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NO! NO! NO! THIS COULDN'T HAVE HAPPENED! I began to pace my room. Why did I have to get fall on my face drunk last night? And why oh why did I have to tell HIM my deepest darkest secret. I stopped at my wall and proceeded to hit my head against it. The only word that past through my head was stupid. God I ruined such a good thing!! I sighed and sat down on the floor. I pulled my knees up into my chest and thought about what happened…Again.


It was an average night. Everyone was at the base and in a pretty good mood. Which didn't surprise me since everyone had just about drank their own weight in alcohol. Well everyone but Itachi, he didn't like to drink because he turned into a complete mess. And he isn't exactly fun when he's crying. I don't see why he wouldn't, we've all done worse things that underage drinking. I picked up my sake bottle and noticed it was empty. When the hell did that happen? I haphazardly threw the bottle over my shoulder. I didn't know what happened until it hit something and shattered. I turned around and stared at the thing I hit in a drunken stupor. Great it hit Hidan. That bastard was always inconveniently placed. He stumbled over to me and fell on his face. I let out a small chuckle and he got back up on his feet. He swayed a bit but was able to mostly stand up.

" What the fuck Sasori!" Hidan yelled. " Why did you throw a bottle at me?" I knew at the moment I couldn't come up with a good reason, my brain was too fried. So I told him the truth.

" Hidan. I'm sorry but man I didn't even see you when I tossed the damn thing. I swear." I said, it was kinda hard to make out since it was so slurred.

" I forgive you dude. I just wanted an apology." He said, then he fell forward and wrapped his arms around me. I realized we were having a drunken moment. I sloppily returned the hug and after a few minutes we let go of each other. Everyone was looking at us. And damnit I knew Itachi was going to remember all of this and tell us about what happened later. He always did. Damn his memory.

Deidara was sitting next to me, he was casually chatting with Kisame. The blonde wasn't nearly as drunk as most people in this room. Like Kakuzu who had thrown up already or Konan who had passed out on the floor. Or me who is so afraid that if he stands up will fall down and break his puppet parts. Damn I'm wasted as hell. Deidara turned to me and just stared for a moment.

" You alright Sasori-Danna?" He asked taking a small sip of his sake. I narrowed my eyes a bit in an attempt to think of an answer to his question. Was I alright? I wasn't completely sure but I think if I drank a little bit more I wouldn't be able to do anything at all by myself. Then a wave a sickness hit me like a ton of bricks. I better move quick before I vomited all over someone.

" Well Deidara, I would have to say I'm not alright because I'm going to vomit." I said right before my stomach emptied on him. In most cases people would be kinda mad that you threw up all over them but the blonde didn't even seem angry in the slightest. Maybe its because I warned him before I did it. He stood up and removed his cloak. Luckily for him it didn't get on the clothes underneath. He tossed the puke covered clothing to the side and slung my arm over his shoulder. I klutzily got out of my chair and knocked it over. Most of my weight was on Deidara cause there was no way I could carry myself. I knew this little trip down the hallway was going to end one of two ways. Way one: We make it to my bedroom safely and no one falls…OR way two: We both end up losing our balance and fall flat on the floor. I was hoping it would end good and perhaps not on the floor. The trip was shorter than I anticipated. Maybe I blacked out a little on the way. Deidara opened my door and ended up tripping on one of my random puppet pieces on the floor. We fell onto my bed. Which, I admit, is a much better place to land than the floor. We laid there for a moment in silence. Then the blonde reached his hand up and brushed a stray hair out of my face. This situation could also end in one of two ways. Way one: I could lean in and kiss him and in a drunken haze we could have sex. OR Way two: I could lean in and kiss him. He would reject me and it would be awkward between us until one of us dies. I hoping way one would happen.

I leaned in for the kiss and Deidara didn't push me away or reject me, he even opened his mouth slightly so I could slip my tongue inside. My tongue felt everything in his mouth. It explored his teeth, gums and cheeks. Then I wrapped it around his tongue. He moaned into our kiss and moved a bit closer to me. He pushed his tongue against mine and our little game of dominance began. I shoved his wet muscle down with mine and rubbed them together. He whimpered and I knew that he would submit to me. After a few more convincing rubs from my tongue. Deidara was nothing more than a moaning whimpering mass beneath me. When I had changed positions, I wasn't sure but I did. I rubbed our erections together and he let out a pained moan. Then I realized something, he was still a bit drunk and affection might be nothing more than an effect of the alcohol. He looked up at me in confusion and bucked his hips up as a sign that he wanted me. I let out a small groan. But I got off of him.

" What's wrong Sasori-Danna?" He asked, lust laced his voice. I hated to stop right now but hell if I wanted to take advantage of someone when they're drunk.

" Deidara your drunk and I won't take advantage of you when your like this." I said, now a bit more sober. " I love you too much to force myself on you." A strange smile played at his lips and he sat up.

" Oh Danna don't you think it is ME who is taking advantage of YOU whilst YOU are intoxicated." He said. I got confused but he just stood up and opened my door. " Well I guess if you feel that way I'll leave… But Danna I do appreciate that you said you loved me. I'll cherish that always." Then he left the room. My mind raced for a moment and then something hit me. I TOLD HIM THAT I LOVED HIM?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! DAMN YOU ALCOHOL!



I was so frustrated I could scream! Why did I tell him that?! WHY?! I stood back up and paced around some more. A knock at my door interrupted my self pity. I grimaced and opened the damn door. Itachi stood on the other side. Personally I was a bit happy that it wasn't Deidara. He's probably one of the last people I want to talk to. The Uchiha stared at me and I stared back. There was an awkward silence before the younger one decided to speak.

" Deidara wants to see you. He said that he needed your help with something. Why he sent me I have no clue, so don't ask." Itachi said. He curtly turn around and left my site. Though I wish he would have stayed a bit longer to distract me from Deidara. I was WAY too nervous to face him. After many long breaths to calm myself, I forced my legs to move so I could meet up with him.

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Naruto: Hey Hitoko-sama…
Me: Hey.
Naruto: Wasn't there something you needed to do instead of this?
Me: uh oh. -backs away slowly-
Naruto: -Glares-
Me: -runs into Itachi- damn I've been caught. Well look out for new chapter of
If you stayed this wouldn't have happened.
Itachi: Hn. -carries Hitoko-sama off so she is forced to finish the chapters.-
Naruto: this was Hitoko-sama