By popular demand, there will be a lemon in this chapter. :D YAY!!Thank you for waiting so patiently for this. ENJOY!! SASORI'S PV!! And you'll find out what Deidara's surprise is ;D


" Oh god Deidara." I said staring at the blonde's naked frame. His body was so…hot. Well everything but that sealed mouth in the middle of his chest. That was kinda scary and I had make sure I didn't do anything to make it open. I focused my attention on the rest of his body. His cheeks were tinted pink from embarrassment. He was standing in a strange position, it covered his body but at the same time it revealed to me all of his delicious skin. Then my eyes saw the best sight of all, he was hard. I turned my head towards his bed, a pair of hand cuff hung from the bed posts. So he was planning this? And Itachi was a pawn…Pretty clever. Damn him, this little display was so tempting. So very tempting. I bit down on my lip slightly.

" Sasori-Danna don't stare at me like that, it makes me horny." He said, his blush was getting dark. My hands started to shake. This was actually testing my limits. You know what screw my limits. And if he's just messing with me, that sucks. This is happening even if he struggles. I lunged on him and knocked him onto his bed. Personally I was glad he wasn't wearing anything. It gave me better access to all of his flesh. God just feeling his skin with my hands was intoxicating. It was surprisingly soft. My lips connected to his neck. I licked and nipped at the flesh. He moaned and squirmed under me. I decided now was the perfect time to cuff him. After I locked his arms into place I looked down at my prize. He was flushed and hard. His skin was starting to glisten with sweat. I reached a conclusion and decided more teasing was in order. My lips connected with his in a bruising kiss. I licked his bottom lip, asking for entrance. He happily opened his mouth and my tongue slipped in. His gently pushed against mine and we began our dance of dominance. I pushed his into submission and he moaned. He licked the inside of my cheek and I traced my tongue over his teeth.

Our tongues wrapped around each others. He moaned into our kiss and I nipped gently at his tongue. I heard the hand cuff chink. He must of wanted to wrap his arms around my neck. I smirked and broke our kiss, he whimpered at the loss. His lips were very soft, and I couldn't help but bite them. He pulled more at his restraints, poor boy. I detached my teeth from his lips and began to kiss down his chin to his neck, and down his chest. I stopped at his erection. My lips caressed his naval and my chin hit his dick. He let out a hiss of pleasure and bucked up. It jabbed me in the throat and I grabbed his hips.

" No bucking allowed." I said sternly. I applied more pressure to his hips and he whimpered. I think he understood then. Slowly, my mouth made its way down his thigh, I could tell he was disappointed that I wasn't touching his erection yet but he could wait, I've waited so long just to touch him like this he could wait just a bit longer to get his satisfaction. Deidara moaned when I traced his inner thigh with my tongue. It barely touched his balls and his breathe hitched. I smirked at the small gesture but didn't lick that area again. He cried out when I just licked his thigh lovingly. At this point I just wanted to tease him, make him want me as much as I want him. He moaned loudly when I licked his entrance. Loving his reaction, I did it again. He inhaled sharply and let out a shaky breath of pleasure. I slid my tongue inside and he began to writhe. Deidara whimpered when I pulled out and began licking his entrance again. His cock twitched and I decided it was time for me to play with it. I kissed the tip of it and licked off some of the pre-cum that was gathering in the slit. He gave a sigh of relief and moaned when I licked his erection from tip to base. I softly kissed his balls and he whined and pulled against the handcuffs. Silly Deidara. He should of known by then that wouldn't work. He whimpered at me and I just looked up at him, giving his member a sultry lick.

" Please Sasori-Danna!" He moaned, " I need you!"

I resisted the intense urge to plunge in right then. So I slid three fingers into his mouth instead. He happily sucked on the digits, even sliding his tongue in between my fingers to make sure they were dripping with his salvia. I pulled my fingers out of his wonderful mouth and ran them down his chest, to his sweet entrance. I teased him first by pushing in the tip of my finger and rubbing the area with my thumb. I wanted that him to crave me, like nothing he has craved before. He pushed back on my finger signaling to shove in more. I complied and shoved in a second finger. He moaned and pulled at his restraints. I thought about undoing the cuffs, the thought instantly passed when I looked up at him. His body was covered in a thin layer of sweat making his skin sparkle. His lips were parted and his breath came out in small pants. His eyes…well eye was half closed and hazed over with lust. Such a sensual sight. He pushed back against my fingers again, wanting me to continue. I snapped out of my stupor and added the third finger. I thrust them roughly in and out of him. He threw his head back and it hit the head board. I winced when I heard the thud. I glanced up and him and he gave me a nod that he was ok. I continued to thrust my fingers in and out of him, he just moaned.

I began to curl my digits and Deidara started to squirm. Then he let out a harsh scream of pleasure when I pressed against something deep inside him. I had found his prostate! He ground down on my fingers as much as possible without pulling his arms out of their sockets. The throbbing in my pants was becoming unbearable and I realized it was time to use the real thing. I pulled the fingers out and he voiced his displeasure, quite loudly. Once I had regained my hearing, I pulled off my shirt. Deidara stared at my body, I knew he was intrigued with how my body was actually made of puppet parts. But of course I had already explained how I did it to him and what not. For some reason I think it still shocks him. I undid my pants and let them fall to the floor. I stepped out of them and got back on Deidara's bed. I noticed he was staring at my very hard erection. I smirked and grabbed his hips, I positioned myself at his entrance and waited for the ok to go. He nodded once and I stuck it in. I was going at a slow pace so I wouldn't hurt him. Once I had fully engulfed myself in his tight hot entrance, I had to resist the urge to pound him. He moaned and tightened up around me, which also made it much harder on me.

" Relax Deidara." I moaned. He nodded and took a deep breath. His body loosened up and I thrusted into him. He bit his lip and closed his eye. I wasn't sure if it was because he was feeling good or if it was because it hurt. I pulled all the way out and slammed back in, gauging his reaction. He threw his head back and this time it landed in the pillow. Good I didn't need him slamming his head into unconsciousness. I threw his legs over my shoulders and gripped his hips roughly. I was going very deep now and it felt ungodly good. I couldn't stop myself and I began to pound into him hard. He moaned and wrapped his fingers around the chain that connected the cuffs together. I smirked at his obvious pleasure. I thrust in deeper, hoping to locate his prostate once again. He let me know when I hit it. He let out a scream of pleasure when I struck it head on. He groaned when I slid all the way out and just slammed all the way back in.

" Sasori-Danna!! Please remove the hand cuffs!" He moaned. I dropped his legs and reached for the key that was on the nightstand. Once the cuffs had fallen off he tackled me to the bed and straddled my waist. He pulled me up into his entrance and I choked back a cry of pleasure. He put his hands on my knees and lifted himself up and slammed back down. I wasn't going to last much longer if this continued. I wrapped my hand around his weeping erection and I began to tug on it in time with his thrusts. He slammed down one last time before he came on my chest. The added tightness of his entrance squeezed me off and I came into his wonderful ass. He pulled me out and flopped down next to me.

I'm so glad I came over to help him.


Quick Deidara's PV

KYAAA!! I'm so happy my plan worked out. Even though those damn hand cuffs hurt my wrists. I snuggled up to Sasori. His body was still pretty warm even though he was a puppet. I sighed. I really love Sasori-Danna. Even though I won't say it out loud yet, I think he knows too.


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