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I was outside, it looked like a forest, and it looked like the forest just outside of Kohana. My glance turned to in front of me. There stood Naruto, looking as happy as he could be, but he wasn't paying attention, his mind seemed to be elsewhere. I felt a smile slowly creep replacing my frown. I opened my mouth and called out to him and started taking a step forward to walk to him. He still didn't look in my direction. What could he possibly be looking at?

I turned my head to see where he was staring. My eyes went wide, it was me. Naruto was staring at me... But it didn't make sense. I was standing here... How could I be over there? I quickly noticed the sinister look on his face. What was he...? I? Thinking. He began to take a couple steps towards Naruto. I turned back to Naruto; he was walking towards the impostor me.

"Wait! Stop, that's not me!"

I went running up to him to grab his shoulders. He didn't even flinch, next thing I just went right through him. I lost my balance and fell onto my knees. It took me a moment to process what was going on. I slowly raised my hands and looked at them. Could he not see me? I was right there! How was this possible? I turned my head and saw the two facing standing about a meter away from each other.

"Naruto, I'm glad you came to meet me here..." The impostor me said.

Naruto smiled softly, "How could I not? You're my best friend, Gaara. I wouldn't blow you off. What is it you need to talk to me about?" He paused and looked around. "I just don't understand why you wanted to meet all the way out here... We could've went to my place and hung out there."

Other Gaara snickered and walked closer to Naruto. He took his hand and placed it on Naruto's left cheek, caressing it softly.

"Oh, Naruto... I thought why not just enjoy nature? It's been awhile since I've been here... I wanted to share it with you." He looked up at the sky and closed his eyes, breathing in the fresh air around him. "You know, Naruto... After the events that took place with us, I'm still very surprised that you agreed to come see me." He opened his eyes and turned his attention back to him.

I saw his cheeks become red with embarrassment. "I... I told you. You're my good friend. Even though we had some awkward things happen between us, I want to be friends with you," he shrugged and looked down at the ground, "And... Maybe I kinda enjoyed it." He muttered.

"Really?" Other Gaara asked. His hand went back to his side and slowly began to circle around Naruto. "Kind of enjoyed it? That's good to hear. I'm sure you know that I deeply care about you, Naruto. So, since our relationship is slowly going to the next level. I've decided to be honest with you..." He stopped behind Naruto and sly smile was upon his lips.

"Honest...? What're you talking about? I know you're gay, Gaara. You obviously don't have to tell me now." Naruto said as he chuckled.

He narrowed his eyes, "That's not what I meant." He went up behind Naruto and draped his arms over his shoulders and licked his ear. I watched Naruto shudder. "It's been awhile now since Sakura disappeared... She just disappeared without a trace. It didn't make sense... But, what if I told you I know what happened to your pink haired friend? Would you like to know this?" He whispered.

I got up and walked up closer to the two. I needed to hear what other Gaara was saying. It didn't look good where this was going.

Naruto's eyes went wide, "You know where Sakura went?" He attempted to turn around and face the other Gaara, but he just made sure he stayed in place. "Please tell me, Gaara. I need to know!" He pleaded.

He smirked, "You have to promise not to get mad at me..."

"I... Promise?"

A chuckle escaped his lips. "While you were at my house, did you happen to get a glimpse in my basement? Didn't you ever think to look in there? Well, let me tell you this, she was down here. Covered in blood... Cuts and bruises all over her body. I did that to her..."

Naruto's smile slowly faded away as he processed the words coming from his mouth. His eyes went wide. He quickly turned around and pushed him away. "You... Did... What...? You did WHAT?" He yelled. "How could you do that to me, Gaara? How could you do that to Sakura? What's wrong with you?"

I quickly stepped in front of the two. "Naruto! No you don't understand! You have to listen to me, don't listen to him! It sounds bad... But please, Nar-" I couldn't finish my sentence because I felt something grab my collar and push me hard to the side. I fell onto my back and winced. What the hell? I looked up at the other Gaara with a smile on his face. He could see me... If he could why couldn't Naruto! I didn't understand what was going on. I wanted this to stop.

"Stay out of this, Gaara. This is beyond your understanding now. I have to take things into my own hands now." The voice rang inside my head.

I stared wide eyed. The other Gaara was in fact me. But... It was my inner demon, my other half... He was taking over my body. He was telling Naruto my dirty little secrets.

The conversation continued... I could only sit there and listen.

"Now, now... You promised me you wouldn't get mad." He took a couple steps towards Naruto. "Did I mention I cut part of her tongue off...?" He tapped his upper lip and smiled. "Oh well, details... I had to be with you somehow. When she was in the picture, you never saw me the way you do now. So, I decided to take her out of the picture. It's as simple as that."

Naruto fell onto his knees, his mouth open as if wanting to speak but he was clearly speechless. He ran his fingers through his hair and shook his head. "What? You killed her?"

The other Gaara knelt down, took his hand and cupped Naruto's chin. "But I did it for us... I wanted to be with you."

Naruto quickly slapped his hand and looked away. Tears were starting to well up in his eyes. My heart sank. The pain that was on his face, it was if my heart was getting stabbed with thousands of needles. I never wanted him to find out, especially this way.

"Well, she might be dead. She's still in my basement you know. I haven't checked on her since the night we did it... Who knows maybe she starved to death or the blood that dripped from her tongue made her choke to death? It'll be a miracle if she survived all that," the other Gaara said with a shrug.

Naruto rose to his feet and narrowed his eyes, which had tears clouding his glare. "You're sick, Gaara. I knew you were but not this much! I trusted you! When I get back into town I'm calling the cops on you! You are going to pay for what you did! I LOVED her, Gaara!"

I stared in horror. This wasn't supposed to happen; he wasn't supposed to find out. If he were to find out, it should have been coming straight from my mouth, not an imposter.

The other Gaara quickly ran up to him and stopped about an inch away from his face. "She was a WHORE, Naruto. She cheated on you every week. Yet, you were dumb to even notice. You should hear all of Kohana teasing you behind your back!" He shouted. He wrapped his arm around his waist and pulled Naruto close to him. I saw that he was reaching behind him into his back pocket for something. "Now, I don't want you going around telling my little secret... I love you, Naruto."

My eyes went wide as I saw a blade appear in my demons hand. I quickly stood up and ran over to him. I attempt to grab it but my hand just went through. "What're you doing! STOP! Leave him out of this!" I yelled. The other Gaara's head slowly turned towards me and smiled. Without a word, he simply pushed me aside. Again, I encounter the hard ground. I was getting sick of this. I could only sit there and watch what was about to happen.

Naruto looked down at the blade wide eyed and tried to push him away. My demon seemed to tighten his grip. "But, I do have a confession..." He said slowly as he examined the blade. "I'm also in love with someone else... And that person is me." He noticed Naruto's confused look and chuckled, "Well, by me... I mean my other half. My inner demon to be exact. I was silly and ignored him and only paid attention to you. Now, it seemed that he didn't quite enjoy that. As much as I care about you, it simply cannot be." He breathed in deeply and smiled. "God, it feels good to let out the truth, don't you think?" He asked as he looked at Naruto. He moved behind Naruto so that his back was close to his chest.

He licked the blade and the sinister sly smile returned onto his lips. "This is what you get for ignoring me, Gaara." He whispered.

Without hesitation, before I could even scream out anything, with one clean swipe he slit Naruto's throat right before me. I sat there; it was the only thing I could do. I didn't know to stop it, I couldn't turn back time. I just sat there, staring wide eyed. It was a clean cut, it took a moment for the blood to seep through, and then the cut started to flow out freely.

I couldn't look away...

The expression on Naruto's face was heartbreaking. It looked confused, angry and hurt. His eyes were wide eyed; all I could was gurgling sounds coming from his throat. He was choking on his own blood and all I could do was just sit there, looking hopeless and pathetic. I gripped onto the grass and bit down on my lip, trying my hardest not to let tears fall from my eyes. Naruto's eyes looked towards me; it was if he could see me now. After all that happened, he could finally see me now? I couldn't stare him in the eyes. I quickly looked down at the ground and started to shake.

I heard a thud and slowly looked up. My inner demon threw him onto the ground and just stood there watching him bleed to death. I looked over at him and narrowed my eyes.

"Awe... Are we mad, Gaara?" He asked. He took the blade and licked it.

I stood up with my fists clenched tightly. "Why would you do this? Why? He did nothing to you! You didn't have to kill him." I managed my way over to Naruto. I held out my hand to touch him but it just hovered over the soon to be corpse. I couldn't touch him. I didn't want to make him dirtier then he already was. His innocent blood was now seeping into the ground.

I watched as he tried his best to keep breathing. The gurgling sound he made as he tried to speak sent shivers up my spine. I couldn't stop myself... The tears started to pour out suddenly. I was surprised. I wasn't even aware I could cry. I took my hovering hand and touched my cheeks that were wet from the tears.

I looked down as I felt a hand grip my wrist. It was Naruto, looking at me with the kindness in his eyes. After all this, that kindness was still there, and it was towards me. I let out a small cry, took out his hand and rested my head on his back.

"Why...? Why do you look at me with those kind eyes, Naruto? After all that I've done... You still have that kindness for me. I don't deserve it. You should be glaring at me with so much hatred." I whispered as I rubbed his palm with my thumb.

When he stopped breathing, I couldn't bring myself to let go of his hand. This was my entire fault... Not completely my fault though. I do take most of the blame. I realized that my demon was still standing there. My attention turned towards him and I glared.

He was just standing there with a smug look on his face, proud of what he did. I released Naruto's hand and stood up. "Explain yourself, now," I demanded.

He pocketed his blade and looked up at the sky, "Beautiful day, isn't it?"

He was playing games. I hated it when he did this, "Don't start that bullshit. Tell me why."

He looked at me and smiled, "It was the only thing I could do, Gaara... He was taking you away from me. I understand you liked this boy, but I thought it was just a crush. Then it started becoming serious, too serious. I had to put an end to it. What were you going to do if he ever found out about Sakura, Gaara? Just randomly tell him years from now, 'Oh by the way, I killed your girlfriend that year she went missing.' Do you think it would go over smoothly like that?"

I opened my mouth to respond but it was true... I wasn't going to tell him at all. I didn't plan for it to go this far. "I don't get it! You're the one who egged me on to go after him. To kill the bitch! Take him for myself. Was that all lies so you could just fuck with my head?"

"Of course not. Don't be silly. I wouldn't make you suffer like that. I knew for many years that you liked him. You kept on beating yourself up about it and it was affecting our relationship. Since I couldn't pleasure you the way you wanted, I let you go after to him. But now that you actually think you were falling in love with him. I simply wouldn't have it. But, this was just a test of how'd you react if I actually did kill him... It seems quite pleasing. I'd watch him like a hawk from now on."

I cocked my head to the side in confusion. "A test? What're you talking about?"

"Just wake up, Gaara."

I shot up and gasped loudly. My head was spinning, what happened? What's going on? Where am I?

I looked around and saw I was in my living room, on the couch where I had passed out earlier. I ran my fingers threw my hair. It was sweaty and my chest was heaving up and down. Could it be...? That it was all a dream?

I finally realized I wasn't alone. I turned my head and saw Naruto sitting on the opposite couch, looking at me with worried eyes. I stared at him while he stared at me. He wasn't saying anything. Usually, he would have said something by now. Did he know Sakura was in my basement?

"Are you okay, Gaara? You woke me up with this horrible cry... I thought you hurt yourself or something but you were just sleeping. Was it a nightmare?"

I wiped the sweat from my forehead and stared at him. I processed his question and shook my head, "Obviously if it was a horrible cry you heard," I muttered.

"Oh right. Hahaha," he rubbed the back of his neck and smiled. His face then went serious. "Are you sure you're okay though? Is anything bothering you... You can talk to me if you want." He suddenly jumped up and ran over to touch my head. "Do you have a fever?"

I was surprised at his quick actions and that he was actually worried about me. I examined him up and down. He had put his boxers on. I stared at his crotch for a moment and then quickly looked up. I took his hand and put it to the side. "I'm fine. Nice boxers, by the way."

He plopped down next to me and blushed. "Shut up, that's what you said last night..." He mumbled. "You have no idea how much I hurt right now."

I snickered and patted his head lightly. "I told you, didn't I? Anyway, you can leave now. I'm done with you, but don't think you've gotten rid of me so quick; I'll be back for you. I'm going to have a shower, you better be gone when I get back out." I stood up and walked towards the bathroom.

"Just like that? You're kicking me out already?" He whined.

"I got what I wanted. I'll come and get you when I'm horny again." I closed the bathroom door behind me and quickly stripped. I needed a hot shower to calm my racing mind. After that dream, I just didn't want to see him at the moment. My inner demon hadn't spoken to me yet. I wonder if he was actually serious... He's just about as twisted and fucked up as I am. Maybe, he is the reason why I am.

I stepped into the shower and turned on the hot water.

God, did it ever feel good.

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