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"So, why do you live in Forks?"

"I moved here a few years back. At first, it was to live with my Dad, but when I went to school, I met ... Mike."

"Oh. So he's the reason you stayed here in Forks?"

"Yes," I looked away, not wanting to meet his probably-pained-gaze.

"Then I guess I can't entirely hate him, am I right?"

I flushed deep red. "W-Why do you say that?"

"Do you not understand?" One of his long, pale fingers reached out and he grabbed below my chins. He pulled my face up, forcing me to look into his scorching green eyes. As if he answered his own question, he said "Of course I hate him for being a selfish two-timing scum. But, if he's the reason why you stayed here, allowing me to meet you, than I can't really hate him."

I blushed even redder – probably purple by now. "Oh."

He chuckled at my shocked and confused expression. I fidgeted with the cuff of my jacket, and my cell phone rang. I hesitated to answer it, afraid that Mike might call again to apologize.

"Is it him again?" Edward spat through his teeth. Obviously annoyed and furious with Mike.

"I hope not." I mumbled. I pulled the phone out of my pocket, and looked at the screen. "Oh, it's just Alice." I was about to answer, when the phone stopped ringing. "I should call her back..."

"Oh, go ahead." He gestured, smiling encouragingly.

"Thanks." I redialled her number, only to get a secretary at her office.

"Hello?" An almost annoyed, yet bored tone answered.

"Hi, may I speak with Ms. Alice Cullen please?"

"Hold on while I transfer calls."

"Thank-you" The lady sighed heavily, and I heard a click and the phone rang again.

"Alice Cullen?" Edward asked, his face completely taken by surprise.

"Uh, yes. Why?"

The ringing stopped. "Hello?"

I looked at Edward and worded 'Excuse me'. He nodded and I focused on my phone. "Hello, Alice? You called?"

"Oh hey, Bells. Yeah, I called," Her beautiful, melodic voice replied.

"Yeah, so whats up?"

"I was going to ask you the same thing." She giggled. Her voice switched to a more serious tone. "Is something wrong Bella? Mike called here. He says that you won't answer your calls, so he asked me to call you for him."

The second she said his name, I felt the tears well up in my eyes. I didn't answer. I couldn't answer.

"Bella? What happened with you and Mike?"

I couldn't prevent the tears from spilling over any longer. The big tears rolled off my chin, and left dark spots on my jacket.

I felt Edwards hands grab the phone from my hand, as I continued sobbing. "Alice? What did you say to set her off?"

I looked at him confused as to why he was able to talk to Alice so casually. I ditched that thought as another wave of pain washed over me. I crossed my arms on the table and buried my head in them, sobbing harder than before at the memory of earlier today.

It was late, and as my breathing, and tears slowed I drifted into a dreamless sleep right in the middle of the cafe.

Edward's POV

"So, why do you live in Forks?" I asked, curious as to why she lived in such a wet, gloomy area.

"I moved here a few years back. At first, it was to live with my Dad, but when I went to school, I met ... Mike." I frowned.

"Oh. So he's the reason you stayed here in Forks?"

"Yes," I wasn't able to hide all the pain. My face was still – composed, but my eyes gave me away. I looked at her, and she must've saw the hurt in my eyes because she quickly looked away.

I was able to lock the pain up completely, and I asked a more appropriate question to lighten the mood a bit. "Then I guess I can't entirely hate him, am I right?"

When her mind registered my question, she blushed. "W-Why do you say that?"

"Do you not understand?" I reached for her face, and using my index finger, I lifted her head gazing into her chocolate brown eyes. "Of course I hate him for being a selfish two-timing scum. But, if he's the reason why you stayed here, allowing me to meet you, than I can't really hate him." I smirked.

Once she understood what I meant, she blushed an even deeper red. "Oh." Was all she managed to choke out. Obviously not expecting my reason.

I chuckled. I continued to look at her beautiful face, unable to look away. I could stare at her face forever and never want to look away. When suddenly, her phone rang. I believe we both felt uneasy, thinking that it could be Mike calling for the hundredth time. "Is it him again?" I tightened my jaw, and asked through my teeth.

"I hope not." She mumbled under her breath. "Oh, it's just Alice." She lifted her other hand, to push the 'talk' button on the phone when it stopped ringing. "I should call her back..."

"Oh, go ahead." I gestured toward the phone, and smiled.


It was quiet for a while as Bella spoke with whoever was on the other line.

"Hi, may I speak with Ms. Alice Cullen please?"

My eyes widened at hearing Bella request to speak to my sister. "Thank-you"

"Alice Cullen?" I asked, unable to believe that she knows my only sister.

"Uh, yes. Why?" She looked confused asto why I had asked her about Alice.


She worded 'excuse me' and began speaking with Alice. "Hello, Alice? You called?"

I looked at Bella who was listening carefully to the call. I was still confused, but ignored that though, again awe-struck at Bella's beauty. Something about her, made her so irresistible to me. Bella's angelic voice broke my chain of thoughts. "Yeah, so whats up?"

Suddenly, Bella's eyes watered, and her expression showed pain and hatred. Her mouth opened, but she never said anything. Almost as if she wasn't able to.

Her big, hurt filled tears spilled over, breaking my heart at teh sight of her crying again. I wanted to stroke the tears away. Even if it was just an excuse to touch her face.Her sobs grew louder, catching my attention and I snapped back to reality, and grabbed the phone from Bella. "Alice? What did you say to set her off?"

"Edward? Is that you?!"

"Yes, Alice. It's me."

"What? What are you doing with Bella? How do you know her?"

"I should be asking you the same thing. But now is not the time." I sighed, looking over at Bella again as she had her head in her hands, sobbing louder. "what did you say to make her cry this way?"

"I just asked her what happened with Mike, because he kept calling me –"

"You brought him up? Do you even have emotions? How could you be so careless!" I raised my voice, angrier than before.

"Edward, calm down. How was I supposed to know that saying his name would hurt her! This is my first time talking to her since she left for her vacation! So don't get mad at me!"

I cleared my throat. "Oh sorry Alice. I just assumed – "

"Don't worry about it Edward. Bu seriously what happened?"

I glanced at Bella again, she must've fallen asleep because her breathing was even, and she barely moved. "Alice, I have to go now."

"Edward! Not until I know what happened!"

I sighed in frustration, because now I was in a rush. I couldn't have her sleep here so uncomfortably. "Alice, he cheated." I hung up, not waiting for a response. I was too concerned for Bella.

I lifted her up, and carried her to the car. After strapping her in I put the key in the ignition. Wait, where was I supposed to take her? If I took her back to her place, Mike would still be there. Confused, I took my phone now and called Alice back.

The phone rang. Once. Twice. A Third time before I got an answer."Alice?"

"Yes Edward? You know, I'm busy here at work!"

"Sorry, but where am I supposed to take Bella? I can't take her back to her place."

"Oh Edward. Just bring back to our place, lay here down in your room. Since you two seem close, I don't think she'll mind waking up and finding you there." I could hear the smile in her voice as she spoke that last part.

"Why can't she sleep in your room?!" I blushed at the thought of Bella sleeping in my room with me, but shook that thought after feeling guilt at thinking of her that way, when she wouldn't want me too.

"Because Jasper is home, and he's in there sleeping now."

"Oh, Okay. Wait Alice, before you hang up."


"How do you know Bella?"

Alice sighed. "Edward, as smart as you are, you can be very dumbfounded."

"What is that supposed to mean?"

"Bella is my best friend. Bella and I have been best friends since she moved to Forks a few years ago. Don't you remember? I know you travelled a lot, but when you guys were together you were inseparable! You guys were in love and everything! If I didn't know any better, I'd say you two were soul mates."

"Alice, I can see you know I like her. But you don't have to make up a story to make me feel better."

"Edward, this is not made up! I'm serious. If you want you can go in my room and look through the photo albums. In one of my highschool ones – I think year three – you'll find pictures of us three."

I was shocked. Why hadn't I remembered Bella? "Why can't I remember any of this?"

"Um, I don't know the entire story, but you two got in a fight one day because even after you were both in love, she met... Mike. You got angry, and moved away and just began travelling."

"So she cheated on me back then?" I raised my voice a bit with anger.

"No, no, no. She would never do that. Don't be silly. You guys were oblivious to the love-thing. When we told you two, you'd always doubt it. So when she finally started dating Mike, you got jealous and angry at her. She never understood why, because she thought those feeling weren't mutual, so you two fought until you moved away."

"How could I be so stupid? Why would I leave someone so amazing here?"

"I guess because you thought she'd be happier with him." Alice sighed. "I guess you were wrong. Okay look, I have to get back to work. Call me if you need anything. Bella has some clothes in my room if she needs to change tomorrow."

"Before you go Alice, I have one last question."


"What is she supposed to sleep in?"


"What do you mean it depends?"

"Well, she can sleep in one of your shirts. Or I have an entire drawer filled with unused lingerie in my room."

"Uh, o-okay. I-I'll see." I stuttered as I let my mind roam to thoughts of Bella in one of my shirts. I closed my phone and parked the car in our drive-way. That phone call took the entire drive home.

Bella remained asleep as I carried her from the car, into my room on the third floor. It wasn't until her head hit the pillow, that she propped up on one elbow and looked at me, confused and still half asleep.

"Where are we?" Her voice was still groggy, and she must've realized it too because she cleared her throat.

"Were at my place for now. Would you like something to sleep in? I could go get something from Alice's drawers. Or would you like one of my shirts?"


"Oh, we're siblings."

Her eyes widened in astonishment and her jaw dropped. "Siblings?" Her mouth shut and she mumbled something that sounded like "Why don't I remember someone like you then?"

I replied unaware, "I feel the same way."


"Oh sorry, just talking to myself." I laughed quietly. "Decided what to sleep in yet?"

"Oh yeah. Do you mind if I use of your shirts? I don't think I'll approve of what Alice has in those drawers of hers."

I felt happy. She chose to sleep in one of my shirts. I don't know why, but I was incredibly happy. I blushed slightly, and looked away. Why am I blushing so much today? I've dated women before, but I hardly ever blush. I stood up from the foot of the bed and strode towards my closet in five big steps.

I rummages through my shirts, and looked for something she might approve of. "Oh, do you mind looking for a pair of sweat, or shorts, or something for my bottom half? It'll make me feel my comfortable."

I chuckled. "Sure thing."

I picked out a deep blue t-shirt and a pair of black basket-ball shorts. When I walked back into my bedroom, Bella was sitting up in bed, she looked exhausted.

I looked at her in awe, again caught of guard by how gorgeous her face looked. She smiled shyly, and walked towards me, grabbing the clothes from my hands, and out the door.

I gathered myself again and called after her. "You realize I have a washroom in my room too, right?"

"Yes, I know that, but I have a toothbrush and everything in the washroom closest to her room. She smiled and continued out the door.

That night, even though she offered for me to sleep in my bed while she finds somewhere more suitable, I slept on my leather couch. Bella didn't feel comfortable sleeping alone, so she requested that I stay near. I moved the sofa closer so it was merely one and a half feet away from where she lay at the edge of my bed.

Just before she fell asleep again, she grabbed my hand, smiled, and fell asleep.

Her sudden movements surprised me, but I smiled back. I just looked at her unconscious body. My eyes drooped, and that night, I dreamt of my Bella.