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Aaliyah tossed the keys into the bowl as she stepped out of the elevator and walked into the large penthouse of hers. She pulled of her black skinny jacket tossing it on the lounge chair along with her large tote bag to reveal a casual white strapless blouse and jeans beneath. With her brown mane untidily piled on the top of her head and tired looking eyes, it looked as if someone had one hell of a wild night.

Headed straight toward the kitchen, Allie tossed the bowls she'd ignored leaving in such a hurry before collapsing on the couch in the living room. She looked round the room for the millionth time after living there for years, it still took her breath away, how her father was so filthily rich and she nor anybody else had not known, was beyond her.

The room was a tasteful combination of Early American reproductions mixed and matched with some authentic English antiques.

The cream colored rug accented the translucent beige draperies. The beige carpeted floor was clean and unsoiled. The couch was a fifties reproduction, straight backed, stiff-armed, sitting in front of a fireplace. A row of square chenille pillows marched along its length.

A glass topped coffee table sat exactly a feet and a half from the couch without so much as a speck of dust on it.

A brushed circular staircase wound its way up to the second floor at the far end of the room, near the elevator, and one wall of the room was completely glass, which opened to the balcony where it looked out to the lights of the city. The apartment was vast and opulent yet organized within an inch of its life, thanks to the trustful housekeeping that came along with the quarters of course, there was no way Allie would have managed to keep the vast residence clean, let alone organized to such extents.

Without fail, every day, the kitchen would be neat and clean, rooms tidy and orderly, beds made with such military precision, so tight and smooth that a quarter bounced off it's surface would have traveled halfway up to the ceiling before making it back down.

Deciding it was going to be a long day ahead of her, she went up to her bathroom, its extravagance was equal to the rest of the apartment; large white marble slabs covered the floor, a large mirror held by its gold frame with red velvety cloth draped over it hung just above the white marbled top teak counter with gold trimmings and a small Turkish bath.

She eased herself into the bath, which felt heavenly and held her breath as she dunked herself wetting her hair. The hot water surrounding her was calming as the steam fogged up the room. She was relaxed, at ease, a first for quiet a while, and slowly she drifted off to the music wafting from the over head stereo system.

And then, her eyes snapped open and she glanced at the clock, "Crap!" she cursed, jumping out of the tub, she pulled on a robe and grabbed an ivory towel of the rack rubbing her hair vigorously, drying it roughly. She pulled on a long sleeved black top and jeans, grabbing her bag, jacket and keys as she entered the elevator.

Aaliyah was late, she was so late, and she realized she was always late, and late was the one thing she shouldn't be for her first day as a surgical intern in Lennox Hill. She found them where she hoped they'd be and she entered the Operating Room just as the man speaking was finishing his short speech.

"This is your arena," he said turning around to face the room of young hopefuls, well, comparatively young, "How well you play, that's up to you," and the familiar face glanced over at the out of breath Aaliyah's direction and gave her a fleeting nod, she smiled in return.

"I hope he didn't think that was inspirational," a red headed female whispered to her, and Allie chuckled.

"I'm Paige," the red head said.

"Allie," Aaliyah offered her hand and they shook on it as the group moved on to the locker room where they changed.

"Who's your resident?" she asked.

"Barrish," the red head named Paige replied, "You?"

"Well, at least we'll suffer together," Allie said as she pulled on her scrubs.

"Barrish too?"

"Yeah," she replied, closing the locker as Paige pulled on her white coat. Her red hair made her stand out, but her features was striking, full lips, green eyes, and a fair complexion.

"Only 3 girls out of 20, can you believe it?" Allie asked, counting the crowded locker room.

"Yeah, well, at least we're together, with Barrish, but still,"

"Montgomery! Sawyer! Bryce! Cooper!" a piercing voice came from the door and the both females head snapped towards the direction of the voice to see a petite female holding multiple things in her hands. Her blonde hair cropped short and tied at the back of her head but those too short fell messily around her face.

"Barrish?" Allie asked, uncertainly as they both walked toward her, Allie hung her stethoscope over her neck as they stopped in front of the at most 5'3'' blonde female. From the things she heard, she figured Dr. Barrish would have been a man, tall, burly and dark, hardcore, ruthless, a pain in the ass but a top of the cut in the program.

"I'm Dr. Barrish, these are your trauma protocols, phone list, pagers," she stated as she passed every item to the gaping interns in front of her, "Nurses page you and you answer, Every page, At a Run, A run," she continued, emphasizing certain words. Her piercing blue eyes bore into their faces as she turned around to lead them away from the area.

Allie, Paige, and two other males scurried along behind her to keep up with her short feet taking quick strides.

"Your first shift starts now and lasts for 48 hours. You're interns, grunts, nobodies, bottom of the surgical food chain, your run labs, write orders, work every second night till you drop and don't complain," she continued, taking them down the hall toward the on-call rooms.

"On call room, attendings hog them, sleep when you can wherever you can," she ploughed on as she opened the door and switched on the lights and they peeked inside.

The small group made their way across more hallways, all the while, Dr. Barrish speaking, explaining to her charges what she can curtly offhandedly, and then all their beepers rang at once and they rushed toward the emergency unit where the paramedics brought in a male on a gurney. Allie's ears were buzzing with Barrish's voice, trying to absorb whatever she could, imbedding it deeply to mind.

"What do we have?" Barrish asked the EMT as Allie glanced at the unconscious male before exchanging a glance with Paige.

"Nathan Alexander, 36 years old, collapsed giving a talk, passed out, condition's stabilized, underlying cause unknown," he replied as they pushed the gurney into the elevator. Barrish started bellowing instructions as soon as they got the patient into a room.

"Good morning Dr. Bailey," a tall man entered the room and picked up the chart.

"Dr Summers," she replied curtly.

"Well, let's shotgun him," the one called Dr. Summers stated as he finished flipping the pages of the chart and put it down.

"That means every test in the book, CT, CBC, Chem-7, tox-screen," the resident explained as the attending walked out of the room, "Bryce, labs, Cooper, Sawyer, patient work ups, Montgomery, take him to CT and do an EKG and echo his heart, he's your responsibility now," she hollered the instructions and they nodded.

"Well, what are you waiting for? Get to it!"

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