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I heard a song tonight on the radio
Another girl sings about a boy
She sees his face in every space, every room
And I know that if I turn around you won't be there
If I close my eyes, will you be there?

The hardest part for Bella was to face the fact that he was not coming back. He didn't love her—not in the same way she thought he had. She wasn't good for him. Even though it was a simple fact she'd always known, the words seemed to sting coming from his perfect lips. Above all, he was the one that could hurt her worst.

He had done just that.

And she still loved him, despite it.

The everyday rain of Forks pounded against her window, poured in through the opening. Dimly, she realized that she should close it, shut it tight, lock it. But all she could remember was his smiling face, sneaking in through that same opening, after Charlie went to sleep. All she could do was remember his gorgeous face, perfect voice.

It was late, and Bella knew it; she could tell by the spreading puddle of water on her floor. She'd been staring at the darkness outside her open window for what seemed like decades, waiting for someone that would never show up. He would never come through that window ever again.

Finally, when the water spread to touch her bare foot where it was resting on the wood floor, did she get up and make her way to the bathroom to find a towel. She cleaned up the water slowly, meticulously wiping every trace of the wetness of the ground. Then, she tossed the towel against a wall, crawling under her blankets, eyes staring at the shadowy ceiling.

Maybe, if she closed her eyes and slept, he would grace her with his presence in her dreams.

She didn't even care if she had nightmares. Not if she could see him again.

I don't wanna lose your face
And I don't wanna wake up one day
And not remember what time erased
I don't wanna turn around
'Cause I'm not scared of what love gave me and took away
And I don't wanna lose your face...

Bella woke up that morning, brushed her hair, shrugged into some clothes, all the while, remembering the dreams she'd had that night. He was in them, as she'd hoped. He'd been there with her for only a few moments—but he was there to repeat what he'd said only a few weeks before—that he didn't want her.

It was times like these, right after she woke up, when she wished she had a talent for drawing. With his face fresh in her mind, she wished she could sit down, if only for a few minutes, and try to sketch what she wished to see.

Even a simple drawing would ease her worry of eventually forgetting his face. If she ever forgot one thing about him, she would never forgive herself, especially since that was one of the things he'd wanted. Your memory is like a sieve. Time heals all wounds for your kind.

She would prove him wrong. Every minute of her life, every second of every day, she would remember his perfect face, even though it killed her to do so.

She never ever wanted to forget him.

Even if he never wanted her, would never come back to her.

He was still the best thing that happened in her life. To her, he was irreplaceable and unforgettable.

I've got a picture of you in my bedroom
And I hope it never falls
I hope I never lose that feeling
I used to get when you called
And then I wonder to myself
Who are you, where are you, were you ever here at all?

She knew that she scared Charlie, even though Bella was trying her hardest to do just the opposite. She didn't want to cause anyone else pain; she didn't mean to if she did.

She remembered Charlie's horrified expression when he walked into her room to find every one of the CDs she owned snapped in half and in the wire trashcan by her bed. She remembered him watching her carry in her car stereo, ripped and mangled, utterly destroyed. Charlie was afraid for her—possibly even afraid of her.

But it was something she would never manage to explain to her father. What he meant to her was something only she would be able to comprehend. At one point, she'd thought he could understand what she felt for him, but it was evident that those feelings were no more.

Sometimes, Bella sat and thought about him in the present—where he was, what he was doing. It seemed so illogical that he had even been in her life in the first place. It was hard to believe that he'd ever been with her; his whole being was so surreal.

But she hated to doubt her memories of his face, his voice, his family, afraid that she would start to believe them.

Start to believe that he's never been in Forks in the first place.

I don't wanna lose your face
And I don't wanna wake up one day
And not remember what time erased
I don't wanna turn around
'Cause I'm not scared of what love gave me and took away
And I don't wanna lose your face...

The days passed slowly, but they still passed, even for Bella. Each morning, she reminded herself that he had been there, forced herself to remember what he'd said to her—every word from the beginning until the end. She thought of his face. His delicious crooked smile mocked her from the recesses of her mind.

But at least she still remembered, even though it made her bend over, clutching her chest in agony. She would give anything to see him again, hear his voice. She would endure pain fifty times this, so long as she could see him again, hear his voice again like she had in Port Angeles, with Jessica.

She never wanted to lose his face or his voice, no matter what the cost.

That was when she found the motorcycles.

That girl in the song had it so good
I wish I could close my eyes and see you
I wish the sky had your face
And the oceans had your eyes
And the sunset had your lips
And I had you...

Bella's life was a little bit more complete with Jacob Black in it. She could not be mistaken—she still longed for him more than she longed for even air to breathe. But Jacob was able to dull the pain, push it back far enough that she was able to withstand while she was around him.

When she had ridden the death trap of a motorcycle for the first time and heard his voice, she had been expectant, and her expectations were met when his liquid smooth velveteen voice spoke to her. She loved hearing him again—though she could not see his beautiful face, she would settle with hearing his voice in her mind.

It didn't even hurt right away, not like it hurt when she forced herself to remember.

His voice came to her effortlessly, smoothly filling the cracks and fractures he'd created in her life, for those few moments. Then, with Jacob there to help ease the pain of the after-effects, she could remain normal until she got home and was alone.

At home, though, he was all she longed for. She could look around and see him everywhere. The twilight was his safest time, the rain and gloom allowed him to go outdoors, the ocean was something he could cross easily, without needing to breathe once.

Little things reminded her of him.

After the voices disappeared, the motorcycles became less appealing, and, more than anything, Bella wanted to be able to hear his voice again.

It was what she held onto, to keep his memory fresh.

Oh, yeah
I don't wanna lose your face
And I don't wanna wake up one day
And not remember what time erased
And I don't wanna turn around
'Cause I'm not scared of what love gave me and took away
And I don't wanna lose your face
Oh, no, no
I don't wanna lose your face
I don't wanna turn around
Oh, oh, oh...

She jumped off a cliff, was driven off the cliff, by her need to see him, remember him, hear him.

In a way, it brought Bella's life back—she was able to rescue Edward just in time, to find out that everything he'd said was a lie. He still loved her.

She jumped off a cliff, and was forced to choose later between two good things.

One who she would stay with, always remember, never forget.

The other who would be lost eventually, spiraling Bella into another round of pain, another bout of trying to remember every little thing.

She didn't want to lose his face—now that she had Edward, she needed to remember Jacob.

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