn't help but laugh and decided not to help Ike become undone to his dismay. Sonic looked up to see Shade hiding in the darkness holding a video camera. He should have been laughing with the group but he couldn't this time and he couldn't figure out why.

Somewhere outside the mansion someone was using binoculars to watch the whole scene take place. The binoculars had their eyes on the three siblings.

Soon, you hedgehogs will suffer...

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Me: Yep. There's a plot now so chapters will be longer and it won't focus so much on pranking Ike, but he will still get pranked in every chapter when you least expect this. Take this one, he left the mansion to avoid that but when he comes back, he gets pranked. Notes!

1. Manic is known for making a lot of gay jokes in Sonic Underground that go unnoticed. In episode 2, when Sonia kisses Sonic, Sonic asks Manic if he was going to kiss him. Manic says no but follows that up with, "You're kind of cute."

2. Sleet and Dingo are two of Dr. Robotnik's accomplices in Sonic Underground. They are both easily defeated by Sonic Underground. Sleet is not royal to Dr. Robotnik as he tries to betray him on multiple conditions. Sleet uses Dingo as a scapegoat to get what he needs. Dingo is very obedient so he does what Sleet says and is the nicer of the two. In this story, since Dr. Eggman isn't that evil, they are out of a job which is why they work with the siblings father.

3. In Sonic Underground, all characters have black pupils but in this story they all have an eye color which will influence the story. Sonic has green eyes. Sonia has blue eyes and Manic has brown eyes.

This brings up questions...

1. What is the hedgehog siblings family problem?

2. Why do all three siblings have a different eye color?

3. Who is the raccoon, turtle and hippo the sibling's father speaks of? Hint: They are from a different video game series.

4. Who will be the one to prank Ike next?

5. Who will be the Smasher that will get to see his or her friends or family again?

Edit: No real changes surprisingly.