A/N: This is the second part of my two-shot, using the other idea I had for this song.

This takes place after Eclipse, in the general area of Breaking Dawn.

And I do realize that the song talks about a girl in it. I also realize that Jacob is a guy. It still applies, even with the occasional gender issue.

Disclaimer: Once again, I really WISH Twilight was mine, but unfortunately, it is not. Neither is Your Face, by Taylor Swfit.

I heard a song tonight on the radio
Another girl sings about a boy
She sees his face in every space, every room
And I know that if I turn around you won't be there
If I close my eyes, will you be there?

Jacob scowled through the rain; eyes searching for what he knew wouldn't be there. His imagination was playing tricks on him again—thinking it could hear the familiar rumble of a familiar truck driving up that familiar road. As soon as the thought flashed through his mind, a ripple ran down his spine. His fists clenched.

She would never drive down that road again. She would never jump out of that old red truck and run up the drive, excited to see him. She was as good as dead.

A long distance friendship, his mind mocked cruelly. As if that would ever work. The wedding had come and gone—and Jacob had come home last minute to see her walk down the aisle, hiding in the shadows at the back of the church. No one had even noticed he was there.

In the end that leech had been right; Jacob had wanted the choice. Even if it killed him to see her stare up at that monster with love and pure, honest devotion. Even if she hadn't chosen him, hadn't chosen the choice that would keep her living. Even if she was willing to become a thing that he despised.

The least Jacob could give himself was that she was happy at least, wherever he had taken her. The least he had was the knowledge that she would be happy.

I don't wanna lose your face
And I don't wanna wake up one day
And not remember what time erased
I don't wanna turn around
'Cause I'm not scared of what love gave me and took away
And I don't wanna lose your face...

Jacob's biggest fear was forgetting she existed. At night when he slept, her face was the thing he went to sleep seeing in his mind. Sometimes his dreams were sweet, remembering the times that they had sat in his garage, the times they had kissed.

Lately, ever since the wedding, those sweet dreams had morphed to nightmares. In his mind, her soft, angelic face twisted until her features were pale and sharp. He skin would be cold, her smell nauseating. No longer would she sound like the innocent human that she was—her voice would hypnotize instead. She would be like them, a replica.

He hated those dreams. He never wanted to lose her face from his mind, never wanted to forget how she was before. Before everything.

Sometimes he wondered if she remembered him the same way—sat awake at night, thinking of him. Sat awake at night when she could no longer sleep—because she wasn't able to—remembering her old friend.

I've got a picture of you in my bedroom
And I hope it never falls
I hope I never lose that feeling
I used to get when you called
And then I wonder to myself
Who are you, where are you, were you ever here at all?

Jacob stumbled back to his literal bedroom, climbing atop his bed and sprawling out. That day had been particularly miserable. Leah hadn't left him alone for a minute, constantly bothering him about worrying his father, the pack, her brother. Her words echoed through his mind. Maybe a funeral would be better closure than a wedding. Time to move on, boy.

But that was just the thing. He didn't want to move on. Why would he want to move on from something so special?

He lay diagonally across his mattress, reaching beneath his pillow to pull out one of the only pictures he had of her. The edges were worn and some of the photograph was smudged from his handling.

The picture had been taken that first day at the beach by one of his friends with a camera—most likely Embry or Quil. The two were sitting by the driftwood fire, blue flames lighting up their faces. She was smiling, looking down, while Jacob was laughing, staring at her.

He'd liked her even then.

Another flash of misery washed over him. He wondered what she was doing now, where the happy couple had gone on their honeymoon. He wondered if she was still the same, still the human Bella that he loved.

It would be hard to believe that she had even existed as something better when everything was said and done.

I don't wanna lose your face
And I don't wanna wake up one day
And not remember what time erased
I don't wanna turn around
'Cause I'm not scared of what love gave me and took away
And I don't wanna lose your face...

That night, Jacob's dreams were the same as usual. He saw her laughing on the beach, watched her sit in his Rabbit and chatter aimlessly about anything and everything. He saw them walking down First Beach, hand in hand.

Then, he came back in. That horrid bloodsucker had come back—or rather, Bella had made him come back. A flash of pain washed over Jacob, even in his sleep. She had wanted him back, after everything that he had done to her. After everything Jacob had done to make the pain go away, he wasn't good enough. He wasn't enough of a comparison.

The dream Jacob sat back and watched as the leech leaned in, kissed her as softly as he had at the wedding. The dream Jacob could do nothing as the monster's head reared back, coming down on her throat, biting...

His eyes watched the life drain from Bella's eyes.

Time to move on, boy. Maybe a funeral would be better closure than a wedding.

A ragged howl broke through the air and suddenly, his dreams were filled with Leah. Or, more precisely, pushing Leah off a cliff. Those dreams were the kind he enjoyed, in his sick twisted way. By the time he woke up, his nightmare had receded to a place deeper in his head.

Slowly, he was making it through. Painfully, he was managing to live each day without her, with Leah as a thorn in his side. Jacob smiled wryly. Hell, if all of his dreams were to end in Leah's impending doom, he might have a reason to fall asleep at night.

But when he looked down at the crumpled photo in his fist, it all came flooding back. Even killing Leah wasn't worth all of that pain.

That girl in the song had it so good
I wish I could close my eyes and see you
I wish the sky had your face
And the oceans had your eyes
And the sunset had your lips
And I had you...

Jacob ate the food Billy pushed at him as fast as usual, though his appetite was gone. He had no idea where she was, who she was, if she was even still alive. As fast as was possible, even for him, he was out on the beach, hands tearing at his shaggy hair, eyes wet. He didn't want anyone to witness his hurt, even though they all would know about it, eventually.

Everywhere he looked, he saw her. The ripped up tree where they used to sit, his garage, hidden behind trees, off in the distance. The cliff she'd leapt off, too unhappy to live with just him—always wanting someone else more.

The sun shone for once in a long while that day, shining down on him mockingly. This is what you were for her, Jacob. Not even your sunlight was able to draw her away from the temptation of his darkness. You were eclipsed, pushed to the back.

Shudders ran up and down his spine. His control was so much better now, and yet, he could still get so upset over her. She was one of the only things that could make him lose his head, make him lose his tight control.

Leah was the only other. Her crude remarks, her ignorance, her self-centered attitude. That alone was enough to drive him near enough to the edge. But when she started talking about Bella...

The sun was already lowering in the sky, sinking toward the water. He had been out there, pacing along the beach, all day. His father was probably worried—but then again, Billy would know where he was, why he was there, just by using his fatherly sixth sense.

The sunset sank into the dim light of twilight, reminding him all over again of them, of her.

If only he could see her again, kiss her again. He wanted her, wanted to hold her, and wanted to tell her over and over that he loved her. He wanted her not to become a monster. He wanted her to be with him, not with Edward. He wanted her to love him more. He wanted her.

It would figure that the things he desired were things that could never happen.

Oh, yeah
I don't wanna lose your face
And I don't wanna wake up one day
And not remember what time erased
And I don't wanna turn around
'Cause I'm not scared of what love gave me and took away
And I don't wanna lose your face
Oh, no, no
I don't wanna lose your face
I don't wanna turn around
Oh, oh, oh...

Even after all she'd put him through, after all the dreams and sleepless nights he'd had over her, he still never wanted to forget her.

He wanted to keep a vision of her etched into his mind for all of eternity, or as long as he decided to live.

He didn't want to wake up and not remember her, not matter how much time passed. He never wanted to lose her face.

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