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Content was a new emotion for Alanna. Happy, sad, elated, depressed, triumphant, enthralled—all those she had felt at various points in her life. But as she leaned over the balcony and idly rubbed her growing belly while watching her husband dramatically search through the garden for their giggling two-year-old son, she realized she was completely content for the first time in her life. Her first pregnancy had been filled with anxiety about labor and a nettlesome fear that she was shirking her duty as the King's Champion. But as her twins churned inside her, she realized with a start that she had no desire to run off and whack someone with her sword. It was the eternal dilemma of her life that when she was chasing bandits she desperately wanted to be at home, but when she was home she searched endlessly for something to keep her busy. As George darted around an apple tree and caught the squealing Thom with one arm, Alanna wished she could hold on to this moment forever. She knew the feeling of contentment would be fleeting, and all too soon she would have to leave her home once again.

Smiling, she stood up straight and walked back into her bedroom, pushing through the fluttering white curtains that acted as doors during the summer months. The sound of the waves crashing into the Swoop's infamous cliffs followed her inside. She walked past the large four-poster bed to her boots. As she awkwardly attempted to pull them on, she knocked over the vase filled with lavender sitting on the dresser and cursed. Her curses turned to laughter when she noticed the small knife that was hidden at its base; her husband would always be a Rogue at heart. Once she got her boots on, she walked down the stairs to join her husband and son in the garden.

"I found your knife under the vase on our dresser. How many knives do you have stashed around our room?" she asked.

"Can you blame a man for wantin' to be ready?" he responded.

She leaned against him and his arms circled around her.

"No, I suppose not," she replied, turning her face up for a kiss.

"Grooosssss. STOP KISSING." Thom ran over and attempted to wriggle in between his two parents. He screwed up his face in disgust at his parents' display of affection. Alanna laughed and leaned over to pick him up, settling him on her hip.

"I believe young man that it is time for you to go to bed," said Alanna reveling in the total peace she felt when she held her young son.

"But Ma."

"No but Ma."

"Will you and Da tell me a story?" he said in his lisping baby voice that Alanna could never say no to.
"Of course we will lad. What story would you like to hear?" his dad responded. As they walked back into the castle, the boy demanded to hear the story of when his mother and her brother used magic to run-off their father's nasty suitor. He loved every story that involved magic.

After they tucked the boy in, Alanna went back out on the balcony while George went to his study to do some work. A few minutes later, she started a bit before relaxing as her husband's arms wrapped around her and he kissed her neck. "All these years and you can still sneak up on me."

George chuckled, "How you feeling lass?"

"Like life couldn't be more perfect than it is right now. I thought you had work that you were suppose to be doing."

"How is a man suppose to do work when he knows his gorgeous wife is next door wearing little more than a scanty nightgown?" he responded, kissing her neck again.

Alanna turned in his arms smiling up at him. "Are you blaming me?" she asked.

Rather than respond, her husband kissed her softly on the lips, gentle hands running over her swelling belly and up to just barely caress the sides of her breasts, making Alanna breath in sharply.

Pulling away George said huskily, "I should really go back to work."

"Mm. You really should," Alanna said kissing the hollow of his neck and snaking her hands under his shirt to caress his back. "You have a duty to the Crown after all," she whispered.

George kissed her passionately before sweeping her off her feet and carrying her to the bed. "I'm leaving right now. See I'm walking towards my study as I speak," he murmured, sliding his wife's nightgown up over her head and tossing it on the floor. Alanna lay on the bed naked except for her loincloth while George pulled off all his clothes except for his breeches. He sat down on the bed next to her and put his hand on her cheek. "I love you, Alanna."

Alanna smiled lazily as her husband moved his fingers down her neck, side and began tracing circles on her right thigh, slowly moving his hand inward. "I love you, too." He gripped her knee and slid his hand up, his thumb pressing hard into her inner thigh. Alanna moaned softly, arching her back slightly. George smiled down at his wife as he caressed her, eyes roaming over the body that he knew so well. He loved these moments because they were such a contrast to her normal active self. While he loved her for her drive and independence, he also loved the moments in their bed where she let him take complete control over her. He shifted so that he was laying on his side curled around her and began kissing her shoulder and collar bone, than trailing up her neck to kiss her passionately on her mouth, all the while continuing to tease her through her loincloth. Slowly he pulled her loincloth down, finally throwing it on the floor to join her nightgown. He rolled her gently on to her side and she slid her hand over his hip only partially opening her eyes. She began untying the laces of his breeches and eased them off. Rather than push between her legs, he left her on her side so that her pregnant stomach would not get in the way. She tightened when he slid into her, moaning softly. He moved languidly at first, but quickly built up speed as they both got closer to finishing. As he thrust into her for the final time, she dug her nails into his arm and cried out. Afterwards, he lay down and curled around her, murmuring messages of love into her ear as he played with her hair. When she snuggled as close as she could into him, he put his hand on her stomach, rubbing it slowly. She smiled up at him, watching the look of awe that always played across his features when he contemplated their unborn children.

"When I'm with you, I feel so at peace and safe, like I don't have to worry about anything," Alanna said and kissed him softly.

"Good. Even heroes need a place where they can rest. I'm glad you found your place with me. Now go to sleep my Lioness. Rest while you can." He kissed her forehead, and she closed her eyes and relaxed. As George continued to hold and watch his lass as she drifted off into slumber, he felt perfectly content.


Hope you enjoyed. I think I'll leave this as a oneshot, but you might convince me to change.